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10/04/2007 What Are Distillers Grains Worth? Software Tool Calculates Value COLUMBUS, Ohio -- An Ohio State University computer software program, developed to aid livestock producers in making more informed commodity feed purchases, can now be used to calculate the nutritional and economic worth of distillers grains. Candace Pollock Normand St-Pierre
10/14/2010 Variable SCN Counts May Change the Way Farmers Sample Fields WOOSTER, Ohio – It's that time of year to sample fields for soybean cyst nematode, and new Ohio State University research is indicating that soybean producers may need to double up their efforts to analyze soil for eggs. Candace Pollock Anne Dorrance
07/01/2008 New Initiative to Boost Business End of Ohio Tourism PIKETON, Ohio -- Ohio State University Extension is providing leadership to create a new resource tool enabling Ohio businesses to tap into the $38 billion Ohio tourism industry. Candace Pollock Julie Fox
09/30/2008 OSU South Centers Lands Grant to Assist Farmers' Markets PIKETON, Ohio -- Ohio farmers' markets and their vendors looking to boost their marketing efforts in providing fresh, local foods to consumers will receive assistance through a new Ohio State University Extension program. Candace Pollock Christie Welch
07/24/2001 ODA Eases Import Restrictions on Bovine TB COLUMBUS, Ohio - The Ohio Department of Agriculture is easing the restrictions on bovine tuberculosis requirements for imported cattle herds. Candace Pollock Bill Shulaw, Lee McPhail
07/30/2009 Ohio Soybeans Behind But the Stage is Set for Good Yields COLUMBUS, Ohio – Like corn, Ohio's soybean crop may be a bit behind on development due to cooler-than-normal weather, but the stage is set for potentially good yields. Candace Pollock Jim Beuerlein
01/27/2005 Timing of Soybean Rust May Impact Soybean Aphid Control WOOSTER, Ohio — Soybean growers are bracing for a soybean aphid population explosion this growing season, and controlling the pest could become even more challenging if soybean rust is thrown into the mix of management practices. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
03/29/2005 Workshop About the Business of Hydroponics WALDO, Ohio — Creating and maintaining a hydroponic greenhouse business requires management savvy, a productive labor force and the assurance that consumers receive a safe product. Candace Pollock Mary Donnell
08/15/2006 Have an Unused Barn? Raise Some Fish in It LONDON, Ohio -- Ohio producers unsure of what to make of their unused hog, veal or poultry barns have the option of turning the structures into a viable aquaculture facility. Candace Pollock Laura Tiu, Shawn McWhorter
03/23/2006 Got Beef? Getting the Most Out of Dairy Cattle WOOSTER, Ohio -- Dairy cattle are not only raised for milk production, but they are also raised for beef. With over 260,000 milk cows present in Ohio, getting quality out of the quantity is a challenging aspect for cattle producers. Candace Pollock Diane Shoemaker
08/07/2007 Soybean Aphids Reach Economic Thresholds in Ohio WOOSTER, Ohio -- Soybean aphids have arrived in Ohio, and counties along Lake Erie are taking the brunt of the impact. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
10/02/2010 Ohio 4-H Engineering Team Places at National Contest COLUMBUS, Ohio – A team of 10 Ohio 4-H members earned individual honors at the 60th Annual National 4-H Engineering Challenge recently held in West Lafayette, Ind., for projects emphasizing engineering, science and technology. Candace Pollock Randall Reeder
03/17/2010 Live Grain Rescue Demo a Highlight of Ohio Safety Congress and Expo COLUMBUS, Ohio – Safety and rescue training for one of the most dangerous on-farm activities will be a highlight at the Ohio Safety Congress and Expo, March 30-April 1 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. Candace Pollock Aletha Reshan, Dee Jepsen
04/29/2008 Chadwick Arboretum Tree Collection Given Official Name COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A garden of Ohio State University's Chadwick Arboretum and Learning Gardens, which showcases over 1,000 native Ohio trees, has been given an official designation in honor of the visionary who helped establish the collection. Candace Pollock Mary Maloney
05/07/2002 Performance Trials Help Industry Choose Best Cabbage Varieties WOOSTER, Ohio - Knowing what varieties of cabbage make for good sauerkraut, coleslaw or other dishes is the first step in growing a product that meets production criteria and satisfies consumer preferences. Candace Pollock Matt Kleinhenz
05/22/2009 Learn More About the Aquaculture Industry at OSU South Centers Aquaculture Field Day PIKETON, Ohio -- Ohio State University's South Centers at Piketon, located off State Route 32 in Pike County, may not look like the ideal place for lake sturgeon, largemouth bass and blue gill. But it's full of surprises. The facility boasts the only fish genetics lab in the Midwest and is the cornerstone of research and education for Ohio's $6 million aquaculture industry. Candace Pollock Laura Tiu
03/06/2002 Ohio State Curriculum to Incorporate Animal Welfare Topics COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio State University educators believe stewardship of food animal production begins in the classroom, and they are taking a proactive approach to instill that responsibility in students. Candace Pollock Candace Pollock, James Kinder, Jeanne Osborne
12/20/2005 Ohio State Students Help in Hurricane Recovery Efforts BATON ROUGE, La -- What do buckeyes and tigers have in common? Most likely nothing, but when it comes to rebuilding the lives of hurricane victims, they are indistinguishable. Candace Pollock Mark Schexnayder, Rene Schmit, Rusty Batty
05/25/2007 Proper Proline Management Needed for Effective Results WOOSTER, Ohio -- Proline may be the most effective fungicide on the market to suppress head scab on wheat, but for the product to be the most effective, careful risk assessment, timing of application, and proper application techniques are critical. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul
07/16/2002 Birdseed May Make Your Plants Sick COLUMBUS, Ohio - What homeowners feed wild birds may not be very good for their plants and vegetable garden. Candace Pollock Steve Nameth
01/06/2010 OSU Entomologists Studying the Damaging Impacts of Common Buckthorn WOOSTER, Ohio – An exotic invasive shrub, introduced in the 1800s as a garden plant, is being studied to demonstrate how its presence has a cascading damaging effect on natural flora and fauna, agriculture and public health. Candace Pollock Andy Michel, Mary Gardiner
09/15/2010 Students: Test Your Knowledge of Ag for Prizes at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio – High school students visiting Farm Science Review can test their knowledge of all things agriculture by participating in a fun, fast-paced interactive trivia game that could win them some cool prizes. Candace Pollock Dee Jepsen
02/21/2008 Transgenics Could Pose Planting Challenges This Season COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The percentage of transgenic corn hybrids increasing in Ohio may prove to make this season's planting more of a challenge. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison, Ron Hammond
02/25/2008 Ag Economist Analyzes Farm Bill at Upcoming Farm Forum COLUMBUS, Ohio -- As the 2008 Farm Bill draws closer to finality, one thing is certain: its fate is an uncertainty. Candace Pollock Carl Zulauf
03/30/2009 Get Ready to Plant Corn COLUMBUS, Ohio -- To put corn on the right track this growing season, focus on proven production practices such as timely planting, high-yielding hybrids and appropriate seeding rates, says an Ohio State University Extension agronomist. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
12/18/2001 OSU Extension to Hold Scrapie Eradication Programs COLUMBUS, Ohio - Producers who have questions or concerns regarding the United States Department of Agriculture's new regulations for sheep and goat identification will have the opportunity to attend one of seven Ohio State University Extension/USDA-sponsored programs in January and February. Candace Pollock Bill Shulaw
09/19/2005 Using Optical Sensors to Improve Nitrogen Management WOOSTER, Ohio — Nitrogen management is probably the single most variable production input growers face in agriculture, and with the continued increase in fertilizer costs, application efficiency is becoming increasingly important. Candace Pollock Robert Mullen
03/05/2007 New Phytophthora Research to Speed Up Plant Protection WOOSTER, Ohio – A new way of characterizing partial resistance to one of the most devastating soybean diseases may enable germplasm companies to incorporate effective genes more quickly into plant lines that are the most beneficial to growers. Candace Pollock Anne Dorrance
09/26/2002 Soybean Production Woes Continue into Harvest COLUMBUS, Ohio - Soybean harvest, as one Ohio State University Extension agronomist describes it, will be "slow and painful" for Ohio growers. Candace Pollock Jim Beuerlein
07/29/2010 Apply Lessons Learned in 2010 to Next Season's Wheat Crop WOOSTER, Ohio – If the 2010 growing season was any indication, disease management needs to be one of the top things on growers' lists if they are going to have a great wheat crop, says an Ohio State University Extension plant pathologist. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul