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03/26/2009 Wood Pallet Makers and Users: Attend ISPM 15 Standards Workshops April and May in Ohio COLUMBUS, Ohio — To help pallet makers and importers and exporters that use wood materials for shipping better understand the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM 15), Ohio State University Extension will be hosting three educational workshops April 30 in Dayton, May 4 in Chillicothe, and May 5 in Sugarcreek. Mauricio Espinoza Amy Stone
05/19/2010 With Rains, Corn Growers Face Herbicide Challenges COLUMBUS, Ohio – Growers who got their corn in the ground, but missed their window to apply pre-emergent herbicides to control weeds need not panic. Candace Pollock Mark Loux
07/30/2009 With Good Weather and Wise Management, 2009 Can Happen Again for Wheat Growers COLUMBUS, Ohio – High-yielding varieties coupled with ideal growing conditions can turn an average crop into a record season. With this year's Ohio wheat crop on its way to falling into that category, growers are wondering if the magic can happen again next year. Candace Pollock Jim Beuerlein
04/13/2007 With a Little Help Freeze-Damaged Plants Can Bounce Back SPRINGFIELD, Ohio -- Garden plants and some trees throughout Ohio may have suffered freeze damage from the recent cold snap, but steps can be taken to help plants bounce back to their lush and vibrant green selves. Candace Pollock Pam Bennett
11/20/2006 Wise Management Eases Problems When Weather Holds Up Harvest COLUMBUS, Ohio -- There may be little corn growers can do now to speed up harvest or alleviate lodging problems, but they can take steps next growing season to potentially avoid problems associated with cool, wet fall weather. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
01/23/2002 Winter Wheat Acreage Down in Ohio WOOSTER, Ohio - Ohio's winter wheat acreage is down this year, an eight-percent drop compared to last year, according to the United States Department of Agriculture's Winter Wheat Seedings report. Candace Pollock Pat Lipps
01/15/2009 Winter Raises Cold Stress Risk WOOSTER, Ohio -- Despite cold temperatures, the activity of winter work may fuel a false sense of protection against cold weather hazards. Candace Pollock Tamela Brown
01/09/2003 Winter Pork Producer Programs Set OTTAWA, Ohio — From swine health issues to reproductive management to nutritional assessments, pork producers and agricultural professionals can get the latest in research and industry-related information at the 2003 Ohio State University Extension Pork Producer Programs. Candace Pollock Dale Ricker
03/05/2012 Winter Farming in Cleveland? Yes, With Help from Ohio State Ag Experts CLEVELAND, Ohio -- You don't have to move to warmer climates (South Beach, anyone?) to enjoy the benefits of locally grown lettuce, herbs and other fresh produce in Cleveland during the winter. Mauricio Espinoza Marie Barni, Gerry Gross
01/19/2005 Winning the War Against Soybean Rust Requires a Strategy COLUMBUS, Ohio — The best weapon growers have to fighting soybean rust is fungicides, but an effective job of controlling the disease is questionable without an application strategy. Candace Pollock Erdal Ozkan
10/23/2001 Wider Row-Spacing Favorable for Wheat, Beneficial for Farmers COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio and Indiana farmers who practice relay intercropping of soybeans and wheat can choose from an array of wheat varieties that perform well in wider-row spacing, saving on equipment and seed costs. Candace Pollock Jim Beuerlein, Tony Vyn
08/15/2001 Wide Variety of Lettuces Can Be Grown in Ohio WOOSTER, Ohio - There's more to lettuce than what's found in your local grocery store. Candace Pollock Matt Kleinhenz
10/03/2011 Why Trees Matter? Forum to Explore It WOOSTER, Ohio -- Ohio’s sixth annual Why Trees Matter Forum, a look at the social, economic and environmental benefits of trees in cities and suburbs, takes place Oct. 19 in Wooster. Kurt Knebusch Lisa Troyer
08/01/2011 Whiz Bang! Science Show Hits Stage Aug. 11: ‘It Should Be Fun and Messy’ WOOSTER, Ohio -- Secrest Arboretum’s third and last “Whiz Bang! Science Show” of the summer features, among other things, dancing pasta, dry-ice bubbles and a Mentos/Diet Coke chain reaction. Kurt Knebusch Dave Lohnes
01/18/2011 When You Must Apply Manure in Winter, Take Precautions ADA, Ohio -- Farmers are never encouraged to spread manure or fertilizer on frozen or snow-covered ground, but researchers know that sometimes it's inevitable. That's why Robert Mullen of the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center and Jon Rausch, Ohio State University Extension educator, will present "How to Apply Manure and Fertilizer to Frozen/Snow Covered Ground, If You Absolutely Have To" at the 2011 Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference. Martha Filipic Jon Rausch
09/05/2006 When Planting Wheat, Don't Put Eggs in One Basket WOOSTER, Ohio -- Growers making wheat planting preparations for next season should spread their choices over varieties that provide good yields, disease resistance, stalk quality and winter hardiness rather than relying only on achieving maximum yields through the use of extra inputs. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul
10/16/2007 Wheat/Soybean Futures Prices Soar to Stimulate More Acres COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Historically high futures prices are enticing crop producers to plant more wheat and soybeans next season in order to boost the current shortage of both commodities. Candace Pollock Matt Roberts
08/11/2005 Wheat Yields Excelled in 2005 Ohio Performance Test WOOSTER, Ohio — Ohio growers are in the midst of selecting wheat varieties for the next growing season, and results from the 2005 Ohio State University Extension Ohio Wheat Performance Test may prove helpful in the decision-making. Candace Pollock Pat Lipps
08/11/2004 Wheat Seed Quality Questionable WOOSTER, Ohio — Growers who save seed from their wheat harvest for the following season's planting should probably seek other seed sources for producing next year's crop. Candace Pollock Pat Lipps, Peter Thomison, Valente Alvarez
08/14/2007 Wheat Planting Intentions for 2008 Promising WOOSTER, Ohio -- Ohio wheat growers are anticipated to increase their acreage this fall. Candace Pollock Jim Beuerlein, Pierce Paul
10/25/2006 Wheat Planting Delays Raise Winter Worries WOOSTER, Ohio -- Wet conditions and a slow soybean harvest continue to delay wheat planting throughout Ohio, raising concerns that the coming winter could have an impact on a crop struggling to get established. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul
09/11/2002 Wheat May Be Making A Comeback WOOSTER, Ohio - Ohio wheat growers may be bucking the trend of several years of shrinking wheat production. Candace Pollock Pat Lipps
08/26/2003 Wheat Harvest Good, but Grain Quality Falls Short WOOSTER, Ohio — Ohio wheat growers have managed to pull off decent yields despite season-ending rains, but the wet weather, coupled with fungal diseases, impacted grain quality — an issue that could become problematic next year if not properly managed. Candace Pollock Pat Lipps
03/21/2011 Wheat Growers: Ohio State’s Wheat Production Workshop is March 31 in Custar CUSTAR, Ohio -- March 31 promises to be an information-packed day for farmers and other individuals in the agriculture industry, as Ohio State University offers its hands-on Wheat Production Workshop. Siera Marth Alan Sundermeier
05/11/2012 Wheat Growers Watching Weather in Ohio as Crops Are Ahead Two Weeks and Could Result in Strong Yields or Diseased Fields WOOSTER, Ohio -- Wheat is already heading in some fields in northern and central Ohio and is flowering in some fields in the southern third of the state, some two weeks earlier than expected, according to an Ohio State University Extension wheat researcher.   Tracy Turner Pierce Paul
04/23/2012 Wheat Growers Need to Prepare For Foliar Fungicide Application As Wheat Growth in Ohio Is Ahead Two Weeks WOOSTER, Ohio – While cool weather conditions over the last few weeks have worked to slow wheat down considerably, the development of the crop is still at least a week or two ahead of what is considered to be normal in Ohio at this time of year, according to an Ohio State University Extension wheat researcher. Pierce Paul
05/31/2012 Wheat Growers Advised to Scout for Stripe Rust; Still Time to Apply Fungicide WOOSTER, Ohio – While most wheat statewide is at the early grain fill stage of development, growers should still scout carefully for stripe rust, as some farmers have reported finding the disease in their fields, according to an Ohio State University Extension wheat researcher. Tracy Turner Pierce Paul
06/17/2011 Wheat Gone Bad? Here's How to Use It as Alternative Animal Feed COLUMBUS, Ohio -- As some farmers face the probability of low-quality wheat this growing season -- in some cases below quality standards for milling -- they may need to look for alternative markets for their crop. One option is to use it as animal feed, but several factors need to be considered before incorporating this wheat into livestock diets. Mauricio Espinoza Stephen Boyles
01/31/2007 Wheat Down, But Not Out WOOSTER, Ohio -- The worst 2006 harvest conditions seen in four decades have left a big question mark on the outcome of Ohio's wheat, but Ohio State University Extension agronomic crop specialists insist on not counting the crop out just yet. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul
05/13/2011 Wheat Disease Management Reaches Critical Stage; Spray Timing Key WOOSTER, Ohio -- Cool, wet weather in the past few weeks and warmer weather expected in the next few days may spell trouble for wheat growers in some parts of Ohio, as conditions become favorable for head scab and vomitoxin as well as a host of foliar diseases such as powdery mildew, Ohio State agronomic crops experts reported today. Mauricio Espinoza Pierce Paul