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08/09/2012 Chow Line: Be safe: Keep cream pies cool (8/10/12) I made a chocolate cream pie for guests this weekend. We left it out on the counter for most of the afternoon, and one of my guests told me that I should have kept it refrigerated, and since I didn’t, we should throw it away. Was she right? Martha Filipic Linnette Goard
08/22/2011 MEDIA ADVISORY: Shirley Brooks-Jones Available for Interviews about 9/11 COLUMBUS, Ohio -- As the nation prepares to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11, one local woman looks forward to again sharing her own Sept. 11 tale of overwhelming generosity.   Martha Filipic
04/05/2011 Volunteers Needed for Milk Study COLUMBUS, Ohio -- More people are choosing to drink raw milk these days, and Ohio State University researchers are hoping to find out why. Martha Filipic Lydia Medeiros, Janet Buffer
11/13/2009 Chow Line: Most of us need to eat more produce (for 11/22/09) I think I eat a lot of produce, but my sister, a dietitian, says I should eat more. I usually have a piece of fruit as a mid-morning snack, and I always have a salad and a side dish of vegetables at dinner. Martha Filipic Julie Shertzer
12/04/2009 Chow Line: Sodium can turn up in surprising places (for 12/13/09) I noticed that the canned chickpeas I buy to use in my salads say "brine" on the ingredients listing. Would this type have more salt than other varieties? Also, my husband likes pickles with his lunch. Do they contain too much sodium to have on a daily basis? Martha Filipic Julie Shertzer
01/27/2012 Chow Line: Canned salmon good for omega-3s (1/27/12) We love making baked salmon, especially because it’s so good for you. But it is expensive. Recently I’ve been tempted to try canned salmon. Does it have the same health benefits from omega-3 fatty acids? Martha Filipic Alma Simmons
07/13/2007 Chow Line: Most children don't get enough calcium (for 7/22/07) I heard most children don't consume enough calcium. How much should they get? Martha Filipic Jackie Buell
04/29/2009 Chow Line: Pork and swine flu: the rest of the story (for 5/10/09) I keep hearing that even though swine flu is spreading, pork is safe to eat as long as it is cooked properly. What does that mean? Martha Filipic Julie Shertzer
10/10/2011 Niblack Takes Helm of Plant Pathology COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Terry Niblack is proud to be sitting at the helm of "what's arguably the best plant pathology department in the country."  Martha Filipic Terry Niblack
01/15/2010 Chow Line: Feed the brain by eating smart (for 1/24/10) What sorts of foods should I eat to keep my mental activity at its peak function? Martha Filipic Julie Shertzer
05/25/2012 Summer Science Fun for Kids Planned at Columbus 4-H Camps COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A weeklong "Paws, Claws, Feathers and Friends" 4-H day camp and a three-day overnight 4-H "Camp Tech" are planned at Ohio State University's Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center this summer. Martha Filipic Sally McClaskey
06/06/2008 Chow Line: Food safety tips for cooking on the grill (for 6/15/08) We love cooking on the grill. Are there special food safety tips we should keep in mind? Martha Filipic Lydia Medeiros
11/08/2011 OSU Extension Helping Landowners, Communities Handle Shale Gas Issues COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Shale gas development in Ohio could mean thousands of Ohio jobs, windfalls for landowners leasing away their mineral rights, and economic development for struggling communities. Martha Filipic Steve Schumacher, Peggy Hall, Mike Hogan, Fred Schwarz
07/19/2011 Cuyahoga County: Home on the Farm CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The grayness of neglect too often seen in this aging rust-belt city is being transformed into acres of flourishing green thanks to Ohio State University Extension and a vast coalition of partners.   Martha Filipic Marie Barni
02/27/2009 Chow Line: Do what you can to get enough calcium (for 3/8/09) Is there an age-related guideline for calcium intake? As an older man, I want to be sure I'm getting enough. Martha Filipic Jackie Buell
03/12/2012 Classes for Divorcing Parents Designed With Kids in Mind COLUMBUS, Ohio -- When parents divorce, it's often the children who pay the highest price. But many parents in Ohio learn how to soften the blow with "Successful Co-Parenting: A Family Stability Program," a two- to three-hour class offered in 12 counties by Ohio State University Extension. Martha Filipic Kara Newby
04/29/2011 Chadwick Spring Plant Sale Set for May 5-7 COLUMBUS, Ohio -- On the heels of Arbor Day and just in time for Mother's Day comes the annual Spring Plant Sale, Auction, and Gardening Fair at Ohio State University's Chadwick Arboretum and Learning Gardens. Martha Filipic Mary Maloney
11/27/2006 Chow Line: Cassava roots source of tapioca What exactly is tapioca? Where does it come from? Martha Filipic Jaime Foster
08/10/2012 Aug. 30 Webinar Focuses on Health Behavior Theory to Practice COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ask any health professional: Informing people about healthy behaviors is one thing. Encouraging them to adopt healthy behaviors is another. Martha Filipic Dan Remley
05/16/2008 Chow Line: Calcium difficult for body to absorb (for 5/25/08) I always have milk in the morning with my high-fiber cereal. But a friend told me that fiber prevents the body from absorbing calcium. If that's true, what should I do? Martha Filipic Robert DiSilvestro
03/05/2010 Chow Line: Choosing syrup can be sticky (for 3/14/10) Is "real" maple syrup healthier than "maple-flavored" or "pancake" syrups? Martha Filipic Julie Shertzer
11/30/2012 Chow Line: Plenty of options to replace olive oil (11/30/12) What kind of oil is the best to use for heart health? I tend to use olive oil all the time, but I’ve been looking for alternatives.  Martha Filipic Dan Remley
02/18/2011 Chow Line: Boost these foods, nutrients in your diet (for 2/28/11) What nutrients are generally lacking in the American diet? Which foods should I focus on increasing to help?  Martha Filipic Julie Kennel
01/10/2011 Three Years Later, 'Green' 4-H Center Going Strong COLUMBUS, Ohio -- When the Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center opened in January 2008, it was the first building on the Ohio State University campus to be built according to LEED certification standards, designating it as a "green" building.  Martha Filipic Allen Auck, Aparna Dial, Patrick J. Smith
10/10/2011 Ag Law Symposium Set for Nov. 18 COLUMBUS, Ohio -- From shale gas legal issues to enforcing the state's new Livestock Care Standards to federal and state agricultural legislation, the Nov. 18 Ohio Agricultural Law Symposium is packed with hot topics in the legal community. Martha Filipic Peggy Hall
01/19/2010 Family Fundamentals: Organized financial records make life easier (for Jan. 2010) I tend to keep my financial papers (at least those that I think are important) but after more than a decade, my record boxes are overwhelming my closet floor. What should I focus on keeping, and for how long? Martha Filipic Susan Shockey
05/25/2012 Chow Line: Use 'Top 10' lists to add variety (5/25/12) Occasionally I see lists of the “top 10” most nutritious fruits and vegetables, but they’re never quite the same as each other. How much should I pay attention to these kinds of lists? Martha Filipic Julie Kennel
10/04/2007 Chow Line: Try hummus as a healthful spread, dip Is hummus considered a healthful food? I think it probably is, but I wonder about the fat in it. How is it made? Martha Filipic Jaime Foster
11/08/2011 Speaker to Address Violence Prevention, Peace in Aftermath of Virginia Tech Tragedy COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Jerzy Nowak's world changed on April 16, 2007, when his wife, Jocelyne Couture-Nowak, was killed in a shooting rampage at Virginia Tech. Martha Filipic Doug Doohan
11/02/2012 Chow Line: Limit trans fats, boost heart health (Nov. 2, 2012) What has been the effect from the ban on trans fats in New York City restaurants? Martha Filipic Dan Remley