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08/18/2006 Chow Line: Chickpeas chock full of nutrition (for 8/27/06) What is the difference between garbanzo beans and chickpeas? Martha Filipic Jaime Foster
08/21/2006 FSR Hot Topics: Cost Containment, Bioproducts, Nanotechnology LONDON, Ohio -- The Department of Energy predicts that almost half of the country's chemical and industrial material demand will be supplied from renewable feedstocks by 2050. Visitors to Ohio State University's Farm Science Review have the opportunity to take a peek into an effort that is putting Ohio on track to becoming a leader in the manufacturing of such bioproducts. Candace Pollock Barry Ward, Denny Hall
08/22/2006 New Ohio State Swank Chair to Tackle Rural-Urban Issues COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Gaining a better understanding of the factors that shape rural-urban interdependencies is just one of the goals of Ohio State University's newly appointed C. William Swank Chair in Rural-Urban Policy. The Swank Program conducts research and education on issues that occur where "city meets country." Candace Pollock Mark Partridge
08/24/2006 Wheat Crop Exceeds 2005 Production WOOSTER, Ohio -- Despite a rocky season of localized drought problems, nutrient deficiencies and disease development, Ohio's wheat crop yielded a pleasing average of 68 bushels per acre, just three bushels shy of last year's production. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul
08/25/2006 Ohio's Corn Heading for Record-Breaking Yields COLUMBUS, Ohio -- If the state of Ohio's corn crop stays on track with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's predictions, then farmers could be looking at a record yield. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
09/01/2006 Learn to Minimize Spray Drift at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio -- Spray drift may be the No. 1 concern of pesticide applicators, but there are ways to minimize the problem. And visitors to Ohio State University's Farm Science Review can check out the latest in techniques and equipment that achieve that goal. Candace Pollock Erdal Ozkan
09/01/2006 Chow Line: When alarms sound, balance risk, benefits (for 9/10/06) I got an e-mail saying prewashed, bagged lettuce might have E. coli. Is it a hoax? Martha Filipic Jeffrey LeJeune
09/05/2006 Early Bird Economic Outlook for Early Risers at FSR LONDON, Ohio -- Early risers looking for the scoop on economic, business or policy issues will have the opportunity to check out new sessions at Ohio State University's Farm Science Review that kick off when the gates open. Candace Pollock Matt Roberts, Stan Ernst
09/05/2006 When Planting Wheat, Don't Put Eggs in One Basket WOOSTER, Ohio -- Growers making wheat planting preparations for next season should spread their choices over varieties that provide good yields, disease resistance, stalk quality and winter hardiness rather than relying only on achieving maximum yields through the use of extra inputs. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul
09/06/2006 Prepare Wheat Planting with Fall Herbicide Applications COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio growers preparing for no-tillage winter wheat planting should consider a burndown application of glyphosate to effectively control dandelion and winter annual grasses. Candace Pollock Jeff Stachler
09/06/2006 Planting Wheat on Wheat Increases Disease Pressure WOOSTER, Ohio -- Ohio growers should avoid planting a new wheat crop into the previous season's wheat residue, despite the possibility of later-than-normal planting due to lagging development of the soybean crop in some locations. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul
09/06/2006 Get a Handle on Best Fertilizer Methods at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio -- Corn growers may skimp on some fertilizer applications in favor of others as they ride the rollercoaster of fluctuating energy prices, potentially impacting their crop's performance. To maximize crop profits with few on-farm costs, Ohio State University and Purdue University soil specialists will help guide growers in making smart economic decisions during Farm Science Review. Candace Pollock Robert Mullen
09/06/2006 Media Advisory: Call Before You Cut Campaign at FSR LONDON, Ohio -- The Ohio Division of Forestry, along with Ohio State University Extension and Rural Action, will be holding a media event on the "Call Before You Cut" Campaign at Farm Science Review. Candace Pollock Andy Ware
09/07/2006 Survey Shows Higher Levels of Concern on Food, Agricultural, Environmental Issues COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohioans' level of concern regarding food and agricultural issues has climbed in the past two years, according to a biannual survey conducted by Ohio State University researchers. Martha Filipic Jeff Sharp
09/15/2006 Family Fundamentals: Don't bust the budget: Occasional expenses can add up (for September 2006) My wife and I have a budget. On paper, we should be saving $200-400 a month, but usually unexpected bills prevent us from saving anything. Any advice? Martha Filipic Jean Clements
09/26/2006 Another Farm Science Review, Another Success LONDON, Ohio -- With near-perfect weather, close to 600 exhibitors and a successful collaboration between Ohio State and Purdue universities, Farm Science Review saw attendance increase 8.5 percent over last year to nearly 130,000 visitors. Candace Pollock Chuck Gamble
09/28/2006 Floriculture Visiting Chair Promotes University Presence in Industry WOOSTER, Ohio -- With floriculture production in Ohio a growing $180 million industry and ranked 6th in the nation, it takes the commitment and expertise of the Ohio State University Floriculture Program to keep the university at the top of floriculture Extension, education, and research. The D.C. Kiplinger Chair in Floriculture helps make this happen. Candace Pollock Michelle Jones
09/29/2006 Ohio State Extension to Hold SARE Workshop COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The Ohio State University Extension Sustainable Ag Team will be offering a Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Grant workshop for farmers, producers, ranchers and other professionals in the agriculture industry interested in learning more about the SARE program. Candace Pollock Mike Hogan
10/03/2006 Perplexing Worm Behavior May Play Role in Weed Survival COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Common nightcrawlers, earthworms used for fish bait or seen squirming along sidewalks after a heavy rain, have been found to play a role in weed survival by seeking out and "collecting" seed, according to Ohio State University research. Candace Pollock Emilie Regnier
10/03/2006 Ohio State Hort and Crop Welcomes New Chair COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A plant breeder and geneticist of Louisiana’s ‘Beauregard’ sweet potato and Georgia’s Vidalia sweet onion will soon take the helm as the new chair of Ohio State University’s Department of Horticulture and Crop Science within the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. Victor VanBuchem Bill Randle
10/10/2006 Expect High Soybean Aphid Populations Next Year WOOSTER, Ohio -- The soybean aphid may be back in full force throughout Ohio soybean fields in 2007. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
10/10/2006 Family Fundamentals: Talk about stepfamily challenges early and often (for October 2006) I'm about to become a stepmother of a 13-year-old girl who sometimes seems to like me and sometimes seems to hate me. Any advice to make this relationship work? Martha Filipic Nancy Recker
10/12/2006 Workshop Tackles Aspects of Rearing Heifers WOOSTER, Ohio -- Cattle producers and others in the industry seeking to increase their knowledge and skills of rearing dairy heifers are invited to attend an Ohio State University Dairy Heifer Care and Management Workshop. Candace Pollock Dianne Shoemaker
10/13/2006 Ohio Farmers Making the Switch to Transgenic Corn WOOSTER, Ohio -- The use of transgenic corn hybrids could increase significantly in Ohio next year, due to rising corn rootworm problems and lower product costs compared to traditional hybrid packages. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond, Peter Thomison
10/19/2006 Researchers Working to Improve Crop Production in India COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State University is joining three other U.S. academic institutions in efforts to boost crop production in India by improving existing water resources. Candace Pollock Rattan Lal
10/23/2006 Plant Pathologist Honored Nationally for Soybean Rust Work WOOSTER, Ohio -- An Ohio State University plant pathologist, who is leading Ohio's research and Extension efforts on Asian soybean rust, has been recognized nationally for her contributions. Candace Pollock Larry Madden
10/23/2006 Using Carbon Trading to Boost Economics of Developing Countries COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State University is teaming up with the United Nations and the Chicago Climate Exchange in a unique project that could boost economic opportunities for farmers in developing countries while, at the same time, improve the environment. Candace Pollock Rattan Lal
10/25/2006 Purdue, Notre Dame Students Earn OARDC Family Scholarships WOOSTER, Ohio — Julia Finer and Mary Mitsch have received the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center’s (OARDC) 2006 Family Scholarship Awards. Kurt Knebusch OARDC Human Resources
10/25/2006 Unharvested Corn May Be Exposed to Ear Molds WOOSTER, Ohio -- Ohio's corn crop, subjected to moist, cool conditions as it awaits harvest, is at risk from the development of ear mold -- a disease that can reduce grain quality and cause the accumulation of toxins that are harmful to livestock. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul
10/25/2006 Wheat Planting Delays Raise Winter Worries WOOSTER, Ohio -- Wet conditions and a slow soybean harvest continue to delay wheat planting throughout Ohio, raising concerns that the coming winter could have an impact on a crop struggling to get established. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul