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08/17/2012 Chow Line: Understanding HDLs can be complex (8/17/12) I have always been proud of my high HDL level, but I heard recently that it might not be very important in terms of heart disease after all. What happened? Martha Filipic Hugo Melgar-Quinonez
02/11/2011 Chow Line: Cut back on these foods for your health (for 2/20/11) I know the dietary guidelines tell us what we should eat. Do they also tell us what we shouldn't eat?  Martha Filipic Julie Kennel
04/16/2010 Family Fundamentals: Parents: Strengthen family by changing your focus (for April 2010) Our son has never been a great student, but the stakes are higher now that he's in high school, and we can't get him to understand that. Nothing we've tried has worked -- he just doesn't care about getting good grades. What can we do? Martha Filipic Stephen Gavazzi
06/13/2007 Family Fundamentals: Children's traits don't change, but parenting can adjust (for June 2007) My two children are complete opposites. One is easy-going and pleasant, and the other actually drives me crazy. Why does this happen? Is there anything I can do? Martha Filipic Terri Worthington
10/29/2010 Chow Line: Potatoes: You say waxy, I say mealy (11/7/20) What kinds of potatoes are best for boiling, mashing, frying and baking? Martha Filipic Allison Weis
03/27/2012 Farmers Consider Modifying Planting Decisions COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Although decisions on what to plant essentially took place last summer or fall when farmers ordered seed and other inputs, now is the time many consider tweaking those plans, says an Ohio State University Extension agricultural economist. Martha Filipic Barry Ward
04/28/2011 Saturated Soils Could Pose Risk to Well Water COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Heavy rains mean more than an increased risk of flooding. They also can pose a threat to drinking water, said Ohio State University Extension's water quality specialist. Martha Filipic Karen Mancl
07/21/2008 Chow Line: Eggs make frozen custard smoother (for 7/27/08) What's the difference between frozen custard and soft-serve ice cream? Martha Filipic Jim Harper
12/22/2014 Chow Line: Metabolic syndrome explained (4/20/12) I’ve often heard of “metabolic syndrome,” but what is it, exactly? Martha Filipic Hugo Melgar-Quinonez
08/31/2007 Chow Line: Keep viruses at bay by washing hands (for 9/9/07) What are "noroviruses," and how can they be prevented? Martha Filipic Lydia Medeiros
01/25/2011 'Corn University' to Examine Possibility of 300 Bushel Corn ADA, Ohio -- In 1992, Ohio's corn crop achieved a record yield of 143 bushels per acre. Since then, genetic improvements have led to even higher yields, with the state's 2010 crop averaging a very respectable 163 bushels per acre. Now, the buzz across the nation's Corn Belt is that a remarkable 300 bushels per acre is possible by the year 2030.  Martha Filipic Peter Thomison
01/05/2007 Chow Line: How to store oil is a controversial topic (for 1/14/07) I read on an Internet site that vegetable oil should be refrigerated after opening, but I've never done this and I've never had a problem. Should I start? Martha Filipic Jaime Foster
08/30/2011 Ohio State Scientist: EPA's Alert on Imprelis is Warranted COLUMBUS, Ohio – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is taking appropriate action in alerting homeowners and landscape professionals not to use grass clippings that have been treated with Imprelis, as well as trees that may have been injured from Imprelis, for compost or mulch, says an Ohio State University turfgrass science professor. Martha Filipic Dave Gardner
04/18/2008 Chow Line: Hormones can play havoc with appetite (for 4/27/08) I've heard that a hormone called leptin can affect your weight. How does it work? Martha Filipic Ouliana Ziouzenkova
06/15/2012 Chow Line: Tips can help senior who loses appetite (6/15/12) My mother is in her 80s and seems to have lost her appetite. She is losing quite a bit of weight, and her doctor is concerned. How can we encourage her to eat more? Martha Filipic Julie Kennel
02/23/2012 Ohio State Researcher: Global Hunger May Be Double Previous Estimates COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A household food and nutrition survey developed in part by an Ohio State University researcher is uncovering a clearer picture of hunger and malnutrition throughout the world. Martha Filipic Hugo Melgar-Quinonez
11/05/2010 Chow Line: Trim expenses for Thanksgiving feast (for 11/14/10) Money is tight in our household these days. Do you have ideas to share to help us reduce costs for Thanksgiving dinner? Martha Filipic Julie Kennel
05/29/2009 Chow Line: Calories on menus having an effect (for 6/7/09) I've heard more localities are requiring restaurants to post calorie information. Is it having an effect? Martha Filipic Julie Shertzer
11/20/2009 Chow Line: Alternate-day fast not a proven diet (for 11/29/09) A friend is trying to lose weight by eating very little every other day. I don't think it's healthy, but she says it works. Is this kind of diet recommended? Martha Filipic Gail Kaye
08/07/2009 Chow Line: Know your numbers: calorie counts differ (for 8/16/09) Where can I find out how many calories a day I should be eating? I recently started paying attention to calorie intake, and have been using the 2,000-calorie-a-day standard on Nutrition Facts labels. But 2,000 calories a day can't be right for everyone. Martha Filipic Julie Shertzer
11/22/2005 Chow Line: Use time off to fight 'Freshman 15' (for 12/4/05) I just started college this fall. I'm embarrassed to go home during the holidays because I know I've gained a lot of weight (I don't have a scale but my clothes are a lot tighter). Any advice? Martha Filipic Sharron Coplin
08/01/2008 Chow Line: Choose carefully at Chinese restaurants (for 8/10/08) I used to love going out for Chinese food, but I stopped eating it years ago when I heard how unhealthy it was. Are there healthy options? Martha Filipic Julie Shertzer
04/19/2012 Family Fundamentals: It may be hard to tell if child is being bullied (April 2012) How can you tell if your child is being bullied at school? Martha Filipic Kara Newby
11/07/2008 Chow Line: Yes, you can roast a frozen turkey (for 11/16/08) Can you cook a frozen turkey? Last year, a family friend did and said it turned out fine. Martha Filipic Lydia Medeiros
09/07/2007 Chow Line: DASH diet no fad, just healthful eating (for 9/16/07) A friend of mine is losing weight on something called the DASH diet. Is it a fad? Martha Filipic Jaime Foster
04/15/2011 Chow Line: Enjoy dried fruit, but watch portions (for 4/24/11) My husband likes to snack on dried fruit, but he also needs to watch his blood sugar. Should he cut back or even eliminate dried fruit from his diet? Martha Filipic Julie Kennel
09/13/2011 Campus Prepares for 'ArboBlitz' Oct. 5-8 COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Come October, Mary Maloney hopes to see hundreds of tree-huggers crowding Ohio State University's campus. "And I'm hoping for a lot of non-tree-huggers too," she said. Martha Filipic Mary Maloney
04/30/2010 Chow Line: Not everyone can tolerate gluten (for 5/9/10) In the past few months, two of our friends have told us that they need to avoid eating wheat products, even though they said tests for celiac disease came back negative. Are there other reasons people would need to avoid wheat? Martha Filipic Julie Shertzer
12/07/2012 Chow Line: Focus on safety with mailed food gifts (12/7/12) Last year we received a gift in the mail and didn’t open it until Christmas Eve. The box contained cheese spreads that said “Keep refrigerated” on the label. They had been at room temperature for more than a week, so we threw them out. But since then, I’ve seen some types of cheese spreads sold at the grocery store on the shelf. Were we being overly cautious? Martha Filipic Linnette Goard
08/04/2011 Ohio State Scientists to Share in $25 Million Grant to Study Virus-Related Foodborne Illness COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Four Ohio State University scientists are part of a multi-state $25 million effort to reduce the number of foodborne illnesses caused by viruses. Martha Filipic Richard Linton, Jianrong Li, Linda Saif, Qiuhong Wang