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01/31/2002 Producer Certification First Step Toward Beef Industry Alliance COLUMBUS, Ohio - The ability for beef producers to exchange information, track the production of an animal and study marketing trends is the key to providing a product that not only satisfies consumers but is more profitable for the producer. Candace Pollock Amy Radunz
02/05/2002 List of Herbicide-Resistant Weeds Keeps Growing COLUMBUS, Ohio - The war on weeds appears to be a never-ending battle. Candace Pollock Jeff Stachler
02/05/2002 Don't Let Slugs Rule the Roost in No-Till Fields WOOSTER, Ohio - In the battle against slugs, a sharp eye and savvy management tactics may mean the difference between a damaged crop and successful yields for no-till farmers. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
02/12/2002 New Agricultural Organization Strives to Improve Working Relationships FINDLAY, Ohio - Agricultural employers seeking to improve their human resource management skills have assistance from a new organization. Candace Pollock Ron Overmyer
02/12/2002 Soybean Germplasm Lines Show Resistance to Insect Defoliation WOOSTER, Ohio - Two recently released soybean germplasm lines appear to resist defoliation against bean leaf beetle and western corn rootworm, insects that have been known to cause severe crop damage throughout the mid-west. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
02/12/2002 Organic Mulches May Boost Transition from Plowed Land to No-Till WOOSTER, Ohio - Farmers looking to convert their plowed land to no-till may be able to control disease pressure and improve soil fertility by spreading organic mulches such as animal manures and composts. Candace Pollock Warren Dick
02/14/2002 Beef Cattle Shortcourse to Address Marketing, Management Issues BOWLING GREEN, Ohio - Staying abreast of cattle industry issues, from marketing opportunities to current feeding and management practices, is a key for producers to remain competitive and improve profitability. Candace Pollock Steve Boyles
02/21/2002 Ag. Organization Looks to Strengthen Industry's Technology Future COLUMBUS, Ohio - As the adoption of technology into agricultural and natural resource environments grows, so does the importance for farmers and industry leaders to remain abreast of issues, new developments and research advances that may impact the way they do business. Candace Pollock Nathan Watermeier
02/21/2002 Evolving Precision Agriculture Technology Fattening Farmers' Wallets COLUMBUS, Ohio - The biggest driving force behind adopting precision agriculture technology is how quickly a farmer can recoup the investment costs of the equipment. Candace Pollock Matt Sullivan, Reza Ehsani
02/21/2002 More Efficient Beef Cattle Production, Marketing Eyed With Tagging Program WOOSTER, Ohio - Ohio beef cattle producers may soon be leaping into the age of technology with the help of a newly implemented electronic identification program. Candace Pollock Francis Fluharty
02/27/2002 Organic Grain Production an Appealing, Yet Challenging Farming Practice SPRINGFIELD, Ohio - Organic foods are becoming the fastest growing segment of the food industry, driven in large part by health-conscious consumers and a sense of environmental responsibility. Candace Pollock Deb Stinner
02/27/2002 Keep Stand Quality in Mind When Preparing for Planting Season COLUMBUS, Ohio - As corn growers ready for this year's growing season, establishing quality stands will no doubt be a key focus of their preparations. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
03/06/2002 Nematode Species Effective Biological Control of Slugs WOOSTER, Ohio - A common European nematode has been found to be an effective parasite of grey garden slugs, and Ohio State University researchers are hoping to find the species in the United States or Canada for use as a biological control. Candace Pollock Parwinder Grewal
03/06/2002 Proposed Research Facility to Focus on Plant/Animal Diseases WOOSTER, Ohio - Processing and health problems associated with pathogenic organisms cost the food industry $8.5 billion a year. Candace Pollock Mo Saif, Sally Miller
03/06/2002 Ohio State Curriculum to Incorporate Animal Welfare Topics COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio State University educators believe stewardship of food animal production begins in the classroom, and they are taking a proactive approach to instill that responsibility in students. Candace Pollock Candace Pollock, James Kinder, Jeanne Osborne
03/06/2002 Extension Program to Broaden Knowledge of Geospatial Technology COLUMBUS, Ohio - From Lake Erie in northern Ohio to Appalachia in the south and farms, wetlands, forests and cities in between, Ohio boasts unique environments that offer the opportunity to use geospatial technology to effectively manage them. Candace Pollock Brian Slater, Nathan Watermeier
03/13/2002 Researchers Seeking Alternative Uses for Soybeans COLUMBUS, Ohio - There may be more uses for soybean oil than just as a food product. Candace Pollock Steve St. Martin
03/13/2002 Researchers Using Weather to Predit Potential Head Scab Outbreaks WOOSTER, Ohio - Ohio State University researchers are trying to stay one step ahead of head scab, a fungal disease of wheat that can cause severe yield and economic losses. Candace Pollock Pat Lipps
03/20/2002 Strength of Wheat Crop Being Questioned WOOSTER, Ohio - Ohio's wheat crop has broken winter dormancy over a month early, raising concerns that the crop may be weakened prior to establishing re-growth come spring. Candace Pollock Pat Lipps
03/20/2002 Tillage vs. No-Till: A Tough Choice to Make COLUMBUS, Ohio - To till or not to till? Balancing conservation with productivity makes for a weighty decision, says an Ohio State University agronomist. Candace Pollock Jim Beuerlein
03/20/2002 Hybrid Trials Help Fuel Growing Interest in White Corn COLUMBUS, Ohio - White corn, a specialty crop used to make taco shells and corn chips, is receiving greater attention among Ohio growers looking for an alternative to yellow feed corn. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
03/26/2002 Deep Tillage May Be of Value in Ohio COLUMBUS, Ohio - Deep tillage, also known as subsoiling, may be beneficial in alleviating soil compaction and improving crop yields. Candace Pollock Randall Reeder
03/26/2002 Raspberry Cultivars Vary in Nutrient/Cancer-Fighting Components COLUMBUS, Ohio - Red raspberry cultivars have been found to contain varying levels of nutrient components and antioxidants, opening the doors to grow and market fruits that pack the healthiest punch. Candace Pollock Dick Funt
03/26/2002 Organic Mulches May Restore Fertility of Degraded Soils WOOSTER, Ohio - Organic mulches may offer hope in restoring fertility of degraded soils in urban areas. Candace Pollock Dan Herms
03/29/2002 USDA: More Corn, Fewer Soybean Acres This Year WEST LAFAYETTE, IN -- America's premier crop stands to grab an even larger share of the nation's farm acres this spring. Steve Leer Chris Hurt
04/02/2002 Compost Helps Control Turfgrass Fungus COLUMBUS, Ohio - Incorporating compost into soils when lawns are seeded reduces the severity of leaf rust, a fungal disease that attacks perennial ryegrass. Candace Pollock Mike Boehm
04/02/2002 Stewart's Bacterial Leaf Blight Predicted Severe This Year WOOSTER, Ohio - Stewart's bacterial leaf blight, a corn disease that can cause significant yield losses in susceptible hybrids, could be severe this growing season. Candace Pollock Bruce Eisley, Celeste Welty, Pat Lipps
04/02/2002 Improved Alfalfa Varieties Show Resistance Against Forage Crop Insect COLUMBUS, Ohio - New developments in alfalfa cultivars have proven to be effective in controlling potato leafhopper, an insect that can cause serious damage and yield loss to the forage crop. Candace Pollock Mark Sulc
04/09/2002 Direct Marketers May Be Exempt From Food License Registration PIKETON, Ohio - Ohio farmers who sell their products at farmer's markets, farm product auctions and similar direct marketing outlets may be exempt from food license registration and inspection if they meet certain requirements. Candace Pollock John Ellerman
04/09/2002 Composting Boosts Turfgrass Growth COLUMBUS, Ohio - A little composting can go a long way when establishing lawns in new urban developments. Candace Pollock Mike Boehm