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OARDC Announces 2011 Recipients of Service, Achievement Awards

October 12, 2011

WOOSTER, Ohio – The Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center has announced the 2011 recipients of its service and achievement awards. They were presented Oct. 6 at the center's annual Employee Appreciation Night in Wooster.

  • OARDC Outstanding Staff Awards, given each year to two non-faculty employees who provide excellent service to their customers and co-workers: John Phillips, Research Operations; Wayne Lewis, OSU South Centers.
  • 50 Years of Service: Herbert Ockerman, Animal Sciences.
  • 35 Years of Service: William Bardall, Research Operations; Carl Cooper, Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering (FABE); David Denlinger, Entomology; Patricia Sword, Library.
  • 30 Years of Service: Arlene Ayres, Development Office; Constance Britton, Library; Susan Fisher, Entomology; Jeffrey Fox, Outlying Research Stations; Debra Gallagher, Animal Sciences; James Henry, Communications and Technology; Elizabeth Kinney, Horticulture and Crop Science (HCS); Steven Loerch, Animal Sciences; Daniel Struve, HCS; Cameron Thraen,  Agricultural, Environmental and  Development Economics (AEDE); Lee Wilson, Plant Pathology.
  • 25 Years of Service: Lynn Ault, Research Operations; Mark Bennett, HCS; Richard Blondeaux, Facilities Services; Dennis Bresson, Facilities Services; Maurice Eastridge, Animal Sciences; John Finer, HCS; Andrew Fisk, Facilities Services; Terrence Graham, Plant Pathology; Kent Harrison, HCS; Julie Hering, HCS; Joseph Hogan, Animal Sciences; Daral Jackwood, Food Animal Health Research Program (FAHRP); Laurel Leedy, Plant Pathology; Linda Lobao, School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR); Karen Mancl, FABE; William J. Mitsch, SENR; Randy R. Nemitz, Communications and Technology; Robert Oyer, Fiscal Office; P. Larry Phelan, Entomology; Gerald L. Reid, Research Operations; Steve Ridenbaugh, Facilities Services; Jack Sidle, Animal Sciences; Deborah Stinner, Interdisciplinary; James Vent, HCS; Andy Ward, FABE; Shelley Whitworth, Director’s Office.
  • 20 Years of Service: Marsha Amlin, OSU South Centers; Barbara Bloetscher, Entomology; Sharon Croskey, HCS; Konrad Dabrowski, SENR; David M. Hix, SENR; Sally Miller, Plant Pathology; Jacob Rapp, OSU South Centers; Duane Rigsby, OSU South Centers; Jeffrey Roberts, OSU South Centers; Wayne Shriver, Outlying Research Stations; Robin Taylor, Entomology; Ahmed Yousef, Food Science and Technology.
  • 15 Years of Service: Ann Christy, FABE; Frank Cihla, Animal Sciences; Matthew Davis, Outlying Research Stations; Andrew Evans, HCS; Lynn Miller, OSU South Centers; Steven Schwartz, Food Science and Technology; Mary C. Slyby, SENR; Brent Sohngen. AEDE; Susan Sommer-Wagner, FAHRP; Kevin Stottsberry, Outlying Research Stations; Frank Thayer, Outlying Research Stations; Ramarao Venkatesh, HCS; Jeremy Wolbaugh, Research Operations.
  • 10 Years of Service: David A. Benfield, Director’s Office; Ted A. Berry, ATECH; Kathy Bielek, Interdisciplinary; Eric Chanay, Animal Sciences; Patrick Dengel, OSU South Centers; Matthew DeVore, Information Technology; Chad Draper, FABE; Patrick Goebel, SENR; Matthew Hofelich, Outlying Research Stations; Deborah Holdren, HCS; Duc Hua, HCS; Deana Hudgins, SENR; Michelle Jones, HCS; Kathy Lechman, Administration; Jeffrey LeJeune, FAHRP; Randall J. Marthey, Renovations Planning; Kelly O'Bryant, OSU South Centers; Michael Pfeiffer, HCS; Laura Raubenolt, HCS; Matthew C. Roberts, AEDE; Paul G. Rodewald, SENR; Clay Sneller, HCS; Kaylee Stahl, Facilities Services; Chad Stanton, Law Enforcement; Susan Stieve, HCS; Bing Tian, Education and Human Ecology; Esther van der Knaap, HCS; Susan Vizzo, Research Operations; Zhongtang Yu, Animal Sciences; Lingying Zhao, FABE.
  • 2011 Retirees: Delbert Baker, Facilities Services; Marvin Batte, AEDE; Sue Ann Berry, Plant Pathology; Barbara Brackman, OSU South Centers;  James Christensen, SENR; Carl Cooper, FABE; Sherry Ferrell, Entomology; Dan Fickle, Entomology; James Figley, Facilities Services; Beverly Fisher, Animal Sciences; Jeffrey Fox, Outlying Research Stations; David Gessman, Animal Sciences; Michael Haddix, Outlying Research Stations; James Henry, Communications and Technology; Elizabeth Kinney, HCS; David Latshaw, Animal Sciences; Peggy Lewis, FAHRP; Sue Malloy, Animal Sciences; David Min, Food Science and Technology; Richard A. Nester, Law Enforcement; Kevin Power, Entomology; Richard Pratt, HCS; Randall Reeder, FABE; Clarence Renk, Outlying Research Stations; Todd Root, FAHRP; James Shaw, Facilities Services; K. Gregory Smith, Research Operations; Keith Snyder, Research Operations; Deborah Stinner, Interdisciplinary; T. Davis Sydnor, SENR; James Tew, Entomology; Patricia Tirabasso, Animal Sciences; Patricia Watson, Animal Sciences; Elizabeth Wheatley, Administration; Mary Jo Williams, Outlying Research Stations.

OARDC is the research arm of Ohio State University's College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences and is the largest university agricultural bioscience research center in the United States.

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