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06/13/2006 4-H Holds Ohio's First Multiple-Handicapped Camp JACKSON, Ohio -- For hundreds of children across Ohio, 4-H camps are an escape from thoughts of school and household chores -- a time to enjoy the outdoors and make new friends while learning life skills in a fun-filled environment. Being a typical kid is what it's all about and it was no different for a group of special needs youths who recently participated in the first Ohio multiple-handicapped 4-H camp at Canter's Cave in Jackson County. Candace Pollock Connie Goble
08/25/2004 4-H Founder Park, Statue Dedicated SPRINGFIELD, Ohio -- A.B. Graham would have been proud. Martha Filipic Mike Haubner
10/13/2011 4-H CARTEENS Programs Get Driving Simulators HAMILTON, Ohio -- Distracted driving can be deadly, particularly to teens. In fact, motor vehicle crashes are the No. 1 cause of death for U.S. teens, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and drivers ages 16 to 19 are four times more likely than older drivers to crash.  Martha Filipic James L. Jordan
02/18/2009 300-Bushel Corn? Learn More at the Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference ADA, Ohio -- What does it take to produce 300-bushel corn? Cooperative Extension corn specialists throughout the Midwest will offer insight into the production and genetics of creating high corn yields during the Ohio State University Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison, Randall Reeder
04/18/2012 2012 Ohio Field Crop Enterprise Budgets Can Help Farmers Streamline Farming Decisions COLUMBUS, Ohio – Plant crops or raise livestock? If planting, should you go with corn, soybeans, wheat or maybe hay? Tracy Turner Barry Ward, Dianne Shoemaker
08/03/2012 2012 Farm Science Review Media Credential Request This year's Ohio State University Farm Science Review celebrates its 50th year and includes lots of newsworthy events, exhibits and presentations.  Mark your calendars for Sept. 18-20, and be sure to join us at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center in London, Ohio. Tracy Turner Tracy Turner
10/22/2007 2008 Ohio Wheat Crop Anticipated to Top One Million Acres COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Wheat planting in Ohio is anticipated to hit a million acres or more this year, thanks to historically high futures market prices and continued production efforts to keep wheat in the crop rotation. Candace Pollock Jim Beuerlein
08/22/2002 2002 Wheat Performance Trials Released WOOSTER, Ohio - When selecting wheat varieties for next season, growers should stick to such characteristics as yield, test weight, lodging potential and disease resistance, and not worry about what the weather might have in store for their crop. Candace Pollock Pat Lipps
02/11/2011 2 Ways to Learn About Composting Dead Livestock COLUMBUS, Ohio – What do you do with a dead cow the size of a Smart Car? A dead pig as big as a washing machine? Find out March 7, 8. Kurt Knebusch Chris Bruynis, Howard Siegrist
02/10/2011 2 Small Farm Conferences Set for March COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Farmers who want new ways to grow, sell and stay in business can find them at two coming events: the “Opening Doors to Success” Small Farm Conference March 11-12 in Wilmington and the “Living Your Small Farm Dream” Northeast Ohio Small Farm Conference March 26 in Massillon. Kurt Knebusch Mike Hogan
08/11/2011 100-Bushel Soybeans Possible, Farmers Should Master Basics First URBANA, Ohio -- With continuing improvements in plant genetics, biotechnology and farm management, producing high-yielding soybeans is more attainable than ever, according to one Ohio State University Extension expert. Andy Vance Harold Watters
10/03/2012 100 Students at 4-H Center Oct. 10 for National Eco-Bot Challenge COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Using inch-long "Eco-Bots" made from the head of a toothbrush, a small vibrating motor and a watch battery, thousands of youths around the nation will devise ways to clean up a simulated toxic spill on Oct. 10 in the "Eco-Bot Challenge." Martha Filipic Bob Horton, Sally McClaskey
08/09/2011 100 Lbs. of Potatoes From 4 Sq. Ft.? Learn How in Columbus Aug. 14 COLUMBUS, Ohio -- On Sunday, Aug. 14, the Franklin County Master Gardener Vegetable Outreach, Education and Research Project will host its last gardening program of the season from noon-1 p.m. in Columbus. Siera Marth Annette Swanberg
05/03/2007 'Win-Win-Win': Ohio State's Junior Golf Program Scores an Eagle COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Twelve-year-old Khoi Tran never played golf before last summer, when he joined the Morty's Kids program operated by the Morton Foundation. Who knows? He might be the next Tiger Woods. Martha Filipic Mary Rose Molinaro
06/08/2010 'Whiz Bang Science Show' Is Thursday (6/10) in Secrest Arboretum WOOSTER, Ohio — Secrest Arboretum’s first “Whiz Bang Science Show” of the year blasts off on Thursday, 7 p.m. The popular program, presented by OARDC's “Dr. Dave” Lohnes, is free for kids of all ages and their families. Kurt Knebusch Dave Lohnes
05/25/2011 'Whiz Bang Science Show' Explores Tornadoes WOOSTER, Ohio -- Learn about tornadoes in a place that was recently hit by one. Secrest Arboretum’s June 9 “Whiz Bang Science Show” looks at twisters: how they start, how to detect them, the damage they do and more. Kurt Knebusch Dave Lohnes
04/01/2011 'The Well-Placed Human': Talk on Religion, Environment Is Tuesday (4/5) COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The Rev. Ken Wilson, senior pastor of the Vineyard Church of Ann Arbor (Mich.), will present “The Well-Placed and Well-Connected Human: Creation Care in God’s Garden" this Tuesday (4/5) in Columbus -- part two in a three-part series co-sponsored by OSU's School of Environment and Natural Resources. Kurt Knebusch Greg Hitzhusen
03/07/2008 'Sustainability, Resilience, Adaptation': Students in New Ohio State Course to Plan Future of NE Ohio Family Farm WOOSTER, Ohio — Students will help chart the future of the nearly 200-year-old Mellinger Farm near Wooster in a new course at Ohio State. Kurt Knebusch Casey Hoy
09/20/2012 'Research Powerhouses' Join Forces in New Multistate Venture FORT WAYNE, Ind. - Faculty from Michigan State University, Ohio State University and Purdue University gathered earlier this month in a new effort to strengthen both research and Extension outreach in food safety issues.  Martha Filipic John Baker, Jeff LeJeune, Karen Plaut
07/18/2003 'Proud Past, Proud Future': OARDC Dedicates Historical Marker WOOSTER, Ohio -- The Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC) celebrated its past and looked to the future as it dedicated an Ohio Historical Marker July 18 during the BioHio open house in Wooster. Kurt Knebusch Steve Slack
07/21/2011 'Power Crops': Learn about Bioenergy Farming at July 28 Field Day in Piketon PIKETON, Ohio -- Giant miscanthus and hybrid willow could soon be growing across southern Ohio and other regions to produce fuel and energy. These are two of the "power crops" Ohio State University experts will be talking about and demonstrating at this year’s Soil, Water and Bioenergy Field Day, to be held Thursday, July 28, at the OSU South Centers at Piketon. Mauricio Espinoza
02/23/2012 'Operation: Military Kids' Program Has New Leader in Northwest Ohio BOWLING GREEN, Ohio -- Northwest Ohio has always been a hub of activity for Ohio's "Operation: Military Kids" program since it started in 2005, particularly in the summertime during overnight OMK camps on Kelleys Island.  Martha Filipic Steve Arnold, Brett zumFelde
07/29/2010 'Operation: Military Kids' Brings Kids, Parents to Campus COLUMBUS, Ohio -- "It makes them feel special for a day." That's the power behind Operation: Military Kids "Hero Camps," day-long outings for children in military families, said Jennifer Douthwaite of West Liberty, at a July 27 camp at Ohio State University. Martha Filipic Mark Wilson
11/02/2010 'OARDC Is Key to Country's Future': USDA Deputy Secretary Merrigan WOOSTER, Ohio — After touring the Wooster campus of the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC) — which is recovering from a Sept. 16 tornado that destroyed buildings, greenhouses, equipment and invaluable research — U.S. Department of Agriculture Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan said it’s time “to heal” and to move forward with projects that are crucial to agriculture and the country’s future development. Mauricio Espinoza Steve Slack
07/16/2002 'More Beef for Less Money' Highlight of Field Day COSHOCTON, Ohio — Beef cattle farmers know all too well that winter feeding takes a big bite out of the ruminants’ maintenance budget. The good news is that alternative feeding methods can reduce the total cost of raising cows without affecting productivity. Mauricio Espinoza Steven Loerch
12/15/2014 'Make Tasks Easier': Arthritis Screenings, Universal Design Exhibit at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio -- In conjunction with the longstanding Universal Design exhibit at the Farm Science Review, arthritis screenings will again be offered for farmers on the first two days of the annual farm show. Martha Filipic Meg Teaford, Pat Holmes
04/21/2011 'Just What I Needed': Extension Nurtures Entrepreneurs in University District COLUMBUS, Ohio -- On the west side of Ohio State University is Upper Arlington. Median household income: $87,557. Median home value: $316,768. Residents living below poverty: 4.8 percent. It's what you might expect in a neighborhood adjacent to a world-class research and teaching institution. Martha Filipic Susan Colbert, Jean Brookbank
08/14/2009 'In Over Your Head' Bulletin Offers Strategies for Financial Crisis COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Although there are some signs that the economy may be headed toward recovery, you may still be feeling a pinch when it comes to money management. Martha Filipic Christine Olinsky
03/21/2012 'Green Is for Life!' Ohio State Campus in Wooster to Host Green Fair WOOSTER, Ohio — “Green is for life!” says the tagline for Ohio State’s fifth annual Wooster Campus Scarlet, Gray and Green Fair, set for April 17 — during Earth Week — at OARDC. Kurt Knebusch Gwen Covert
04/18/2003 'Golden Rice' Creator Ingo Potrykus to Speak at OARDC May 2 WOOSTER, Ohio -- World-renowned scientist Ingo Potrykus, who helped invent beta carotene-enriched "golden rice," is visiting the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center's (OARDC) Wooster campus to speak about biotechnology and world food security, May 2 from 3-4 p.m. in the center's Fisher Auditorium, 1680 Madison Ave. Mauricio Espinoza Steve Slack