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08/24/2005 Ohio Military Kids Camps Set for this Fall COLUMBUS, Ohio -- When Ohio’s soldiers are deployed into active duty, they often leave children behind. “I am amazed at how hard the kids take it,” said Dona Leonhard, a graduate associate with Ohio 4-H Youth Development and Operation: Military Kids, a federal program launched in April that targets 20 states with high deployment rates. “The camp we had in July really enlightened me about how stressful a situation it is for these kids.” Martha Filipic Sue Ann Carroll
06/16/2003 U.S. Treasurer to Visit OSU Extension's Spanish Financial Literacy Class COLUMBUS, Ohio -- U.S. Treasurer Rosario Marín, the highest-ranking Latina in the Bush administration, will visit Ohio State University Extension's Spanish-language financial literacy course June 23 in the Columbus suburb of Gahanna. Mauricio Espinoza Sue Helmreich
04/21/2011 'Just What I Needed': Extension Nurtures Entrepreneurs in University District COLUMBUS, Ohio -- On the west side of Ohio State University is Upper Arlington. Median household income: $87,557. Median home value: $316,768. Residents living below poverty: 4.8 percent. It's what you might expect in a neighborhood adjacent to a world-class research and teaching institution. Martha Filipic Susan Colbert, Jean Brookbank
03/03/2010 OSU Department of Entomology Returns to College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Split between two colleges for 42 years, Ohio State University's Department of Entomology has come home. Candace Pollock Susan Fisher
03/03/2010 In Debt? Out of a Job? OSU Extension Tool Assists Ohioans Faced with Financial Difficulties COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Identifying local, state, even national economic resources when faced with financial difficulties or unemployment can be a stressful, confusing, and overwhelming task. A new effort by Ohio State University Extension is saving Ohioans the energy by bringing those resources directly to them. Candace Pollock Susan Holladay, Pat Brinkman
03/03/2006 Entomologist: No Formosan Termite-Infested Mulch in Ohio COLUMBUS, Ohio -- News spreading like wildfire that a destructive structural pest is hitching a ride in mulch beyond the Louisiana borders of hurricane-impacted areas is simply a rumor, says an Ohio State University Extension urban entomologist. Candace Pollock Susan Jones
06/04/2012 Over-the-counter Foggers Ineffective Against Bedbugs: Ohio State Study COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State University entomologists have found that over-the-counter foggers commonly used by consumers are not effective at killing bedbugs -- providing the first scientific evidence that such products should not be recommended for control of this increasingly worrisome pest. Mauricio Espinoza Susan Jones
05/25/2010 Free Food Guide Promotes Local Products, Local Businesses DELAWARE, Ohio – Central Ohio residents looking for local food products produced by local farmers and sold by local businesses now have access to a free food guide created by Ohio State University Extension Delaware County Master Gardeners. Candace Pollock Susan Liechty
02/17/2009 Family Fundamentals: Trimming expenses a good idea in good, bad times (for Feb. 2009) My husband and I feel secure financially, but I'm concerned we are simply spending too much on a day-to-day, month-by-month basis. Do you have some tips to help us cut back? Martha Filipic Susan Shockey
01/19/2010 Family Fundamentals: Organized financial records make life easier (for Jan. 2010) I tend to keep my financial papers (at least those that I think are important) but after more than a decade, my record boxes are overwhelming my closet floor. What should I focus on keeping, and for how long? Martha Filipic Susan Shockey
11/04/2005 Ways to Cut Winter Heating Costs Plentiful COLUMBUS, Ohio —With mountains of debt already weighing heavy on the wallet, potentially high heating bills this winter could put an even tighter chokehold on a consumer's strapped budget. Candace Pollock Susan Shockey
07/12/2002 Proper Storage Important to Keeping Seeds Viable COLUMBUS, Ohio - Keeping a plant seed dry is the most important storage rule in maintaining its viability. Candace Pollock Susan Stieve
01/15/2009 Winter Raises Cold Stress Risk WOOSTER, Ohio -- Despite cold temperatures, the activity of winter work may fuel a false sense of protection against cold weather hazards. Candace Pollock Tamela Brown
04/02/2008 Manure Management Focus of One-Day Summer Event LONDON, Ohio -- As fertilizer prices continue to soar, crop producers may be turning to manure for their fertility needs. Manure management will be the focus of a one-day event, being held this summer at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center in London, Ohio. Candace Pollock Tami Combs
01/28/2008 Using Manure as Fertilizer? Learn More at the Manure Expo July 9 LONDON, Ohio -- Manure application may be an option for growers looking for alternatives to high-priced commercial fertilizers, and an event spearheaded by five land-grant universities in July will cover the economics and management of manure as a crop production resource. Candace Pollock Tami Combs
03/29/2011 Tri-State Conference Features Dairy Nutrition Information FORT WAYNE, Ind. -- Ohio State, Purdue and Michigan State universities are partnering to present the 20th annual Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference to help dairy nutritionists better serve their farm clientele. Jennifer Stewart Tamilee Nennich, Maurice Eastridge, Herbert Bucholtz
08/30/2007 Researchers Looking for Flood-Tolerant Soybeans COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Little can be done to prevent soybean injury due to flooding, but the future is bright for farmers to grow varieties tolerant to the effects of standing water. Candace Pollock Tara Vantoai
07/15/2010 Researchers Taking Three-Pronged Approach to Flooding/Disease Impacts on Soybeans COLUMBUS, Ohio – Farmers' hands are tied when it comes to managing soybean injury related to soil flooding and water-loving root rot diseases, but after several years of research at Ohio State University and U.S. Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service, some promising solutions are on the horizon. Candace Pollock Tara VanToai
08/17/2012 Family Fundamentals: What to do when your child is bullying others (August 2012) Late last school year, I was surprised when my son’s school said he was bullying another student. He is about to start the fourth grade and I’m not sure what to say to him to make sure he doesn’t do this again. Any advice? Martha Filipic Tasha Snyder
11/08/2005 Family Fundamentals: Happy Holidays? Cope with Stress, Tension I’m dreading the holidays. Something always happens and I usually become very upset. Is there anything I can do to de-stress and actually enjoy myself this year? Martha Filipic Ted Futris
01/20/2006 Family Fundamentals: Now is Time to Give Your Relationship a Tune-Up My husband and I have been married seven years, and we think we have a pretty good marriage. But it might be time for a “tune-up.” Any suggestions? Martha Filipic Ted Futris
10/10/2003 OARDC Scientist Elected Ag Engineer Fellow WOOSTER, Ohio -- Ohio State University’s Ted H. Short has been elected a fellow of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE), an honor attained by only about two percent of the group’s active members. Kurt Knebusch Ted Short
11/06/2012 Ohio State University Extension Experts to Discuss Algae and Water Quality Issues NEWARK, Ohio – Farmers, producers, consumers and others interested in learning more about the growing issue of algae in Ohio waters can participate in a discussion of the issue by experts from Ohio State University Extension and the U. S. Department of Agriculture Nov. 8. Tracy Turner Ted Wiseman
01/12/2009 Media Advisory: OSU Extension to Host Farm Bill/Crop Insurance Program Jan. 21 COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Media are invited to attend a 2008 Farm Bill and crop insurance program, sponsored by Ohio State University Extension and Farm Credit Services of America. Candace Pollock Teresa Funk
06/13/2007 Family Fundamentals: Children's traits don't change, but parenting can adjust (for June 2007) My two children are complete opposites. One is easy-going and pleasant, and the other actually drives me crazy. Why does this happen? Is there anything I can do? Martha Filipic Terri Worthington
03/13/2008 Family Fundamentals: Give your children good, solid basis for adulthood (for March 2008) Our children are currently in middle school, and we're looking for guidance on how to help them make their teen years good ones. What do you recommend? Martha Filipic Terri Worthington
05/07/2002 Biotechnology Consortium Seeks to Improve Ohio's Agricultural Industries COLUMBUS, Ohio - In recent years, biotechnology has largely been associated with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), genetically engineered organisms (GEOs), or some other form of cross breeding or genetic alteration. Candace Pollock Terry Graham
10/10/2011 Niblack Takes Helm of Plant Pathology COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Terry Niblack is proud to be sitting at the helm of "what's arguably the best plant pathology department in the country."  Martha Filipic Terry Niblack
03/08/2012 Nematodes in Corn Could Be a Growing Problem for Ohio Corn Yields COLUMBUS, Ohio -- While it is unclear if Ohio corn growers will have a problem with nematodes, farmers, growers and researchers are taking a closer look at the issue to see if the tiny organisms negatively impact corn yields and if seed treatment nematicides are needed, said an Ohio State University plant pathologist. Tracy Turner Terry Niblack
07/30/2007 Linda Martin Appointed as CFAES Associate Dean COLUMBUS, Ohio - Bobby Moser, dean of the College Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at Ohio State University has announced the appointment of Linda C. Martin to serve as the college's associate dean and director of academic affairs. Martin will replace L.H. Newcomb, who retires in December. Candace Pollock Theresa Drummond