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03/22/2007 Careful Corn Planting Can Reduce Yield Losses COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Proper planting practices are the first step to overcoming yield limitations the environment can put on a corn crop. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
02/11/2011 Cash for Manure? Workshop Looks at Ways to Clean Up Grand Lake St. Marys MARIA STEIN, Ohio -- A workshop next month in western Ohio aims to clean up Grand Lake St. Marys -- and in doing it, give farmers a new source of income. Kurt Knebusch Jim Hoorman
05/22/2007 Cattle Breeder, Extension Educator Inducted in Dairy Hall of Service COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A Jersey cattle breeder and a retired Ohio State University Extension educator in dairy management have been inducted into this year's Ohio State University Department of Animal Sciences Dairy Science Hall of Service. Candace Pollock Maurice Eastridge
07/17/2008 CCA College Being Offered at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio -- Soybean pest and disease management, agricultural technology, and fertility will be the highlights of the CCA (Certified Crop Advisor) College during this year's Ohio State University Farm Science Review. Candace Pollock Harold Watters
06/04/2008 Cereal Leaf Beetle is Back in Ohio WOOSTER, Ohio -- The cereal leaf beetle, a wheat pest of bygone days, is becoming more numerous again in Ohio, and some cereal grain growers are seeing feeding damage to their crop this season. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
05/19/2010 Cereal Leaf Beetle Outbreak on Ohio Wheat WOOSTER, Ohio – Economic populations of cereal leaf beetle are being found on Ohio wheat. This could be the year the pest, making a comeback in Ohio, causes widespread problems, says Ohio State University Extension entomologist Ron Hammond. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
09/08/2010 Certified Crop Advisers Can Earn Continuing Education Credits at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio – The Certified Crop Adviser program at Ohio State University's Farm Science Review is one way crop consultants can receive their yearly complement of continuing education credits. Candace Pollock Harold Watters
04/01/2009 CFAES International Office Tackling Tough Issues COLUMBUS, Ohio -- One of the oldest international offices at Ohio State University, which was recently honored as International Organization of the Year by the Columbus Council on World Affairs, tackles some of today's most pressing global issues. Candace Pollock Mark Erbaugh
09/27/2005 Chadwick Arboretum Blooming With New Garden COLUMBUS, Ohio — Adrian Bloom, an internationally renowned horticulturist who has spent 30 years incorporating his blend of perennials, woody plants and grasses in gardens throughout England and North America, has left his mark on Ohio State University. Candace Pollock Mary Maloney
05/05/2006 Chadwick Arboretum Celebrates Arbor Day COLUMBUS, Ohio -- "Tenacious" could be a good word to describe the American Elm, a tree once decimated by Dutch Elm Disease that is making a roaring comeback throughout city landscapes with the production of resistant cultivars. It is because of this characteristic that a ‘Princeton' American Elm (Ulmus americana) was chosen by Ohio State University's Chadwick Arboretum and Learning Gardens to honor the unwavering dedication of one of Ohio State's employees during a recent Arbor Day event. Candace Pollock Mary Maloney
08/24/2012 Chadwick Arboretum Fundraiser Sale Sept. 7-9 DELAWARE, Ohio -- Gardeners: There's still plenty of time this season to get your hands dirty. And a special fall plant sale to benefit Ohio State University's Chadwick Arboretum and Learning Gardens Sept. 7-9, 2012, will help make your efforts worthwhile. Martha Filipic Mary Maloney, Linda Johnson
06/30/2009 Chadwick Arboretum Open House July 19 COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State University's Chadwick Arboretum and Learning Gardens will be hosting its annual Open House event on Sunday, July 19, and the public is invited to attend. Candace Pollock Catherine Spitler
05/08/2012 Chadwick Arboretum Spring Plant Sale Set for May 10-12 COLUMBUS, Ohio – With Arbor Day still fresh in plant lovers’ minds and Mother's Day soon to come, the annual Spring Plant Sale, Auction, and Gardening Fair at Ohio State University's Chadwick Arboretum and Learning Gardens is expected to draw a crowd. Mary Maloney
04/21/2008 Chadwick Arboretum to Hold Arbor Day Event, April 25 COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The public is invited to celebrate Arbor Day with Ohio State University on Friday, April 25 at 10 a.m. Candace Pollock Mary Maloney
03/31/2009 Chadwick Arboretum to Host Free Permaculture Event, April 11 COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Learn about the ecological design principles that benefit people and their environment during a free Ohio State University event on the basics of permaculture. Candace Pollock Mary Maloney
04/29/2008 Chadwick Arboretum Tree Collection Given Official Name COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A garden of Ohio State University's Chadwick Arboretum and Learning Gardens, which showcases over 1,000 native Ohio trees, has been given an official designation in honor of the visionary who helped establish the collection. Candace Pollock Mary Maloney
04/29/2011 Chadwick Spring Plant Sale Set for May 5-7 COLUMBUS, Ohio -- On the heels of Arbor Day and just in time for Mother's Day comes the annual Spring Plant Sale, Auction, and Gardening Fair at Ohio State University's Chadwick Arboretum and Learning Gardens. Martha Filipic Mary Maloney
04/21/2011 Chainsaw Safety Course at Hocking College May 13 NELSONVILLE, Ohio -- OSU Extension’s Ohio Woodland Stewards Program is offering a chainsaw safety course at Hocking College May 13. Kurt Knebusch Dave Apsley, Rory Lewandowski
09/12/2011 Champion Dog Breeder: 'I Owe It All to 4-H' COLUMBUS, Ohio – David Vollette has made a mark showing and breeding dogs on an international scale. And, he says, it wouldn’t have happened without Ohio 4-H. Martha Filipic Tom Archer, Lucinda Miller, David Vollette
04/29/2011 Chancellor Petro at OARDC Conference: 'You Are the Heart of Ohio's Economic Growth Prospects' COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Speaking at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center’s (OARDC) annual conference yesterday (4/28) on Ohio State University’s Columbus campus, Ohio Board of Regents Chancellor Jim Petro said agriculture -- and the science that supports it -- are “the heart of Ohio’s economic growth prospects.” Mauricio Espinoza
03/02/2010 Cheese May Help Struggling Dairies. OSU Extension Cheese-Making Workshop is Back WINDSOR, Ohio – Ohio State University Extension's popular cheese-making workshop is back. Candace Pollock David Marrison
04/15/2004 Cheese Prices Go Whiz: Future prices hit record high COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Shoppers filling their carts with milk, butter and cheese probably won't see the full impact of spiking milk prices paid to farmers. Suzanne Steel Cameron Thraen
08/01/2011 Chestnuts Roasting in Eastern Ohio: See Them Aug. 13 CARROLLTON, Ohio -- Eastern Ohio’s Route 9 Cooperative, the biggest chestnut packing facility in the U.S., will host a free tour on Aug. 13 as part of the 2011 Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series. Kurt Knebusch Greg Miller
05/29/2002 Choose Fields Wisely If Switching to Soybeans WOOSTER, Ohio - Growers contemplating switching their acreage from corn to soybeans should carefully choose which fields to make the transition. Candace Pollock Anne Dorrance
09/09/2011 Chow Line: 'Freshman 15' largely a myth, but be wise (for 9/18/11) I just started college and I know my eating patterns have changed dramatically from when I was living at home. I'm worried about gaining the "freshman 15." What can I do to stop from gaining weight?  Martha Filipic Lydia Medeiros
06/01/2012 Chow Line: 'Mindless eating' leads to weight gain (6/1/12) I try to eat healthfully and normally do well during the day, but in the evening when I’m watching TV, I snack way too much, even though I’m not really hungry. Any ideas? Martha Filipic Dan Remley
08/05/2011 Chow Line: 'Smell test' not safe after power outage (for 7/14/11) My parents' electricity often goes out, sometimes for long periods. Mom says food in the refrigerator and freezer is fine unless it smells bad. What would you tell her? Martha Filipic Lydia Medeiros
04/01/2005 Chow Line: 'Water weight' easy to lose at first (for 4/10/05) Whenever I make a concerted effort to watch my diet, I lose a lot of weight very quickly -- sometimes 5 to 7 pounds within the first week or two. But after that, it's much harder to lose weight. I've always heard that those first pounds are "water." Is that true? Martha Filipic Sharron Coplin
02/23/2012 Chow Line: A healthy breakfast really is a good idea (2/17/12) I’ve always heard that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” but to be honest, I hardly ever eat breakfast and I do OK. Why do the “experts” say we should always eat breakfast?  Martha Filipic Linnette Goard
10/07/2011 Chow Line: Alcohol/weight gain interaction complex (for 10/16/11) I’ve seen conflicting information about how much of an effect drinking alcohol might have on weight gain. Can you explain? Martha Filipic Hugo Melgar-Quinonez