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09/10/2008 Explore Change of Ohio's Forests During Soils Conference BELLVILLE, Ohio -- Explore change of Ohio's forests through the impact of the emerald ash borer to agriculture to urban development at the 28th annual Central States Forest Soils Conference. Candace Pollock Kathy Smith
08/22/2012 Extended Drought Could Lead to Aspergillus Ear Rot in Corn – An Unusual Problem for Ohio Growers WOOSTER, Ohio -- The ongoing drought afflicting most of Ohio has created conditions that are ripe for the development of a fungal disease corn growers in the Buckeye state typically don’t have to worry about -- Aspergillus ear rot, according to an Ohio State University Extension plant pathologist. Tracy Turner Pierce Paul
04/06/2007 Extending Ohio's Raspberry Season With New Fall Cultivar PIKETON, Ohio -- Black raspberries, the first bramble crop of the summer season, are a favorite among Ohio consumers. Research efforts are under way to extend the season so that black raspberries can continue to be enjoyed in the fall. Candace Pollock Shawn Wright
11/07/2005 Extending the Life of Flowering Plants at the Molecular Level WOOSTER, Ohio — Flowering plants are most eye-catching when healthy and in full-bloom vigor. But something always happens to them in the pot at the nursery or in the vase on someone's kitchen table —leaves wilt; the blooms eventually die. And for many, this death tends to occur sooner rather than later. Candace Pollock Michelle Jones
10/22/2007 Extension Beef Team Resources Available to Producers COLUMBUS, Ohio -- With hay yields lower than expected and pasture damaged from drought, it could be next spring before producers have adequate forage supplies for their livestock. Candace Pollock Stan Smith
04/03/2009 Extension Fact Sheets Address Issues Facing Dairy Farms and How to Manage Them WOOSTER, Ohio -- "Reducing costs to improve short-term cash flow" is the theme of a series of Ohio State University Dairy Issue Briefs launched by OSU Extension's Dairy Working Group to aid livestock producers facing critical economic issues. Candace Pollock Dianne Shoemaker
02/14/2006 Extension Hosting Crop Profit Satellite Program COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Soybean rust fungicide management, insect control, weed resistance and economic recommendations for nitrogen will be the topics of discussion during an Ohio State University Extension Crop Profit satellite program, being held Feb. 21 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Candace Pollock Greg LaBarge
05/23/2007 Extension Offers Program on Wind Power, Biodiesel, Soybean Aphid FINDLAY, Ohio -- Ohio State University Extension is offering an in-service on wind power, biodiesel production and soybean aphid management on June 12. Candace Pollock Greg LaBarge
10/26/2004 Extension Program Highlights Latest in Ag Policy COLUMBUS, Ohio — The latest in agricultural information and food, farm and environmental policies and markets will be highlighted in the upcoming 2004 Ohio State University Extension Agricultural Outlook and Policy Program. Candace Pollock Dan Herms, Stan Ernst
03/06/2002 Extension Program to Broaden Knowledge of Geospatial Technology COLUMBUS, Ohio - From Lake Erie in northern Ohio to Appalachia in the south and farms, wetlands, forests and cities in between, Ohio boasts unique environments that offer the opportunity to use geospatial technology to effectively manage them. Candace Pollock Brian Slater, Nathan Watermeier
03/22/2006 Extension Publication Teaches Importance of Animal Health and Safety COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Success in raising animals, whether it's for the family farm, for exhibition, or for recreation, starts with keeping that horse, sheep, or waterfowl safe and healthy. A new Ohio State University Extension online booklet teaches young people the importance of protecting animals from disease and keeping their environment hygienic and sanitary. Candace Pollock Jeff Workman
08/18/2009 Extension Resources Available to Better Diagnose Corn Ear Abnormalities COLUMBUS, Ohio – Corn ear abnormalities, caused by a variety of conditions from weather stress to diseases to insects, can be major limiting factors of yield and grain quality. Knowing what disorders affect the ear can lead to better management and greatly improve crop production. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
09/01/2004 Eyeing Ag. Technology at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio -- Agricultural technologies are becoming more varied and more affordable, and growers at Farm Science Review will have the opportunity to view equipment and techniques that best suit their farming needs. Candace Pollock Matt Sullivan, Reza Ehsani
04/15/2009 Facing Compacted Soils? Practice Continuous No-Till for Better Yields COLUMBUS, Ohio -- When using heavy machinery on cropland under potential compaction situations, farmers may get better yields by practicing continuous no-till than with annual deep tillage. Candace Pollock Randall Reeder
06/24/2012 Faith-based Sustainability? Environmental Scientist, Evangelical Leader to Speak in Wooster and Columbus This Week WOOSTER, Ohio -- Cal DeWitt of the University of Wisconsin, an expert on sustainability and land stewardship and a leading Christian environmentalist, will speak five times in Wooster and Columbus later this week, Jan. 26-28. Kurt Knebusch
09/29/2011 Fall Herbicide Application Later Than Normal Following Late Harvest COLUMBUS, Ohio – Fall herbicide applications are still a good idea this year, despite a later-than-normal harvest, according to Ohio State University Extension weed specialist Mark Loux. Andy Vance Mark Loux
10/31/2006 Fall Ideal Time to Sample for Slugs WOOSTER, Ohio -- For no-till growers with a history of slug problems, now is the time to sample fields to assess spring populations. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
04/11/2002 Fall Pansies One of the First Plants to Usher in Spring COLUMBUS, Ohio - In several garden plots on the Ohio State University agricultural campus, a splash of vibrant colors - blue, violet, white, yellow, red - stand out among the gray of bare trees and shrubs. Candace Pollock Claudio Pasian, Monica Kmetz-Gonzalez
10/22/2002 Fall Sampling Helps Assess Spring Slug Populations WOOSTER, Ohio - For no-till growers with a history of slug problems, fall is the time to sample fields to help determine spring populations. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
10/30/2006 Fall Soil Compaction Could Spell Spring Planting Problems COLUMBUS, Ohio -- As Ohio farmers harvest their corn and soybeans during what is turning out to be the wettest fall in at least three years, they are being encouraged to keep in mind the one thing that could negatively impact next year's crops: soil compaction. Candace Pollock Randall Reeder
02/23/2012 Family Fundamentals: A strong, happy relationship good for your health (Feb. 2012) I’m in my 50s and am happily married. I keep hearing younger people in my social circle question whether marriage is really important. Am I just old-fashioned? Or does marriage still have inherent value? Martha Filipic Kara Newby
10/13/2005 Family Fundamentals: Bankruptcy Still an Option Even Under New Rules (for October 2005) I was laid off last week and have no prospects yet. I’ve heard the bankruptcy laws have changed. If I can’t get ahead soon, will I still be able to file? Martha Filipic Sharon Seiling
12/11/2006 Family Fundamentals: Be careful not to overindulge children this holiday (for December 2006) My husband and I want to give our children the things we didn't have when we grew up, especially during the holidays. How can we tell if we're going overboard? Martha Filipic Melinda Hill
06/16/2009 Family Fundamentals: Be sure child is ready to stay home alone (for June 2009) How can you tell when your child is old enough to stay home alone, if only for a few hours? Martha Filipic Kara Newby, Carol Chandler
01/18/2008 Family Fundamentals: Blame the brain for typical teenage behavior (for January 2008) My children were always good kids, but now that they're teenagers, they're impossible. What makes teens behave the way they do? Martha Filipic Melinda Hill
05/02/2012 Family Fundamentals: Buying home? Get answers with new guidebook (May 2012) We are starting to look at buying our first house. In talking with our bank, I’m surprised at the fees they charge for closing. Is it best to stay with your own bank for a mortgage, or should we look elsewhere? Martha Filipic Nancy Stehulak
06/13/2007 Family Fundamentals: Children's traits don't change, but parenting can adjust (for June 2007) My two children are complete opposites. One is easy-going and pleasant, and the other actually drives me crazy. Why does this happen? Is there anything I can do? Martha Filipic Terri Worthington
11/19/2007 Family Fundamentals: Concerned about toy safety? Consider alternatives (for November 2007) I'm starting to shop for children's toys for my nieces and nephews. What should I look for to make sure the items are safe? Martha Filipic Sharon Mader
10/18/2012 Family Fundamentals: Confusion, memory problems common in elderly (Oct. 2012) My dad is approaching 70 and seems to be getting more confused and forgetful. We don’t think it’s anything serious right now, but should we be worried about dementia?  Martha Filipic James Bates
04/18/2011 Family Fundamentals: Daughters may not always open up to parents (for April 2011) My pre-teen daughter and I have a good relationship, but she refuses to talk with me when she's having problems with friends or boys. What can I do to encourage her Martha Filipic Kara Newby