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02/09/2011 Natural Gas Drilling Could be Boon for Landowners, But Be Cautious COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Eastern Ohio landowners interested in leasing their land for natural-gas drilling into the rich resources of the Marcellus Shale need to be aware that such leases can carry some financial risk if they're not cautious. And, potential risks to the environment could be serious. Martha Filipic Clif Little
07/28/2009 New Book Shows How Birds Help Gardens Naturally WOOSTER, Ohio — OARDC has released "Red Bird, Green Bird," a book that shows gardeners how birds help their plants, and do it naturally and organically. Kurt Knebusch CommTech
05/13/2009 How Birds Help Our Gardens: Ohio Classic Available for Preorder WOOSTER, Ohio € Red Bird, Green Bird: How Birds Help Us Grow Healthy Gardens € a retitled, completely reset edition of the 1912 classic Some Ohio Birds by Harry A. Gossard and Scott G. Harry € is available for preorder from OARDC. Kurt Knebusch CommTech
02/12/2003 Project Comes To The Rescue of Ohio's Agricultural Literature WOOSTER, Ohio — Unique and invaluable publications that convey the history of Ohio’s agriculture and rural life in their brittle pages will be saved from obliteration thanks to a preservation project led by the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC). Mauricio Espinoza Connie Britton
06/13/2006 4-H Holds Ohio's First Multiple-Handicapped Camp JACKSON, Ohio -- For hundreds of children across Ohio, 4-H camps are an escape from thoughts of school and household chores -- a time to enjoy the outdoors and make new friends while learning life skills in a fun-filled environment. Being a typical kid is what it's all about and it was no different for a group of special needs youths who recently participated in the first Ohio multiple-handicapped 4-H camp at Canter's Cave in Jackson County. Candace Pollock Connie Goble
12/16/2008 Family Fundamentals: Trouble paying bills? Web site offers guidance (for December 2008) I could be laid off in a few months, cutting our household income by half. What should we do if we can't pay the bills? Martha Filipic Cora French Robinson
03/16/2010 Family Fundamentals: Know how new credit card rules might affect you (for March 2010) I know there are new rules for credit cards, but I'm not sure of the details. Is there anything in particular I should pay attention to? Martha Filipic Cora French-Robinson
11/17/2009 Family Fundamentals: Plan now to help control holiday costs (for 11/09) We have promised ourselves that this year, we won't spend so much money during the holidays. But we may have a hard time keeping that pledge. Any ideas? Martha Filipic Cora French-Robinson
07/09/2009 OSU Extension Master Gardeners Sponsoring Free Presentation on Ash Seed Collection and Preservation COLUMBUS, Ohio – With fears that Emerald ash borer will decimate the nation's ash tree population, efforts are underway to save the species through seed collection and preservation. Ohio State University Extension Franklin County Master Gardeners will sponsor a free presentation on how this process works and how the public can participate. Candace Pollock Cory Skurdal
07/03/2007 Late-Planted Oats an Option When Short on Feed LANCASTER, Ohio -- Oats, traditionally grown in the spring as a grain crop, can also be planted in the summer as a late season forage, providing a feed alternative for livestock producers short on hay or pasture. Candace Pollock Curt Stivison, Stan Smith
09/06/2012 Protecting Harvested Grains Even More Important This Year Thanks to Drought and Lower Yield Forecasts VAN WERT, Ohio – With drought-impacted yields expected to be poor at best for many Ohio farms this year, growers need to take extra care to ensure that every bushel they’re able to harvest is protected against mold, pests and other problems that can ruin what grains they’ve managed to harvest, said an Ohio State University Extension educator. Tracy Turner Curtis E. Young
04/13/2012 BYGL: A Gardener's Best Friend It's April, and that means the Buckeye Yard and Garden Line is back. Martha Filipic Curtis Young
06/28/2007 Exotic Elm Tree Pest Found for First Time in Ohio COLUMBUS, Ohio -- An exotic insect that can cause cosmetic damage to elm trees has been reported for the first time in Ohio. Candace Pollock Curtis Young
05/25/2006 OSU Extension Supporting 'Women and Money' Programs COLUMBUS, Ohio -- While more than half of men in the workforce have jobs that offer retirement plans, only one in three working women do. And, because about half of all working women take extended periods off work to care for their families, their potential retirement income is greatly diminished. Martha Filipic Cyndi Renn
06/16/2004 Waterman a Model for Water Conservation COLUMBUS, Ohio — Agricultural run-off into surface waters is one of the leading causes of water pollution, especially in area watersheds. But there are ways to achieve zero nutrient run off and an upcoming field day is designed to show farmers just how to accomplish this. Candace Pollock Dale Arnold, Larry Brown
06/20/2001 Water Gardening, Rediscovering an Ancient Hobby WOOSTER, Ohio - Ancient Egyptians living along the Nile were lulled by the beauty and tranquility of water gardens, areas of water specifically designed to hold plants. Times may have changed, but the importance of water in the garden remains. From fountains to reflecting pools, water is used as a focus of relaxation and as a natural element to support plants and attract wildlife. Candace Pollock Dale Bradshaw
12/20/2006 Swine Niche Pork Producer Conference Offered BRYAN-MONTPELIER, Ohio -- Pork producers interested in non-traditional pork markets have the opportunity to attend the Swine Niche Pork Producer Conference Jan. 23 at the Ramada Conference Center in Bryan-Montpelier, Ohio. Candace Pollock Dale Ricker
01/09/2003 Winter Pork Producer Programs Set OTTAWA, Ohio — From swine health issues to reproductive management to nutritional assessments, pork producers and agricultural professionals can get the latest in research and industry-related information at the 2003 Ohio State University Extension Pork Producer Programs. Candace Pollock Dale Ricker
11/29/2004 Ohio Signature Beef BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — Individuals who food shop in areas such as Cleveland, Toledo, Akron/Canton or Dayton may have seen packaged beef with the "Ohio Signature" label. Candace Pollock Dan Frobose
07/01/2002 Researchers Seeking New Ways to Control Nursery Tree Pest WOOSTER, Ohio - From soil-applied systemic insecticides to tree guards, Ohio State University entomologists are looking for ways to control one of the most economically damaging insect pests in Ohio's nursery industry. Candace Pollock Dan Herms
05/01/2001 Gypsy Moth Larvae Now Emerging WOOSTER, Ohio - Gypsy moth larvae are beginning to emerge from egg masses throughout the state, and egg hatch will continue for the next couple of weeks, says an Ohio State University entomologist. Candace Pollock Dan Herms
01/15/2002 Benefits of Organic Mulching Extend Below the Soil Surface WOOSTER, Ohio - The impact of organic mulches on soil nutrient content and plant health may extend deeper than just the topsoil. Candace Pollock Dan Herms
03/24/2003 A Formula For Higher Pest Resistance in Ornamental Trees WOOSTER, Ohio — Stronger cultivars. Less fertilizers. Less pesticides. These are the three ingredients in a formula developed by Ohio State University researcher Dan Herms to promote higher pest resistance in popular ornamental trees and shrubs. Mauricio Espinoza Dan Herms
03/26/2002 Organic Mulches May Restore Fertility of Degraded Soils WOOSTER, Ohio - Organic mulches may offer hope in restoring fertility of degraded soils in urban areas. Candace Pollock Dan Herms
05/22/2001 Gypsy Moth Caterpillar Resembles Other Caterpillar Pests WOOSTER, Ohio - As the gypsy moth caterpillar feeds and matures over the next several weeks, the invasive insect shares Mother Nature's bounty with other caterpillar pests that look similar and feed on the same host trees, potentially confusing homeowners as to what exactly may be attacking their shade trees. Candace Pollock Dan Herms
03/05/2003 OARDC, OSU Extension Join Effort to Fight Ash Pest Found in Ohio WOOSTER, Ohio — Scientists with the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC) and Ohio State University Extension are joining a statewide effort to control the spread of a dangerous exotic pest of ash whose presence was confirmed in Ohio Feb. 28. Mauricio Espinoza Dan Herms
04/24/2002 It's Gypsy Moth Time Again WOOSTER, Ohio - Gypsy moths have begun emerging throughout Ohio and forestry officials speculate the invasive insects will continue to spread throughout the southeastern half of the state. Candace Pollock Dan Herms
10/07/2011 National Emerald Ash Borer Research Conference to be Held in Wooster Oct. 12-13 WOOSTER, Ohio -- U.S. and Canadian scientists will gather in Wooster on Oct. 12 and 13 to share the latest research on emerald ash borer (EAB), a destructive insect responsible for killing millions of ash trees in urban settings and forests from Minnesota to Quebec, from Michigan to Tennessee. Mauricio Espinoza Dan Herms
07/17/2006 Global Warming in Your Garden? Common Plants, Bugs Reveal Important Climate Changes WOOSTER, Ohio — Evidence supporting climate change often comes in striking forms, anything from gigantic ozone-layer holes to remote melting glaciers. But signs the planet is getting warmer can be found in familiar places a lot closer to home: say, your flower bed or your tree lawn. Mauricio Espinoza Dan Herms
07/18/2002 Exotic Tree Pest Generating Concern in Forestry/Nursery Industries WOOSTER, Ohio - A new tree pest, discovered last month in Michigan, could pose a threat to Ohio's nursery industry and native forests if it ever crossed the state border. Candace Pollock Dan Herms