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OARDC Honors 2009 Service Award Winners, Retirees

October 9, 2009

WOOSTER, Ohio — The Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC) honored its 2009 service award winners and retirees — faculty and staff members who have provided exceptional, long-term service to the center — Oct. 1 during the center’s annual Employee Appreciation Night.


OARDC Director Steve Slack led the program, which took place in the Shisler Conference Center on OARDC’s Wooster campus. Bobby Moser, Ohio State University vice president for agricultural administration and dean of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, and OARDC Associate Directors Dave Benfield and Bill Ravlin attended as well.

• OARDC Outstanding Staff Awards, which honor two non-faculty staff members each year for outstanding service to their customers and colleagues: Philip Bicker, Facilities Services; Kevin Miller, Animal Sciences.

• 40 Years of Service: Sandra K. Bentley, Animal Sciences; Donald C. Mahan, Animal Sciences; Richard McCormick, Food Animal Health Research Program (FAHRP).

• 35 Years of Service: David Biedenbach, Eastern Agricultural Research Station; David Coplin, Plant Pathology; John Elliott, Horticulture and Crop Science (HCS); Joseph Gliem, Human and Community Resource Development (HCRD); Ronald D. Hamilton, Facilities Services; Dennis Hartzler, Animal Sciences; Clarence Renk, Western Agricultural Research Station.

• 30 Years of Service: Lynn Baker, Animal Sciences; Lisa Calame, Animal Sciences; Mark Casey, HCS; Willie Coblentz, Facilities Services; Cynthia Coy, Animal Sciences; Joseph Donnermeyer, HCRD; Michael Ellis, Plant Pathology; James Figley, Facilities Services; Ronald B. Hammond, Entomology; Scott Hitchcock, Facilities Services; Patricia Kritz, Research Operations; Gary Lowe, Animal Sciences; Richard D. Miller, Facilities Services; David Min, Food Science and Technology (FST); Gregory Myers, FAHRP; Randall Reeder, Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering (FABE); Todd Root, FAHRP; K. Gregory Smith, HCS; Andrew Spring, HCS.

• 25 Years of Service: Craig Davis, School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR); Chris Kroon Van Diest, HCS; Clay Dygert, SENR; Richard Franks, Research Operations; Paul Gleim, Research Operations; Roger Hamilton, Research Operations; Lester Howman, Facilities Services; Ronnie Huffer, Facilities Services; Robert James, Plant Pathology; Eugene Jones, Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics (AEDE); William W. Lewis, OSU South Centers; Diane Miller, HCS; Richard Minyo Jr., HCS; Richard Neuhardt, Animal Sciences; William Theibert, Research Operations; Michael Tobias, Western Agricultural Research Station.

• 20 Years of Service: Thomas Bean, FABE; Mark Belcher, Entomology; Robert DiSilvestro, Human Nutrition; Roger Downer, Entomology; David Heilman, Facilities Services; Shawny Kaufman, Animal Sciences; Lydia Medeiros, Human Nutrition; Judith A. Smith, Entomology; Todd Steiner, HCS; Fred Tabita, SENR; Peter Thomison, HCS.

• 15 Years of Service: Sheryl Barringer, FST; A. Curtis Carpenter III, Information Technology; Anthony Dobbels, HCS; Karen Fedevich, Facilities Services; Christopher Gecik, FABE; Angela Brumfield-Hersey, Ohio BioProducts Innovation Center (OBIC); Mary C. Maloney, HCS; Tea Meulia, Molecular and Cellular Imaging Center; James Metzger, HCS; Claudio Pasian, HCS; Gary Wenneker, FST.

• 10 Years of Service: Robert Bouchard, HCS; Kathy Burkholder, HCS; Horacio Cardenas, Animal Sciences; Bryant Chambers, Entomology; Nathan David, Northwest Agricultural Research Station; Cheryl Deisch, Animal Sciences; Ronald Dressler, Facilities Services; Sukhbir Grewal, FABE; Juliette Hanson, FAHRP; Kenneth Heaberlin, Facilities Services; Joshua Heller, Plant Pathology; Harold Hileman, Facilities Services; Philip Hobbs, Facilities Services; Thomas Holland, Facilities Services; Jane Houin, Director’s Office; Melanie L. Lewis Ivey, Plant Pathology; Franklin Jones, SENR; Kenneth Jones, Facilities Services; William Koshar, Director’s Office; Joseph Kovach, Entomology; Frederick Michel Jr., FABE; Stephen Myers, OBIC; Robert Napier, Interdisciplinary Programs; Steven A. Slack, Director’s Office; Randall Steiner, Research Operations; Chip Styer, Director’s Office; Guo-Liang Wang, Plant Pathology; Mary Welch, OSU South Centers; Mary Wicks, FABE; Lynn West, Plant Pathology.

• 2009 Retirees: Diane Borger, Animal Sciences; Willie Coblentz, Facilities Services; Clive Edwards, Entomology; Paul Eggers, Jackson Agricultural Research Station; William Flinn, HCRD; Randall Heiligmann, SENR; James Holman, Information Technology; Keith Irvin, Animal Sciences; Harold Keener, FABE; Miller McDonald Jr., HCS; David Owens, Western Agricultural Research Station; Joan Randall, OBIC; Floyd Schanbacher, Animal Sciences; Daniel Smith, Research Operations; Steven St. Martin, HCS; Roger N. Williams, Entomology.

OARDC ( is the research arm of Ohio State’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences and is the largest university agbioscience research center in the United States.

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Kurt Knebusch
OARDC Director's Office