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11/20/2012 Chow Line: Tips to prevent holiday weight gain I need some inspiration to help keep me from gaining weight during the holidays. Any ideas?  Martha Filipic Julie Kennel
09/07/2012 Chow Line: To be safe, be sure cider is pasteurized (9/7/12) We’re having a birthday party for our 4-year-old next month. My husband wants to serve apple cider, but I remember a few years ago there was a safety concern about cider. Is it OK now?  Martha Filipic Linnette Goard
07/24/2009 Chow Line: Tomatoes loaded with health benefits (for 8/2/09) We love eating tomatoes during the summer. What are their best qualities, nutrition-wise? Martha Filipic Julie Shertzer
01/16/2009 Chow Line: Tracing foodborne illness often not easy (for 1/25/09) Why does it take so long to identify what is causing an outbreak of foodborne illness? Martha Filipic Lydia Medeiros
04/04/2011 Chow Line: Treat agave nectar as an added sugar (for 4/10/11) Is agave nectar just like honey or sugar? I've heard it's a lot healthier, but I'm not sure what to make of those claims.  Martha Filipic Julie Kennel
10/12/2007 Chow Line: Trick yourself to stop binging on treats (for 10/21/07) With Halloween coming up, I need to figure out how to avoid binging on candy. Any ideas? Martha Filipic Jaime Foster
04/03/2009 Chow Line: Triglyceride levels sensitive to diet (for 4/12/09) My dad mentioned to me that a blood test revealed high triglycerides, and he was told to reduce not only fats in his diet, but carbohydrates, too. Is that right? Martha Filipic Julie Shertzer
11/05/2010 Chow Line: Trim expenses for Thanksgiving feast (for 11/14/10) Money is tight in our household these days. Do you have ideas to share to help us reduce costs for Thanksgiving dinner? Martha Filipic Julie Kennel
11/09/2007 Chow Line: Truffles big on flavor, reputation and price Why are truffles (the fungi) so expensive? Martha Filipic Lydia Medeiros
03/02/2012 Chow Line: Try an orange a day for good health (3/2/12) I try to drink orange juice or eat an orange or half a grapefruit every day during the winter to help ward off colds and other illnesses. A friend told me that unless I was afraid of scurvy, I don’t need to be so vigilant. Am I fooling myself about the benefits of citrus? Martha Filipic Linnette Goard
07/22/2011 Chow Line: Try different tactics to maintain weight loss (for 7/31/11) I have yo-yo dieted all of my life. Why can't I keep the pounds off once I have lost them? Martha Filipic Carla Miller
05/15/2009 Chow Line: Try heat, drying if fresh garlic turns blue (for 5/24/09) When I crush a fresh garlic clove and spread it on a piece of fish or meat and put it in the oven to bake, the crushed garlic turns bluish-greenish. Why does this happen? Can I prevent it? Martha Filipic Julie Shertzer
08/22/2008 Chow Line: Try home remedies for morning sickness (for 8/31/08) I'm pregnant for the first time and I'm surprised at the severity of my morning sickness. I usually have a strong stomach. I've gotten lots of advice, but what really works? Martha Filipic Julie Shertzer
10/04/2007 Chow Line: Try hummus as a healthful spread, dip Is hummus considered a healthful food? I think it probably is, but I wonder about the fat in it. How is it made? Martha Filipic Jaime Foster
07/03/2008 Chow Line: Try kiwi for burst of nutrients, color (for 7/13/08) I like kiwi in fruit salads I enjoy at potlucks and other gatherings, but I've never purchased one myself. Any tips on selecting and preparing it? Martha Filipic Lydia Medeiros
05/20/2011 Chow Line: Try leaner ground beef for burgers (for 5/29/11) I want to try using very lean ground beef for grilling burgers, but I’m afraid they will be dry. What is the best fat content for burgers? Martha Filipic Amber Riggin
08/25/2011 Chow Line: Type of protein can affect diabetes risk (for 9/4/11) Does the type of protein you eat have anything to do with the development of diabetes? Martha Filipic Hugo Melgar-Quinonez
02/06/2009 Chow Line: Ultra-pasteurized milk lasts longer (for 2/15/09) I've seen cartons of "ultra-pasteurized" milk at the grocery store. What is it? Martha Filipic Julie Shertzer
08/17/2012 Chow Line: Understanding HDLs can be complex (8/17/12) I have always been proud of my high HDL level, but I heard recently that it might not be very important in terms of heart disease after all. What happened? Martha Filipic Hugo Melgar-Quinonez
10/19/2009 Chow Line: Use 'discretion' with Halloween treats (for 10/25/09) Halloween is coming up and my children love to go trick or treating. Afterwards, I want to help them figure out a reasonable amount of candy to enjoy on a daily basis. Where do I start? Martha Filipic Julie Shertzer
05/25/2012 Chow Line: Use 'Top 10' lists to add variety (5/25/12) Occasionally I see lists of the “top 10” most nutritious fruits and vegetables, but they’re never quite the same as each other. How much should I pay attention to these kinds of lists? Martha Filipic Julie Kennel
05/25/2007 Chow Line: Use crispers to store, separate produce I'm never really sure how to use the humidity controls on my refrigerator's fruit and vegetable crispers. Any advice? Martha Filipic Lydia Medeiros
07/11/2008 Chow Line: Use marinades for flavor, tenderizing (for 7/20/08) How long should beef and poultry be marinated? Martha Filipic Lydia Medeiros
11/22/2005 Chow Line: Use time off to fight 'Freshman 15' (for 12/4/05) I just started college this fall. I'm embarrassed to go home during the holidays because I know I've gained a lot of weight (I don't have a scale but my clothes are a lot tighter). Any advice? Martha Filipic Sharron Coplin
03/24/2006 Chow Line: Using slow cookers for roasts debatable (for 4/1/06) My husband does most of the cooking in our house. However, he sometimes cooks large roasts in our slow cooker. I have to wonder if that's a safe method. What do you think? Martha Filipic Jaime Foster
09/17/2004 Chow Line: Vary veggies for vitamins (for 9/26/04) When it comes to vegetables, my husband eats only spinach -- a whole carton of frozen spinach at dinner. Is this advisable? Martha Filipic Jaime Ackerman
02/12/2010 Chow Line: Vegetarian diet? Get nutrients you need (for 2/21/10) My partner used to be a vegetarian, and she wants us to try a vegetarian diet for a few months to see if it helps us feel healthier and possibly drop a few pounds. But aren't there nutrients we won't be getting if we don't eat meat? Martha Filipic Julie Shertzer
05/31/2002 Chow Line: Vegetarian teens might eat better (for 6/16/02) A few months ago, my 15-year-old son decided he wanted to follow a vegetarian diet. I've been skeptical about the wisdom of his choice. Should I be concerned? Martha Filipic Jaime Ackerman
04/13/2007 Chow Line: Vitamin B, heart health link is weak A friend takes vitamin B supplements, thinking they can help prevent heart problems. But I thought they found out that doesn't work. Can you clarify? Martha Filipic Anne Smith
05/04/2003 Chow Line: Vitamin C and iron are great partners (for 5/11/03) The last time I gave blood, I was surprised when they told me that citrus fruits were good sources of iron. Is that true? Martha Filipic Jaime Ackerman