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11/17/2005 Agricultural Tax Issues Workshop Announced COLUMBUS, Ohio — Tax practitioners with an interest in farm income taxes have the opportunity to attend a one-day farm tax workshop being offered on Dec. 16. Candace Pollock Warren Lee
04/07/2011 Agriculture and Plastics Sectors Join to Develop Ohio Bio-composites Industry WOOSTER, Ohio -- The Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center is helping a Columbus, Ohio, company use plant-derived fibers to create a new generation of composite materials for cars, homes and other uses -- generating new jobs in the state. Mauricio Espinoza Prabhat Krishnaswamy
03/27/2003 Agriculture Attractive But Not So Convenient Terrorist Target COLUMBUS, Ohio — U.S. agriculture may be an attractive target for terrorist groups, but the system’s structure makes it difficult to generate the type of one-time damage seen in the World Trade Center attack. Candace Pollock Luther Tweeten
08/29/2011 Agriculture Event Will Help Farmers Brush Up on Financial Know-How COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Experts predict strong demand for crops will continue to warrant record-high prices over the next decade and increased net returns in the livestock industry. And, consumers' continued demand for agricultural products, despite the country's economic state, has proven agriculture as more financially stable than other sectors of the U.S. economy. Melanie Wilt Chuck Gamble
06/29/2012 Agritourism Workshop Promotes Preparedness, Emergency Management PIKETON, Ohio – Farmers, producers, business owners and anyone who operates farm markets, pick-your-own operations, wineries, farmers markets or festivals will have the opportunity to learn how to prepare for and handle an emergency and minimize risks that may arise when the public is invited onto the farm, during an agritourism workshop and tour offered by members of Ohio State University Extension’s Sustainable Agriculture Team. Tracy Turner Julie Moose
11/23/2009 Agronomist: The Longer Corn Sits in Fields, the Greater the Yield Losses COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio growers waiting to harvest their corn most likely won't see a significant decrease in grain moisture, but run the risk of increased stalk lodging, moldy ears and yield losses the longer corn sits in the fields. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
11/14/2002 Agronomy Meetings Focus On Crop Production Issues COLUMBUS, Ohio - From new guidance system technology to farm safety practices to staying profitable in the face of diseases, insects and drought, Ohio growers can get the scoop on the latest crop production issues through upcoming Ohio Regional Agronomy Meetings. Candace Pollock Greg LaBarge
07/16/2002 Agronomy Newsletter Worth Millions to Ohio Farmers BUCYRUS, Ohio - Ohio farmers and agri-businesses saved over $11.2 million last year in reduced pesticide and herbicide costs and increased crop production with the help of C.O.R.N. Candace Pollock Steve Prochaska
12/28/2006 Air Quality Workshops to Tackle Challenge of Ag Air Emissions REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio -- A series of air quality workshops will be held in January to help address issues and concerns regarding agricultural air emissions, improve the understanding of federal air quality regulations, and explore the most effective technologies and management practices related to air quality control. Candace Pollock Jon Rausch, Lingying Zhao
07/05/2012 Alfalfa Can Weather Drought, but Growers May Find Lower Production as Extreme Weather Lingers WOOSTER, Ohio – Ohio growers may find that although alfalfa can weather the current extreme heat and drought conditions from a quality standpoint, there will be less alfalfa overall because of the lack of moisture the region continues to experience, an Ohio State University Extension educator said.  Tracy Turner Rory Lewandowski
04/24/2007 Alfalfa Escapes Severe Frost Damage, But First Cutting Delayed COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio's alfalfa crop that broke dormancy early has suffered some frost damage from the cold weather that hit the state in early April, but established, healthy stands are anticipated to recover and produce near normal yields. Candace Pollock Mark Sulc
01/19/2000 All-new North American Maple Syrup Producers Manual Now Available Dripping with practical techniques, clear explanations and science-based recommendations, it stands as a must-have resource and reference. Kurt Knebusch Randy Heiligmann
09/17/2001 Alternative Farming Opportunities Focus of Field Day AUGUSTA, Ohio - Dogs, which have long been used to guard and herd livestock, are taking a back seat to a rather unusual, exotic animal. Candace Pollock Mike Hogan
05/18/2009 Alternative Green Certification Systems Favor Ohio's Timber Industry COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The push to promote more "green" buildings to reduce the environmental impacts from their construction and use may not be adequately utilizing the nation's renewable wood products. Candace Pollock Kathy Smith, Roger Williams
02/05/2010 Alternative Method to Protect Rootstock Available to Grape Growers WOOSTER, Ohio – An alternative method for protecting rootstock while controlling weeds and promoting environmental sustainability may be available to grape producers, specifically those who grow the crop in cold climates. Candace Pollock Doug Doohan
08/08/2001 Ample Profitable Crop Enterprises Exist for Ohio Growers LONDON, Ohio -- From traditional field crops to specialty fruits and vegetables, ample economic opportunities abound for Ohio growers looking to grow something different or who just want a supplemental income. Candace Pollock Robert Moore
11/15/2001 An Animal Disease Found in Sheep May Have Ties to a Human Intestinal Illness WOOSTER, Ohio - An animal disease that has potential links to a human intestinal illness may be more closely tied to sheep rather than dairy cattle, where the disease is most commonly associated. Candace Pollock Srinand Sreevatsan
06/07/2012 Analysts: Ohio Must Take Steps Soon to Counter Shale Energy Boom/Bust Cycle COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio needs to take steps to make sure the state benefits from the shale energy boom in both the short- and long-term, a new policy brief from Ohio State University suggests. Martha Filipic Mark Partridge, Michael Farren, Amanda Weinstein
07/28/2011 Animal Rights Activists Target University Researchers, Students COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Activists promoting an agenda of animal rights have long protested the use of animals by major research universities and institutions.    Earle Holland, Ohio State University’s assistant vice president for Research Communications, said those activists are increasingly targeting students pursuing degrees in fields known for relying on laboratory animals to conduct research. Andy Vance Earle M. Holland
06/05/2012 Animal Sciences Senior's Accomplishments Show Value of Comprehensive Ohio State Education COLUMBUS, Ohio -- What can an undergraduate degree from Ohio State University’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences help you achieve in the 21st century? For graduating senior Drew Enigk, his dream career. Mauricio Espinoza Drew Enigk
05/31/2006 Animal Welfare Programs Foster Human/Animal Relationship COLUMBUS, Ohio -- How producers verbally and physically handle their livestock can have a profound impact on animal behavior and performance. To get the most out of productivity in a nurturing environment, Ohio State University animal science researchers are launching animal welfare training programs that foster human-animal interaction. Candace Pollock Steve Moeller, Naomi Botheras, Maurice Eastridge
06/18/2009 Animal Welfare Regulations Would Impact Ohio's Agriculture Industry COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The implementation of animal welfare legislation, similar to what was passed in California, would have a profound economic impact on Ohio's agriculture industry, negatively rippling through segments of livestock and field crop production, says an Ohio State University agricultural economist. Candace Pollock Luther Tweeten
03/22/2011 Animals from Cleveland, Akron Zoos at Scarlet, Gray, Green Fair WOOSTER, Ohio – Both the Akron Zoo and the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo will bring animals to OSU’s Wooster Campus Scarlet, Gray and Green Fair. Their focus: Teaching people about conserving wildlife. Laura Chapin
11/01/2007 Annie's Project Being Offered in Ohio This Winter COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Annie's Project, a risk management course for women in agriculture, will be offered again in Ohio this winter. Candace Pollock Julia Woodruff
12/22/2006 Annie's Project Coming to Ohio COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A risk management and business program tailored exclusively for farm women that has successfully swept across the Midwest in three short years is being offered in Ohio for the first time this winter. Candace Pollock Julia Woodruff
06/28/2011 Annual Plants Trials Underway at Ohio State's Columbus Campus: Come and Judge by Yourself COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Next year’s favorite ornamental bedding and container plants in the U.S. may now be growing on Ohio State University’s Columbus campus -- and members of the green industry as well as homeowners are welcome to peruse the 727 varieties that are part of the 2011 annuals trials there. Mauricio Espinoza Claudio Pasian
09/26/2006 Another Farm Science Review, Another Success LONDON, Ohio -- With near-perfect weather, close to 600 exhibitors and a successful collaboration between Ohio State and Purdue universities, Farm Science Review saw attendance increase 8.5 percent over last year to nearly 130,000 visitors. Candace Pollock Chuck Gamble
11/02/2004 Another Record Corn Harvest for Ohio COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio's corn crop is heading for its second consecutive year of record-breaking yields, something that Ohio State University Extension agricultural specialists say is unheard-of in the world of crop production. Candace Pollock Pat Lipps, Peter Thomison
10/16/2001 Anti-crop bioterrorism: Ohio State expert says be aware, not alarmed WOOSTER, Ohio -- Anti-crop bioterrorism is a threat to the United States but not a “gigantic” one, said Larry Madden, an Ohio State University plant-disease specialist. Still, Madden and other U.S. scientists are concerned enough about the risk to be developing ways to respond to attacks and have been doing so for several years. Kurt Knebusch Larry Madden
04/14/2005 Aphids and Rust on the Brain, But Don't Forget About Slugs WOOSTER, Ohio — Soybean rust and soybean aphids may keep growers preoccupied this growing season, but they shouldn't forget an equally problematic pest: slugs. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond