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10/05/2012 OSU Farm Policy Expert: Not Surprising Farm Bill Expired Before New Bill Passed COLUMBUS, Ohio – The 2008 Farm Bill expired this week, a move that was not unexpected by many in the industry, an Ohio State University farm policy expert said. Tracy Turner Carl Zulauf, Matt Roberts
10/05/2012 Drought: No Bacon Shortage, But Consumers Can Likely Expect Higher Prices for Pork Next Year No need to go hog wild. Tracy Turner Steve Moeller
10/05/2012 Chow Line: Teen athletes need more carbohydrates (10/5/12) My son started playing football this year. He says he “hits a wall” during practice and needs more protein. How much protein does he need during the football season? Martha Filipic Dan Remley
10/03/2012 100 Students at 4-H Center Oct. 10 for National Eco-Bot Challenge COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Using inch-long "Eco-Bots" made from the head of a toothbrush, a small vibrating motor and a watch battery, thousands of youths around the nation will devise ways to clean up a simulated toxic spill on Oct. 10 in the "Eco-Bot Challenge." Martha Filipic Bob Horton, Sally McClaskey
10/02/2012 Media Advisory: Tomorrow: Ohio State President Gee to Visit Mansfield Bio-foam Company Commercializing University Technology WOOSTER, Ohio -- Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee and elected officials tomorrow (10/3) will tour a Mansfield company that manufactures an innovative source of renewable polyurethane foam, based on patented technology by the university’s Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC).   Mauricio Espinoza
10/02/2012 Ohio State Food, Ag, Env Calendar Listings as of Oct. 3 COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Here are upcoming events involving Ohio State's College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences as of Oct. 3. Kaitlyn Riemenschneider
10/02/2012 Study: An Apple a Day Lowers Level of Blood Chemical Linked to Hardening of the Arteries COLUMBUS, Ohio – Eating an apple a day might in fact help keep the cardiologist away, new research suggests. In a study of healthy, middle-aged adults, consumption of one apple a day for four weeks lowered by 40 percent blood levels of a substance linked to hardening of the arteries. Martha Filipic Robert DiSilvestro
09/28/2012 Save the Date: Nov. 1 Meeting in Wooster 'to Discuss the Future of Organic Farming' Ohio State’s Organic Food and Farming Education and Research program is inviting farmers, scientists, and anyone else interested in organic food and farming to attend its autumn symposium titled “Future Directions for Organic Agriculture Research.” Kurt Knebusch Larry Phelan
09/28/2012 Chow Line: From land or sea, salt is salt (9/28/12) Why do some recipes call for sea salt instead of regular salt? Is it healthier? What about kosher salt?  Martha Filipic Julie Kennel
09/27/2012 OSU Extension: Fall Frost Increases the Potential for Toxicity in Livestock COLUMBUS, Ohio – While fall frost is an annual concern for livestock producers because of the potential for prussic acid poisoning, the potential for toxicity in livestock is perhaps of wider concern this year because of the drought that many livestock producers suffered, according to an Ohio State University Extension specialist. Tracy Turner Mark Sulc
09/27/2012 Farm Science Review: Water Control Structure Benefits Farmers and Environment LONDON, Ohio – A new field drainage technology could help reduce runoff from farm fields and reduce the risk of harmful algae blooms in Lake Erie and other Ohio lakes.  Tracy Turner Matt Sullivan
09/27/2012 How to Test for Prussic Acid Content in Forages COLUMBUS, Ohio – Fall frost can raise the potential for prussic acid poisoning in livestock. In addition to taking measures to prevent livestock toxicity, producers can also consider testing forage for prussic acid content, according to an Ohio State University Extension specialist. Tracy Turner Mark Sulc
09/26/2012 4-H Mentoring Projects 'Making a Huge Difference' COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Sometimes kids have trouble learning from their mistakes. And sometimes, all it takes is a caring adult teaming up with those kids -- perhaps on a project that captures their interest -- that can make all the difference. Martha Filipic Jim Jordan, Carolyn Belczyk, Mark Light, Minnie Taylor, Janice Hanna
09/26/2012 Urban Coyotes Never Stray: New Study Finds 100 Percent Monogamy COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Coyotes living in cities don’t ever stray from their mates, and stay with each other till death do them part, according to a new study. Stan Gehrt, Cecilia Hennessy
09/21/2012 Fruit, Vegetable Safety Program Set for Cleveland Oct. 3 CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A program on preventing microbial contamination on fruit and vegetable farms will take place from 6-9 p.m. on Oct. 3 at the Urban Community School, 4909 Lorain Ave., in Cleveland. Ashley Kulhanek
09/21/2012 Chow Line: Keep physically fit at any weight (9/21/12) I’ve seen conflicting information about whether or not being obese is actually harmful to your health. Can you clarify? Martha Filipic Carolyn Gunther
09/21/2012 Crop Insurance, Risk Management to Shape Next Farm Bill: Ohio State Ag Economists LONDON, Ohio -- The soaring cost of crop insurance and the move away from direct payments to farmers in favor of risk-management measures will shape the future of the Farm Bill, according to Ohio State University agricultural economists who shared their perspectives with farmers and other attendees Sept. 18 on the inaugural day of the 50th Farm Science Review in London, Ohio. Mauricio Espinoza
09/20/2012 'Research Powerhouses' Join Forces in New Multistate Venture FORT WAYNE, Ind. - Faculty from Michigan State University, Ohio State University and Purdue University gathered earlier this month in a new effort to strengthen both research and Extension outreach in food safety issues.  Martha Filipic John Baker, Jeff LeJeune, Karen Plaut
09/19/2012 Growing the Cure Launched at 50th Farm Science Review COLUMBUS, OHIO -- What if the food we ate fought against cancer? Carolyn Siebert
09/17/2012 Farm Science Review: Ohio 4-H and OSU Extension Offer STEM Demos and Activities to Spur Career Interests LONDON, Ohio – Hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) activities and demonstrations will be offered daily by Ohio State University Extension and 4-H Youth Development Extension Educators during Farm Science Review as part of an effort to “bring science alive,” organizers said. Tracy Turner Patty House
09/14/2012 Family Fundamentals: Thinking of student loans? Do some homework (Sept. 2012) Our son is about ready to apply to college. We know he will need some loans, but we think they should be limited. He says this is “good debt” and tells us not to worry about it. We want to learn more, but where do we start? Martha Filipic Nancy Stehulak
09/14/2012 Chow Line: Lots of options with potatoes, rice (9/14/12) Which is better for you, potatoes or rice? Martha Filipic Hugo Melgar-Quinonez
09/11/2012 "Free part" of Farm Science Review can influence added profits LONDON, Ohio —While admission to Farm Science Review, Sept. 18-20 near London, costs $8 at the gate, visitors can learn some valuable lessons as they walk from the parking lot to the main grounds before they even redeem their ticket. Kyle Sharp Harold Watters
09/07/2012 Locally Grown Hops a Possibility for Ohio’s Booming Microbreweries LONDON, Ohio — Ohio beer manufacturers send an estimated $4 million out of Ohio annually by purchasing the flowers of the hop plant, called hop cones, or “hops,” from growers outside the state.  Kyle Sharp Brad Bergefurd
09/07/2012 Millin’, Chillin’ and Grillin’ at Farm Science Review’s Utzinger Garden LONDON, Ohio -- Landscapers searching for fall plant ideas, gardeners wanting to learn new techniques and practices, and people wanting a break from the tractors can all find what they are looking for at the Utzinger Memorial Garden during the Farm Science Review, Sept. 18-20 near London. Kyle Sharp Carolyn Allen
09/07/2012 Authorities Available to Answer Ag, Veterinary Questions at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio — It has been a popular question in recent years as farmland rental rates have more than doubled in many places, and it is one Barry Ward, Ohio State University Extension production business management leader, expects to hear later this month at Farm Science Review: “What direction will farmland cash rents take in 2013?” Kyle Sharp Barry Ward
09/07/2012 Chow Line: To be safe, be sure cider is pasteurized (9/7/12) We’re having a birthday party for our 4-year-old next month. My husband wants to serve apple cider, but I remember a few years ago there was a safety concern about cider. Is it OK now?  Martha Filipic Linnette Goard
09/07/2012 Review Session to Discuss Ins and Outs of Direct Marketing Meat LONDON, Ohio — While many farmers have been selling meat directly to consumers in the form of freezer beef, pork and lamb for years, the expanding local food movement offers interested producers additional opportunities, said Mark Mechling, agriculture and natural resources educator at the Muskingum County office of Ohio State University Extension and a member of OSU Extension’s Direct Marketing Team. Kyle Sharp Mark Mechling
09/06/2012 Protecting Harvested Grains Even More Important This Year Thanks to Drought and Lower Yield Forecasts VAN WERT, Ohio – With drought-impacted yields expected to be poor at best for many Ohio farms this year, growers need to take extra care to ensure that every bushel they’re able to harvest is protected against mold, pests and other problems that can ruin what grains they’ve managed to harvest, said an Ohio State University Extension educator. Tracy Turner Curtis E. Young
09/06/2012 Student-designed, built ag rescue trailer to be unveiled at Review LONDON, Ohio — Traditionally, organizing a grain storage rescue training and education program for firefighters and other emergency first responders was no easy task. Kyle Sharp Dee Jepsen