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OARDC Honors Outstanding Employees; Dehority First to Mark 50 Years

October 25, 2006

WOOSTER, Ohio — Burk Dehority has hit the big 5-0, a milestone marking not his age but his years of service to the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC).

A professor in the Department of Animal Sciences and an expert on rumen microbiology and ruminant nutrition, Dehority was honored along with more than 100 of his colleagues at OARDC’s Employee Appreciation Night Oct. 5 in Wooster.

The annual event, which traditionally features a barbecue dinner, celebrates the achievements and service of OARDC faculty and staff members.

According to OARDC’s Human Resources office, Dehority, who joined OARDC (then the Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station) in 1959 following his doctoral research at Ohio State University (which OARDC later merged with) and a faculty position at the University of Connecticut, is the first OARDC employee ever feted for 50 years of service.

Presented, too, were 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, 30-, 35- and 45-year service awards and the OARDC Outstanding Staff Awards, which each year recognize two non-faculty staff members for outstanding service to customers and colleagues. This year’s winners: Ken Chamberlain, photographer, Section of Communications and Technology (CommTech) at Wooster; and Kevin Power, program coordinator, Urban Landscape Ecology Program (ULEP), also at Wooster.

Also honored for years of service:

• 45 years: Herbert Ockerman, Department of Animal Sciences.

• 35 years: Philip Dotson, Outlying Agricultural Research Stations; Frederick Hitzhusen, Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics (AEDE); Neil E. Smeck, School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR).

• 30 years: Linda Arwood, Mark E.J. Siedel, Facilities Services; William Bardall, Landon Rhodes, Department of Plant Pathology; Carl Cooper, Donald Irvin, Department of Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering (FABE); David Denlinger, Department of Entomology; Marcia M. Frank, Fiscal Office; Miller McDonald Jr., Department of Horticulture and Crop Science; Patricia Sword, OARDC Library; Kenneth Thiel, Food Animal Health Research Program (FAHRP); Thomas B. Turner, Animal Sciences; Maurice Watson, SENR.

• 25 years: Sue Ann Berry, Lee Wilson, Plant Pathology; Diane Borger, Steven Loerch, Pat Tirabasso, Animal Sciences; Constance Britton, OARDC Library; Leroy Duncan, Dan Struve, Horticulture and Crop Science; Susan W. Fisher, Entomology; Jeffrey Fox, Outlying Agricultural Research Stations; Charles Good, Facilities Services; James Henry, CommTech; Janice Sauris, Director’s Office; Cameron Thraen, AEDE.

• 20 years: Lynn Ault, Mark Bennett, John Finer, Steven Harrison, Julie Hering, James Vent, Horticulture and Crop Science; Eugene Balthaser, Outlying Agricultural Research Stations; Richard Blondeaux, Dennis Bresson, Andrew Fisk, Steve Ridenbaugh, Facilities Services; Frank Calhoun, William J. Mitsch, SENR; Bonnie DeArmitt, Randy R. Nemitz, CommTech; Maurice Eastridge, Jack Sidle, Animal Sciences; Andrew Fisk, Terrence Graham, Laurel Leedy, Plant Pathology; Joseph Hogan, Daral Jackwood, FAHRP; Linda Lobao, Karen Mancl, Andrew Ward, FABE; Robert Oyer, Fiscal Office; P. Larry Phelan, Deborah Stinner, Entomology; Gerald L. Reid, Research Operations; Shelley Whitworth, Director’s Office.

• 15 years: Marsha Amlin, Jacob Rapp, Duane Rigsby, Jeffrey Roberts, OSU South Centers; Sharon Croskey, U.S. Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service; Konrad Dabroswki, David M. Hix, SENR; Kim Hershberger, Facilities Services; Sally Miller, Plant Pathology; Wayne Shriver, Outlying Agricultural Research Stations; Robin Taylor, Entomology; Ahmed Yousef, Department of Food Science and Technology.

• 10 years: Michael Boehm, Plant Pathology; Ann Christy, FABE; Matthew Davis, Kevin Stottsberry, Frank Thayer, Outlying Agricultural Research Stations; Andrew Evans, Jeenah Pettis Trout, Ramarao Venkatesh, Horticulture and Crop Science; Jesse Ewing, CommTech; Lynn Miller, OSU South Centers; James Kinder, Animal Sciences; Steven Schwartz, Food Science and Technology; Mary Slyby, SENR; Brent Sohngen, AEDE; Susan Sommer-Wagner, FAHRP; Angela Strock, Entomology; Jeremy Wolbaugh, Research Operations.

2006 retirees Thea Cesner, SENR; Carolyn Crawford, Computing and Statistical Services; Charles Curtis, Randall Rowe, Plant Pathology; Philip Dotson, Larry Mizer, Gary Pickerill, Outlying Agricultural Research Stations; Marcia Frank, Fiscal Office; Donald Larson, AEDE; Ted Robison, Facilities Services; Charles Root, Lynn Willett, David Zartman, Animal Sciences; and Larry Whiting, Human and Community Resource Development, also were recognized.

Bobby Moser, dean of Ohio State University’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES), OARDC Director Steve Slack, and OARDC associate directors Dave Benfield and Bill Ravlin spoke and helped lead the program, which took place in the Shisler Conference Center.

OARDC, the research arm of CFAES, has faculty and staff at Wooster and Columbus plus 10 outlying research stations. Support comes in part from a line-item appropriation from the Ohio General Assembly.

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Editor: Photos of the award winners present at the program are available from Ken Chamberlain, (330) 263-3779,

Kurt Knebusch
OARDC Human Resources office