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10/23/2006 Using Carbon Trading to Boost Economics of Developing Countries COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State University is teaming up with the United Nations and the Chicago Climate Exchange in a unique project that could boost economic opportunities for farmers in developing countries while, at the same time, improve the environment. Candace Pollock Rattan Lal
09/15/2009 Ag Icon Gone, But His Work Must Carry On, Says OSU Soil Scientist COLUMBUS, Ohio – The global agricultural community lost an icon on Sept. 12. Candace Pollock Rattan Lal
09/21/2009 Geographical Society Recognizes Soil Scientist for Work on Climate Change, Food Security COLUMBUS, Ohio – An Ohio State University soil scientist has been recognized by a geographical organization for his role in land restoration as it relates to climate change and food security. Candace Pollock Rattan Lal
03/25/2010 Symposium to Focus on Reponsible Urban Land-Use Management COLUMBUS, Ohio – As global populations increase, urban centers are becoming the areas of choice for residents. But with increasing urbanization comes more environmental responsibility for the land. Candace Pollock Rattan Lal
04/01/2010 National Speakers Headline Carbon Sequestration Symposium April 14 COLUMBUS, Ohio – Industry stakeholders and scholars from across the nation will discuss current and emerging issues of urbanization and how to better manage environmental, ecological, social, economic and land-use inputs during a carbon sequestration symposium on April 14. Candace Pollock Rattan Lal
04/23/2008 Solution to Global Food Crisis is Managing Natural Resources COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The world may be on the verge of a second Green Revolution, says an Ohio State University soil scientist. But while the original pulled people from the brink of starvation using genetics, he believes the success of the current movement will be rooted in careful management of Earth's natural resources. Candace Pollock Rattan Lal
03/11/2009 No-Till Works, But Not Always Applicable for Storing Carbon COLUMBUS, Ohio -- No-till is recognized globally as an ideal means of conserving soil and water while also storing soil carbon, but the agricultural practice may not be applicable under all environmental conditions. Candace Pollock Rattan Lal
10/26/2010 OSU Soil Scientist Gets Glimpse of Soviet Ag System; Receives Honorary Degree COLUMBUS, Ohio – It's not everyday one gets the chance to view agricultural life of a former Soviet nation. Candace Pollock Rattan Lal
07/14/2006 Ohio State Soil Scientist Receives Prestigious Award COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A world-renowned Ohio State University soil scientist has received a prestigious World Congress of Soil Science award, an honor bestowed upon recipients once every four years in conjunction with the World Congress of Soil Science conference. Candace Pollock Rattan Lal
08/13/2009 Ohio State Soil Scientist Receives Prestigious International Award NEW DELHI, India – Ohio State University professor Rattan Lal received the prestigious international M.S. Swaminathan Award from the Trust for the Advancement of Agricultural Sciences on Aug. 11 in New Delhi, India. Suzanne Steel Rattan Lal
05/31/2007 Researchers Evaluating Switchgrass Production in Ohio COLUMBUS, Ohio -- With double the biomass output compared to corn and low management inputs, switchgrass is shaping up to be a viable alternative crop for biofuels production. But is it an option for Ohio farmers? Candace Pollock Rattan Lal
01/08/2009 Researchers Measure Long-Term Impact of Compaction COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Farmers know that agricultural equipment can cause compaction in no-till crop fields, but Ohio State University researchers have found that, depending on soil type, compaction can be severe and persist for years. Candace Pollock Rattan Lal
01/05/2006 Rewarding Conservation Farmers Through Carbon Trading COLUMBUS, Ohio — It's been said that money makes the world go 'round, and now it can also make it more environmentally friendly. Candace Pollock Rattan Lal
04/03/2007 Iceland President Focuses on Green Energy During Ohio State Visit COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The country of Iceland is looking to transform itself into a living laboratory in the battle against climate change, and is partnering with Ohio State University to launch programs in soil conservation, carbon sequestration and other green energy initiatives. Candace Pollock Rattan Lal
11/18/2009 OSU Soil Scientist Lends His Expertise for Al Gore's New Book COLUMBUS, Ohio – An internationally renown Ohio State University soil scientist has offered his expertise in carbon sequestration and soil management for a new book authored by Nobel Peace Prize winner and former Vice President Al Gore. Candace Pollock Rattan Lal
01/29/2009 Soil Scientist Develops 10 Principles to Sustainable Soil Management COLUMBUS, Ohio -- From food security to climate change to energy demands, the world faces a myriad of critical sustainability issues, all whose potential solution may lie right beneath our feet. Candace Pollock Rattan Lal
04/16/2009 Ohio State Soil Scientist Recognized for Food Security Efforts COLUMBUS, Ohio -- When it comes to furthering food security efforts in developing countries, Ohio State University soil scientist Rattan Lal is in good company. Candace Pollock Rattan Lal
12/01/2009 Iceland President Returning to Ohio to Raise Climate Change Awareness WOOSTER, Ohio – Iceland President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson is returning to Ohio to strengthen the bonds he created with Ohio State University faculty and staff when he visited campus in 2007. Candace Pollock Rattan Lal
09/06/2007 Lake County Extension Educator Honored with National Nursery Award WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The American Nursery & Landscape Association recently honored Randall H. Zondag with its Nursery Extension Award during its annual meeting in Washington, D.C. Jonathan Bardzik Randy Zondag
08/12/2004 Ohio State Plant Pathologist Recognized for Work on Fruit Crops WOOSTER, Ohio -- The next time you enjoy a sweet, juicy, disease-free apple or strawberry, take a few seconds to thank Ohio State University scientist Mike Ellis. Mauricio Espinoza Randy Rowe
01/19/2000 All-new North American Maple Syrup Producers Manual Now Available Dripping with practical techniques, clear explanations and science-based recommendations, it stands as a must-have resource and reference. Kurt Knebusch Randy Heiligmann
06/11/2008 No-Till Integral in Ethanol-Based Corn Production COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ethanol-based corn may be getting a bum rap, in light of the growing global food crisis, but the biofuel does have value, especially when produced using the right agricultural technique. Candace Pollock Randall Reeder
12/17/2009 Soybean School New Addition to 2010 Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference ADA, Ohio – An in-depth track on the ins and outs of soybean production – from weed and disease management to production techniques to maximizing yields and profits – will be the newest addition to the 2010 Ohio State University Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference. Candace Pollock Randall Reeder
11/25/2008 Learn How to Maximize Yields at Ohio No-Till Conference PLAIN CITY, Ohio -- Optimum yields and maximum profits of no-till corn start at planting. Attendees to Ohio's No-Till Conference Dec. 9 will learn what is required to improve seed placement and plant stands with the proper adjustments of farm equipment. Candace Pollock Randall Reeder
01/18/2007 Conference All About Conservation Tillage ADA, Ohio -- From organic farming to cover crops, to nitrogen management and continuous corn production, participants of the Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference will have two days worth of conservation tillage topics to indulge in for the best in research, technology and production management. Candace Pollock Randall Reeder
03/26/2002 Deep Tillage May Be of Value in Ohio COLUMBUS, Ohio - Deep tillage, also known as subsoiling, may be beneficial in alleviating soil compaction and improving crop yields. Candace Pollock Randall Reeder
11/17/2005 Research Determining Best Time to Subsoil COLUMBUS, Ohio — To capitalize on the benefits of deep tillage, also known as subsoiling, when the technique is performed may be just as important as how and where it's practiced. Candace Pollock Randall Reeder
10/14/2010 Managing Cover Crops in No-Till Focus of Ohio No-Till Conference PLAIN CITY, Ohio – Cutting no-till costs, improving soil quality, and growing profit margins with cover crops will be the featured themes at this year's Ohio No-Till Conference taking place on Dec. 7 in Plain City, Ohio. Candace Pollock Randall Reeder
03/19/2010 Use Equipment/Technology to Manage Risk COLUMBUS, Ohio – For farmers looking to manage weather-related economic risks, equipment and technology are their best friends. Candace Pollock Randall Reeder
03/05/2009 CTTC Record Crowd Looking to Conservation Practices for On-Farm Savings COLUMBUS, Ohio -- With rising crop input costs affecting the production bottom line, more farmers are recognizing the economic value and environmental benefits of conservation tillage practices. Candace Pollock Randall Reeder