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09/17/2010 Storm Damage to OARDC Still Being Assessed; Already Looking 'To the Future, to Recovery' WOOSTER, Ohio -- Authorities gathered at Ohio State University's campus of the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center on Friday to assess the damage done by a suspected tornado that ripped through the campus Thursday evening. NULL Mauricio Espinoza
10/03/2008 Storm Cleanup Good Opportunity to Check for Emerald Ash Borer COLUMBUS, Ohio€ Ongoing cleanup of tree debris following the September windstorm that swept through Ohio can be a good opportunity for property owners and arborists to check ash trees for possible signs of emerald ash borer (EAB). Mauricio Espinoza Amy Stone
11/09/2005 Store Now, Sell Later for the Best Grain Profits COLUMBUS, Ohio — Stockpiling rather than selling appears to be the growing trend for grain producers looking to get the best deal from their corn crop. Candace Pollock Matt Roberts
06/07/2010 Still to Receive American Horticultural Society's Highest Honor June 10 COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Steven Still was "green" before green was cool. Nearly four decades ago, Still earned his doctorate at the University of Illinois by examining if waste hardwood bark, instead of being burned or dumped by distilleries that use the wood for whiskey barrels, could be used as a growing medium. Martha Filipic Steven Still
03/07/2011 Still Room in March 21 Produce Safety Workshop WOOSTER, Ohio – There’s still space in OSU’s Produce Safety Education Program offered twice on March 21 west of Findlay. The workshop looks at science-based ways to make fresh fruits and vegetables safer. Kurt Knebusch Ashley Kulhanek
04/04/2006 Stick to Recommended Practices When Planting Corn COLUMBUS, Ohio -- With corn planting fast approaching, Ohio State University Extension agronomists hope Ohio growers keep in mind the trials and tribulations experienced last season when establishing their crop. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
03/15/2010 Stewart's Wilt Risk Low for Ohio's Corn WOOSTER, Ohio -- The risk of Stewart's bacterial wilt and leaf blight is predicted to be low throughout much of Ohio's corn crop this year. The disease is caused by a bacterium carried and spread by adult flea beetles. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul
03/17/2005 Stewart's Wilt Predicted Low Risk WOOSTER, Ohio — Stewart's bacterial leaf blight, a common corn disease found in Ohio, is predicted to be of low risk for most of the state this growing season. Candace Pollock Pat Lipps
04/02/2002 Stewart's Bacterial Leaf Blight Predicted Severe This Year WOOSTER, Ohio - Stewart's bacterial leaf blight, a corn disease that can cause significant yield losses in susceptible hybrids, could be severe this growing season. Candace Pollock Bruce Eisley, Celeste Welty, Pat Lipps
02/23/2010 Stay Safe This Winter When Handling Stored Grain COLUMBUS, Ohio – Moldy corn grain is not only harmful to livestock, but it can be unhealthy for farmers as well. As a result, farmers should take extra safety precautions as they manage their stored corn this winter. Candace Pollock Dee Jepsen
09/09/2010 Stay Safe on an ATV or UTV. Get Tips at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio – Utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) are becoming more popular on the farm as the ideal workhorse vehicle, from hauling feed, to fixing fence lines, to spot spraying. But safety remains the name of the game for those operating and those going along for the ride. Candace Pollock Dee Jepsen
04/20/2011 Start Your List, Check It Twice: Arboretum Sale Plants Online WOOSTER, Ohio – Lists of the annuals and perennials to be sold at Secrest Arboretum’s May 7 Plant Discovery Day are now posted on the arboretum’s website. Kurt Knebusch Ken Cochran
12/08/2003 Spruce Up Your Home with Holly-day Sprigs WOOSTER, Ohio -- Each year, Connie Lybarger, 67, of Delaware, Ohio, prunes boughs from her backyard holly. And while she could keep the evergreen sprigs to herself, Lybarger opts to share with her friends. Melissa Brewer Gary Anderson
04/21/2011 Spring Walk This Tuesday (4/26) in Secrest Arboretum WOOSTER, Ohio -- Secrest Arboretum will hold a free public Spring Walk this Tuesday. “It’s an update on the changing of the seasons and what’s happening outside,” said Arboretum Program Director Ken Cochran, who will lead it. Kurt Knebusch Ken Cochran
03/30/2011 Spring into Farm Safety: Youth Camps Set for 2011 COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Spring has officially arrived, and as the weather warms up, a new season for farm safety also heats up.  Kathy Henwood
03/21/2011 Spring Bird Walk in Secrest Arboretum April 9 WOOSTER, Ohio -- See who comes back this spring when OSU's Secrest Arboretum holds a free Leisure Birding Walk April 9. Kurt Knebusch Ken Cochran
02/01/2011 Spring Beekeeping Workshop to be Held March 4-5 in Wooster WOOSTER, Ohio -- Ohio State University Extension and the Tri-County Beekeepers Association of Northeastern Ohio will hold their 33rd Annual Spring Beekeeping Workshop the evening of Friday, March 4, and all day Saturday, March 5, at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center’s (OARDC) Wooster campu Sherry Ferrell
01/18/2012 Spreading Manure on Frozen Ground Option for Producers, But Proper Application Crucial COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Saturated field conditions last fall and early this winter have made it difficult for livestock producers in Ohio and the Midwest to apply manure. As a result, most farmers are beginning to run out of manure storage room right now. Mauricio Espinoza
05/02/2005 Sports/Plants Go Hand in Hand at Arboretum COLUMBUS, Ohio — Athletics and horticulture share a long history at Ohio State University — well over 100 years — yet few may realize how closely the two are linked together. Candace Pollock Mary Maloney
01/24/2012 Sports Turf Managers Fighting Bugs by Going Green COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Not surprisingly, more turf managers are interested in going green. Martha Filipic Dave Shetlar
10/07/2002 Spicing Up Ohio's Veggie Market With Exotic Crops PIKETON, Ohio - Looking to grow and market something different than tomatoes, cucumbers or peppers? How does amaranth, jute, Alaskan yard-long beans or malabar spinach grab you? Candace Pollock Rafiq Islam
01/20/2012 Specialty Crops: New Book Links Ohio Growers with Institutional Food-service Buyers WOOSTER, Ohio -- A new book called Ohio’s Specialty Crops: A Boost to Food Service Menus is now available free online. Kurt Knebusch Megan Shoenfelt
09/04/2012 Specialist hopes to demystify algal blooms during Farm Science Review session LONDON, Ohio — Potentially harmful algal blooms, or HABs, have become more prevalent throughout Ohio in recent years. These blooms on public waters have drawn much attention in the media, but are still a mystery to many people, said Eugene Braig, Ohio State University Extension aquatic ecosystems program director. Kyle Sharp Robyn Wilson, Eugene Braig
11/08/2011 Speaker to Address Violence Prevention, Peace in Aftermath of Virginia Tech Tragedy COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Jerzy Nowak's world changed on April 16, 2007, when his wife, Jocelyne Couture-Nowak, was killed in a shooting rampage at Virginia Tech. Martha Filipic Doug Doohan
08/18/2012 Space Gardening? Ohio State Creates Food-production System for Future NASA Missions WOOSTER, Ohio -- Say you are on Mars and fancy a salad. Unless the Curiosity rover can make an unexpected find of fresh romaine somewhere on the dusty Red Planet, you are looking at a nine-month trip to the nearest produce aisle on Earth. A better option? Grow the salad yourself. Mauricio Espinoza Peter Ling, Gioia Massa
12/10/2001 Soybeans Shine Amid A Questionable Season COLUMBUS, Ohio - Despite variable growing conditions across the state, this season's soybean crop produced better-than-expected yields. Candace Pollock Jim Beuerlein
08/30/2004 Soybeans Overcoming Diseases, Other Issues COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio's soybean crop is holding its own despite getting slammed with diseases and the onset of cooler-than-normal August temperatures, which could delay the grain-filling process. Candace Pollock Anne Dorrance, Jim Beuerlein
06/06/2005 Soybeans Off to a Slow Start COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio's soybean crop, like corn, has gotten off to a slow start this growing season. Candace Pollock Jim Beuerlein
09/30/2004 Soybean Yields Surprisingly High Early into Harvest COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio soybeans may turn out to be the surprise performance of the growing season. Candace Pollock Jim Beuerlein
08/02/2002 Soybean Yields May Plummet in Absence of Rain COLUMBUS, Ohio - Amid high temperatures and little rain, Ohio soybean growers are struggling to make lemonade out of a lemon of a crop, but their efforts may be fruitless. Candace Pollock Jim Beuerlein