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04/10/2009 Chow Line: Team up water with healthy diet, activity (for 4/19/09) I heard something about how school water fountains can help kids lose weight. Can you tell me more? Martha Filipic Julie Shertzer
08/17/2012 Chow Line: Understanding HDLs can be complex (8/17/12) I have always been proud of my high HDL level, but I heard recently that it might not be very important in terms of heart disease after all. What happened? Martha Filipic Hugo Melgar-Quinonez
07/21/2008 Chow Line: Eggs make frozen custard smoother (for 7/27/08) What's the difference between frozen custard and soft-serve ice cream? Martha Filipic Jim Harper
05/17/2002 Chow Line: Wash those fruits and veggies (for 5/26/02) Some cantaloupe was recently recalled because of salmonella. I thought that was mostly a problem with chicken and eggs. How did it get on fruit? Martha Filipic Jaime Ackerman
04/13/2012 Chow Line: Folic acid supplements still key (4/13/12) Since so many foods are fortified with folic acid, are supplements still necessary for women who are trying to get pregnant? Martha Filipic Dan Remley
08/10/2011 Chow Line: Magnesium plays vital role in health (for 8/21/11) I've started taking calcium supplements to be sure I get the 1,200 milligrams recommended. I know that the supplements should include vitamin D to help the body absorb calcium, but a friend suggests I also need to make sure I get enough magnesium. Is that right? How much is enough?   Martha Filipic Julie Kennel
05/25/2011 Heavy Rainfall Causes Forage, Pasture Challenges COLUMBUS, Ohio -- It's probably best not to invoke the old saying "Make hay while the sun shines" to forage producers this year. The sun hasn't been shining very often, and they haven't had the ability to make much hay. Martha Filipic John Grimes, Jeff McCutcheon
08/31/2007 Chow Line: Keep viruses at bay by washing hands (for 9/9/07) What are "noroviruses," and how can they be prevented? Martha Filipic Lydia Medeiros
06/03/2010 Wetlands Director Eyes New Water COLUMBUS, Ohio -- He has the boat and he has the water, but the twain have yet to meet. But Bill Mitsch dreams big. The director of Ohio State University's Wilma H. Schiermeier Olentangy River Wetland Research Park, Mitsch was delighted last week as students from a civil engineering class presented plans for a boat dock that would connect the wetlands, situated just north of Ohio State's Columbus campus off of Ackerman Road, with the nearby Olentangy River. Martha Filipic Bill Mitsch
01/05/2007 Chow Line: How to store oil is a controversial topic (for 1/14/07) I read on an Internet site that vegetable oil should be refrigerated after opening, but I've never done this and I've never had a problem. Should I start? Martha Filipic Jaime Foster
01/14/2012 Ohio State Researcher: Foodborne Illness Costs $77.7 Billion a Year COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The cost of foodborne illness in the United States is now estimated to be up to $77.7 billion a year, according to an analysis by Ohio State University researcher Robert Scharff. Martha Filipic Robert Scharff
04/16/2010 Family Fundamentals: Parents: Strengthen family by changing your focus (for April 2010) Our son has never been a great student, but the stakes are higher now that he's in high school, and we can't get him to understand that. Nothing we've tried has worked -- he just doesn't care about getting good grades. What can we do? Martha Filipic Stephen Gavazzi
02/26/2010 Chow Line: Most seniors need healthier diets (for 3/7/10) When my mother got older, I recall being very concerned about the weight loss she began experiencing. Unfortunately, now that I am approaching 60, I find myself gaining weight. Which is worse for older people, weight gain or weight loss? Martha Filipic Julie Shertzer
11/08/2005 Family Fundamentals: Happy Holidays? Cope with Stress, Tension I’m dreading the holidays. Something always happens and I usually become very upset. Is there anything I can do to de-stress and actually enjoy myself this year? Martha Filipic Ted Futris
04/17/2009 Chow Line: Need a wake-up call on caffeine? (for 4/26/09) When the time changed this spring, I found myself drinking a lot more coffee, and I haven't stopped. Should I be concerned about caffeine? Martha Filipic Julie Shertzer
03/01/2012 Community Nutrition Programs and Partners Help Thousands Get Their 'Plate in Shape' COLUMBUS, Ohio -- As National Nutrition Month swings into gear, dietitians and nutrition specialists hope to inspire people from all walks of life to eat more whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and make other healthy choices every day. Martha Filipic Joyce McDowell, Ana Claudia Zubieta, Maria Carmen Lambea, Diane Cummins, Karen Colonia-Abel, Kevin Brumbaugh
03/14/2011 OSU Extension's Community Nutrition Programs Reach Tens of Thousands COLUMBUS, Ohio -- While success stories paint the picture of OSU Extension's Community Nutrition Programs, the numbers provide broad brushstrokes of the programs' impact: More than 50,000 Ohioans attended Family Nutrition Program or Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program classes last year. Martha Filipic Joyce McDowell, Maria Carmen Lambea, Ana Claudia Zubieta, Lauren Melnick, Lisa Goodall
08/01/2008 Chow Line: Choose carefully at Chinese restaurants (for 8/10/08) I used to love going out for Chinese food, but I stopped eating it years ago when I heard how unhealthy it was. Are there healthy options? Martha Filipic Julie Shertzer
12/19/2001 Chow Line: Washing hands can make you feel good (for 1/6/02) How can I convince my teenager to wash his hands before he eats? Martha Filipic Lydia Medeiros
08/29/2008 Chow Line: Carrots healthful, not 'full of sugar' (for 9/7/08) At lunchtime recently, several of my colleagues claimed that carrots are "full of sugar." Is that true? Martha Filipic Carla Miller
03/30/2012 Chow Line: Enjoy eggs, but keep safety in mind (3/30/12) I know that eggs can be contaminated with Salmonella if the hen that laid the egg is infected. But how common is this? Martha Filipic Linnette Goard
11/20/2009 Chow Line: Alternate-day fast not a proven diet (for 11/29/09) A friend is trying to lose weight by eating very little every other day. I don't think it's healthy, but she says it works. Is this kind of diet recommended? Martha Filipic Gail Kaye
04/22/2011 Media Advisory: Arbor Day Celebration on Oval April 29 COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Three newly planted yellow buckeye trees will be dedicated on Ohio State University's Oval outside of Mendenhall Lab on Arbor Day, April 29. Martha Filipic
09/07/2007 Chow Line: DASH diet no fad, just healthful eating (for 9/16/07) A friend of mine is losing weight on something called the DASH diet. Is it a fad? Martha Filipic Jaime Foster
10/26/2007 Chow Line: Glucose numbers depend on test used (for 11/4/07) My husband was diagnosed with diabetes with a blood sugar level of 180 milligrams per deciliter. A friend who has diabetes said 180 is really pre-diabetes -- a level of 200 is needed for diabetes. Why would the doctor say my husband has diabetes? Martha Filipic Martha Belury
01/31/2011 Learn about Online First Detector Training at Conservation Tillage Conference ADA, Ohio -- Scientists and federal officials are always on the lookout for exotic or locally occurring high-risk pests that could spell trouble for the nation's crops and landscape plants, said Nancy Taylor, director of Ohio State University's Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic.  Martha Filipic Nancy Taylor
03/19/2010 Chow Line: Chewing the cud on grass-fed beef (for 3/28/10) We keep hearing good things about grass-fed beef. Is it really that much better for you? Martha Filipic Julie Shertzer, Jeff McCutcheon
05/29/2009 Chow Line: Calories on menus having an effect (for 6/7/09) I've heard more localities are requiring restaurants to post calorie information. Is it having an effect? Martha Filipic Julie Shertzer
06/21/2006 Family Fundamentals: Keep your finances in mind when vacation planning (for June 2006) We’re planning a summer family vacation, but money is tighter than I anticipated and I don’t want to put too much on credit. Any ideas to save money? Martha Filipic Sharon Seiling
07/02/2012 Secretary of Agriculture: Ohio State's Ag Research Plays 'Essential Role' in Health Issues COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The story of American agriculture is much broader than the crops grown in farm fields, said Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. Martha Filipic, Tracy Turner Steven Schwartz