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04/09/2002 New Center to Promote Agricultural Safety and Health COLUMBUS, Ohio - Agriculture is one of the most important United States industries, representing 13 percent of the nation's economy, but it is also one of the most dangerous. Candace Pollock Tom Bean
04/09/2002 Selenium Uptake in Berries Offers Organic Option in Nutrition COLUMBUS, Ohio - Small fruit crops such as strawberries and black raspberries can effectively uptake selenium, increasing concentrations of the nutrient in its leaves and berries and providing potential health benefits for consumers. Candace Pollock Dick Funt
04/11/2002 Fall Pansies One of the First Plants to Usher in Spring COLUMBUS, Ohio - In several garden plots on the Ohio State University agricultural campus, a splash of vibrant colors - blue, violet, white, yellow, red - stand out among the gray of bare trees and shrubs. Candace Pollock Claudio Pasian, Monica Kmetz-Gonzalez
04/16/2002 Boosting Soybean Yield/Profits Involves a Mix of Management Practices COLUMBUS, Ohio - Careful incorporation of inoculants, fungicide seed treatments and reduced seeding rates into a crop production program may give soybean farmers a boost in yield and extra money in their pockets at the end of the growing season. Candace Pollock Jim Beuerlein
04/16/2002 Slugs May Be Abundant This Year WOOSTER, Ohio - High slug populations may welcome no-till farmers to the start of the growing season. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
04/24/2002 Secrest Arboretum Crabapples Should Peak This Weekend (April 27–28) WOOSTER, Ohio -- The crabapple trees in Secrest Arboretum are starting to bloom and should peak this weekend. The arboretum, part of the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center’s Wooster campus, is home to more than 600 crabapple trees (Malus sp.) of more than 200 different types. Kurt Knebusch Ken Cochran
04/24/2002 Three Receive Research Awards at April 23 OARDC Annual Conference WOOSTER, Ohio -- Three Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center scientists were honored for their achievements at the center’s 2002 annual conference yesterday (April 23) in Wooster. Kurt Knebusch Steve Slack
04/24/2002 It's Gypsy Moth Time Again WOOSTER, Ohio - Gypsy moths have begun emerging throughout Ohio and forestry officials speculate the invasive insects will continue to spread throughout the southeastern half of the state. Candace Pollock Dan Herms
04/24/2002 New Soybean Varieties Released COLUMBUS, Ohio - Six new soybean varieties, available for seed production this spring, may offer improved field characteristics and increased nutritional benefits than current market varieties. Candace Pollock Steve St. Martin
04/24/2002 Agri-Terrorism Focus of Ohio State Study COLUMBUS, Ohio - Just how prepared local and state agencies would be in the face of an agri-terrorism threat is the focus of a new Ohio State University study. Candace Pollock Joe Donnermeyer
04/25/2002 Corn Planting Behind Schedule COLUMBUS, Ohio - Recent wet weather conditions are working against Ohio growers in getting their corn crop in the ground. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
04/25/2002 Don't Count Wheat Out Just Yet WOOSTER, Ohio - Unseasonably warm temperatures to kick off spring in Ohio have given the state's wheat crop a boost in growth, and enough of one that questionable fields may be salvaged to produce a decent crop. Candace Pollock Pat Lipps
05/01/2002 Nematodes Effective Against Grape Pest WOOSTER, Ohio - Two nematode species, one a native of Ohio, have been found to successfully control grape root borer, an insect pest responsible for major economic losses to the grape industry. Candace Pollock Parwinder Grewal
05/01/2002 Soybean Research/Products Focus of Collaborative Program COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio State University soybean breeders have joined forces with researchers from four other universities to help boost research and design ways soybean products can benefit consumers. Candace Pollock Steve St. Martin
05/03/2002 Busy Soil Microbes Provide Macro Field Benefits WOOSTER, Ohio - Adding organic amendments to agricultural fields stimulates soil microbial activity, which in turn may reduce root diseases and promote overall plant health. Candace Pollock Brian McSpadden Gardener, Fred Michel, Harry Hoitink
05/07/2002 Biotechnology Consortium Seeks to Improve Ohio's Agricultural Industries COLUMBUS, Ohio - In recent years, biotechnology has largely been associated with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), genetically engineered organisms (GEOs), or some other form of cross breeding or genetic alteration. Candace Pollock Terry Graham
05/07/2002 Environmental Changes to Crops May Have Ties to Health/Market Value WOOSTER, Ohio - Something as simple as moisture levels or heat stress can alter the chemical characteristics of a vegetable crop, which may change its nutritional or market value. Candace Pollock Matt Kleinhenz, Ted Radovich
05/07/2002 Performance Trials Help Industry Choose Best Cabbage Varieties WOOSTER, Ohio - Knowing what varieties of cabbage make for good sauerkraut, coleslaw or other dishes is the first step in growing a product that meets production criteria and satisfies consumer preferences. Candace Pollock Matt Kleinhenz
05/09/2002 Satellite Program Answers Farm Bill Questions COLUMBUS, Ohio - Now that Congress has passed the 2002 Farm Bill, Ohio producers, agri-businesses and related agricultural and natural resources agencies may have questions regarding its content and implications. Candace Pollock Carl Zulauf
05/09/2002 The Chances for Timely Planting Diminish COLUMBUS, Ohio - With soggy fields from persistent wet weather plaguing Ohio corn and soybean growers and more rain forecasted, timely planting appears to be getting further out of reach. Candace Pollock Jim Beuerlein
05/09/2002 Keep in Mind Insect Pests When Planting Soybeans WOOSTER, Ohio - Soybean growers may be looking to get their crop in the ground, but they especially need to keep in mind two insect pests this growing season. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
05/15/2002 New Grants Target Cooperative Development PIKETON, Ohio - Several Ohio cooperative groups are getting a boost in promotion and marketing with the help of new Ohio Cooperative Development Center grants. Candace Pollock John Ellerman
05/17/2002 Chow Line: Wash those fruits and veggies (for 5/26/02) Some cantaloupe was recently recalled because of salmonella. I thought that was mostly a problem with chicken and eggs. How did it get on fruit? Martha Filipic Jaime Ackerman
05/22/2002 Soggy Fields May Promote Wheat Diseases WOOSTER, Ohio - Excessive wet weather throughout Ohio the past several weeks may cause problems with disease development in the state's wheat crop. Candace Pollock Pat Lipps
05/22/2002 New Insight on Pollinators May Aid Strawberry Production TROY, Ohio - A steady rainfall soaks strawberry fields in this town just outside of Dayton, but the weather doesn't deter Ohio State University entomologists from trekking through standing water and mud to record the growth progression of strawberry blooms - food for many insects whose pollination transforms the flowers into fruit. Candace Pollock Roger Williams
05/22/2002 More Rain Could Mean Higher Corn Prices COLUMBUS, Ohio - Corn prices are likely to increase within the next several weeks if wet weather persists throughout the eastern Corn Belt, says an Ohio State University Extension agricultural economist. Candace Pollock Matt Roberts
05/23/2002 Study Examines Rural Low-Income Families in Light of Welfare Reform COLUMBUS, Ohio -- As the government debates the details of welfare reform, a national research project sheds light on how rural low-income families fare in the world of work. Martha Filipic Sharon Seiling
05/28/2002 Ohio Farm Bureau Member To Be Honored COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio State University animal science faculty is honoring a member of the Ohio Farm Bureau for his contributions to the animal agricultural industry. Candace Pollock Keith Irvin
05/29/2002 Increased Farm Bill Funding Means More Conservation Results COLUMBUS, Ohio - With a 10 percent increase in funding over the 1996 Farm Bill, introduction of new programs and 21 percent of the 2002 Farm Bill's budget devoted to conservation, improvements to water quality, wildlife habitats and the environment appears to be increasing in importance. Candace Pollock Brent Sohngen
05/29/2002 Wet Spring Ideal to Practice Controlled Traffic COLUMBUS, Ohio - Practicing controlled traffic may afford growers a planting advantage at a time when wet conditions are keeping most farmers out of their fields. Candace Pollock Randall Reeder