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08/06/2003 OARDC Develops Excellent Internship Opportunities WOOSTER, Ohio -- The Ohio Agricultural and Research Development Center (OARDC) offers students a wide variety of internship opportunities. Caitlin McHugh Ann Dorrance
09/06/2006 Media Advisory: Call Before You Cut Campaign at FSR LONDON, Ohio -- The Ohio Division of Forestry, along with Ohio State University Extension and Rural Action, will be holding a media event on the "Call Before You Cut" Campaign at Farm Science Review. Candace Pollock Andy Ware
06/28/2011 Success Uncorked for Ohio’s Wine Industry: Double the Wineries, 4K Jobs, $580M Economic Impact WOOSTER, Ohio -- Andy Troutman sees the good in a bottle of wine from Ohio. It comes in part from his alma mater, Ohio State University. And it has to do with not just taste but jobs and Ohio’s economy. Kurt Knebusch Andy Troutman, Imed Dami, Greg Johns
01/06/2010 OSU Entomologists Studying the Damaging Impacts of Common Buckthorn WOOSTER, Ohio – An exotic invasive shrub, introduced in the 1800s as a garden plant, is being studied to demonstrate how its presence has a cascading damaging effect on natural flora and fauna, agriculture and public health. Candace Pollock Andy Michel, Mary Gardiner
05/10/2010 Western Bean Cutworm Monitored in Ohio Again This Year WOOSTER, Ohio – Ohio State University Extension entomologists will once again trap for the Western bean cutworm, a common pest of Western corn-producing states rapidly expanding eastward and finding a niche throughout the Midwest. Candace Pollock Andy Michel
07/26/2010 Western Bean Cutworm Egg Masses and Larvae Found in Ohio WOOSTER, Ohio – For the first time since the trapping of Western bean cutworm moths in corn began in 2006, Ohio State University research entomologists have identified egg masses and larvae. The find reveals that populations continue to increase and that growers will need to monitor the pest in the future. Candace Pollock Andy Michel
11/16/2010 No Economic Damage on Ohio Corn Despite Increasing Numbers of Western Bean Cutworm WOOSTER, Ohio – A staggering number of Western bean cutworm moths were trapped in Ohio corn fields this year compared to previous years, however, economic damage has yet to be recorded. Candace Pollock Andy Michel
07/16/2009 Emerging Pest Gaining Foothold in Ohio WOOSTER, Ohio – An emerging corn pest, first found in Ohio in 2006, continues to increase in numbers, and Ohio State University Extension entomologists are striving to educate farmers on identification and management before it causes any significant damage. Candace Pollock Andy Michel
08/05/2009 Twitter Turns Idea into Fun Project for OSU Extension Educator VAN WERT, Ohio – An Ohio State University Extension educator is getting a taste of the value of social media. Candace Pollock Andy Kleinschmidt
05/29/2009 Ohio State Team Takes 'Buzz Lightyear' Snack Idea to Anaheim COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Five Ohio State University graduate students are heading to Anaheim, Calif., June 6-9, hoping their concept of a "Buzz Lightyear Star Command Snack" will open doors for them in the magical kingdom of food science. Martha Filipic Andrew Wassinger
10/03/2008 Storm Cleanup Good Opportunity to Check for Emerald Ash Borer COLUMBUS, Ohio€ Ongoing cleanup of tree debris following the September windstorm that swept through Ohio can be a good opportunity for property owners and arborists to check ash trees for possible signs of emerald ash borer (EAB). Mauricio Espinoza Amy Stone
03/26/2009 Wood Pallet Makers and Users: Attend ISPM 15 Standards Workshops April and May in Ohio COLUMBUS, Ohio — To help pallet makers and importers and exporters that use wood materials for shipping better understand the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM 15), Ohio State University Extension will be hosting three educational workshops April 30 in Dayton, May 4 in Chillicothe, and May 5 in Sugarcreek. Mauricio Espinoza Amy Stone
03/15/2011 Firewood Quarantine Still in Place in Ohio Despite Ash Borer Regulation Changes COLUMBUS, Ohio -- When the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) expanded its emerald ash borer (EAB) quarantine last September to include all of Ohio’s 88 counties, the movement of ash tree materials and hardwood firewood within the state apparently was no longer regulated -- since the quarantine made it illegal for people to move those materials from a quarantined county into a non-quarantined county. Mauricio Espinoza Amy Stone
01/03/2011 Learn About Emerald Ash Borer Online, for Free — First Webinar on Woodland Management is Jan. 6 COLUMBUS, Ohio — Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) University is back this semester, allowing anyone with broadband Internet access to learn about this destructive pest of ash trees as well as other exotic insects and diseases threatening North America’s urban and rural forests. And did we mention it’s free? Mauricio Espinoza Amy Stone
10/17/2007 Learn the Latest on Emerald Ash Borer Research Nov. 7 in Waldo (Marion Co.) WALDO, Ohio — Join Ohio and Michigan experts as they present the latest findings on the emerald ash borer (EAB), Wednesday, Nov. 7, in the town of Waldo, between Marion and Delaware, Ohio. Mauricio Espinoza Amy Stone
05/22/2012 Remember the Borer: EAB Awareness Week Returns May 20-26 COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Emerald ash borer (EAB), the invasive insect that kills ash trees, continues to spread throughout the state. EAB Awareness Week, May 20-26, is the perfect opportunity to remind Ohioans of this pest's impact and their role in helping to limit its spread. Mauricio Espinoza Amy Stone
12/09/2005 New Youth Beef Cattle Show Targets Market Performance COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio youth enrolled in 4-H or FFA market beef projects will have the opportunity to participate in a program rewarding cattle for traits which determine their value beyond the feedlot and into the marketplace. Candace Pollock Amy Radunz
01/31/2002 Producer Certification First Step Toward Beef Industry Alliance COLUMBUS, Ohio - The ability for beef producers to exchange information, track the production of an animal and study marketing trends is the key to providing a product that not only satisfies consumers but is more profitable for the producer. Candace Pollock Amy Radunz
12/14/2005 Vet-Med Opportunities with New Ohio State Degree Program COLUMBUS, Ohio — A new academic program, being offered by Ohio State University's Department of Animal Sciences in collaboration with Columbus State Community College, is adding career opportunities for students interested in the field of veterinary medicine. Candace Pollock Amy Lahmers
08/13/2008 What are Those Purple Things in Trees? Find out at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio – A new way of monitoring the spread of emerald ash borer has been introduced to Ohio and visitors to Ohio State University's Farm Science Review will learn more about the method. Candace Pollock Amy Stone
05/20/2011 Chow Line: Try leaner ground beef for burgers (for 5/29/11) I want to try using very lean ground beef for grilling burgers, but I’m afraid they will be dry. What is the best fat content for burgers? Martha Filipic Amber Riggin
05/27/2011 Chow Line: Coffee: Fill to the brim for good health (for 6/5/11) I was surprised to hear coffee might help prevent prostate cancer. I always tried to limit coffee drinking, thinking it was a bad habit. Can I enjoy it now? Martha Filipic Amber Riggin
06/03/2011 Chow Line: Nearly one in 100 need to avoid gluten (for 6/12/11) I see more and more foods labeled “gluten-free.” What exactly is gluten, anyway? And why don’t people want it?   Martha Filipic Amber Riggin
05/06/2011 Chow Line: Make sure you get enough calcium (for 5/15/11) I just turned 50. Do I need to increase my calcium intake? Martha Filipic Amber Riggin
04/29/2011 Chow Line: Peppermint could ease pain in gut (for 5/8/11) I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. I heard that peppermint might help ease my symptoms, but it sounds like folklore to me. How true is it? Martha Filipic Amber Riggin
06/09/2011 Chow Line: It's easy to put MyPlate into practice (for 6/19/11) I like the new MyPlate icon that is replacing the old food pyramid, but it doesn’t give very many details on what you should actually do. Where can I find more information?   Martha Filipic Amber Riggin
06/17/2011 Chow Line: MyPlate offers tips for adding fruits, veggies (for 6/26/11) I'm trying to follow the MyPlate recommendations to eat more fruits and vegetables, but I'm in a rut. Where can I find some new ideas? Martha Filipic Amber Riggin
05/13/2011 Chow Line: It's OK for spinach to see the light (for 5/22/11) I always heard that light can destroy nutrients in food. My husband disagrees, saying he has heard just the opposite is true. What is correct? Martha Filipic Amber Riggin
05/19/2008 Family Fundamentals: If summer is stressful, plan now to slow down I'm getting more tense as summer approaches. When our family gets out of its normal routine, it seems like we get busier than ever. Any guidance? Martha Filipic Amanda Westfall
06/23/2011 Ohio State Researchers Outline Roadmap for Struggling Communities COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Struggling communities dot the national map from coast to coast. Only some are successful in bouncing back to prosperity. A new analysis by Ohio State University researchers outlines what works and what doesn't, offering something of a roadmap for policy makers who want their communities to succeed. Martha Filipic Amanda Weinstein, Mark Partridge