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12/10/2008 Biodiesel Byproduct May Be Used As Value-Added Ag Commodity COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A byproduct of biodiesel may be used to support the production of an animal feed additive to enhance the performance and growth of dairy cattle. Candace Pollock Zhongtang Yu, Maurice Eastridge
10/16/2002 Two-Day Seminar To Focus On Meat Goat Production/Marketing WINCHESTER, Ohio - Ohio producers interested in meat goat production and marketing or improving upon their existing meat goat business may find a two-day seminar helpful. Candace Pollock Yi Yang
07/25/2012 Ohio State to Hold First-ever Training Course on Anaerobic Digestion WOOSTER, Ohio -- Ohio State will hold a first-of-its-kind training course on anaerobic digestion, a waste-management process that livestock farms and wastewater plants are increasingly using to produce biogas, a type of renewable fuel. Kurt Knebusch Yebo Li, Mary Wicks
10/05/2012 'An Ohio State Story': Lab Idea Yields 60 Local Jobs, New Green Industry MANSFIELD, Ohio -- An industry need. A waste product. An idea by an Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center scientist. Mix them together. What do you get? A new company. Sixty new Ohio jobs. And a new green industry. Mauricio Espinoza Yebo Li, Jeff Schultheis
05/12/2011 Green by Nature: Algae Research May Lead to New Alternative Fuel Industry in Ohio WOOSTER, Ohio -- Visit Yebo Li’s Ohio State University lab anytime this spring and you will find an array of glass tubes filled with a light-green substance, endlessly bubbling inside a growth chamber. It’s algae. And perhaps the beginning of a new renewable fuel industry in Ohio. Mauricio Espinoza Yebo Li, Drew Spradling
02/23/2012 Ohio State Anaerobic Digestion Technology Now Being Commercialized WOOSTER, Ohio -- Technology developed by an Ohio State University researcher is now being commercialized by quasar energy group to increase the types of waste that can be converted to biogas for energy and fuel uses. Mauricio Espinoza Yebo Li, Caroline Henry
12/15/2014 OARDC Receives $6.5M Grant for Bioenergy, Biofuel Research WOOSTER, Ohio -- The Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center has received a $6.5 million federal grant to test and expand a technology that can produce biogas from a variety of solid organic wastes and bioenergy crops. Mauricio Espinoza Yebo Li
02/01/2010 OARDC Green Energy Technology Key to New $2 Million Third Frontier Grant WOOSTER, Ohio — A recent $2 million grant awarded by the state of Ohio’s Third Frontier Advanced Energy Program to boost the amount of biogas produced from waste has at its core technology developed by Ohio State University’s Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC). Mauricio Espinoza Yebo Li
10/10/2012 Interested in Renewable Energy? Nov. 8 Workshop in Wooster Has It All WOOSTER, Ohio -- Wind farms. Solar power. Biogas. Ohio is starting to embrace renewable energy. And you will have a chance to learn more about the opportunities and challenges of green energy generation Nov. 8 on the Wooster campus of Ohio State University's Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC). Mauricio Espinoza Yebo Li
11/15/2007 Tax Workshop Addresses Agricultural Issues COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Tax practitioners with an interest in farm income taxes will have an opportunity to attend a one-day farm tax workshop on Dec. 17. Candace Pollock Warren Lee
11/17/2005 Agricultural Tax Issues Workshop Announced COLUMBUS, Ohio — Tax practitioners with an interest in farm income taxes have the opportunity to attend a one-day farm tax workshop being offered on Dec. 16. Candace Pollock Warren Lee
10/16/2008 OSU Extension to Offer Tax Workshop COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Tax practitioners with an interest in farm income taxes will have an opportunity to attend a farm tax workshop on December 15. Candace Pollock Warren Lee
10/22/2007 OSU Extension Offers Workshops on Income Tax Preparation COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State University Extension will be offering nine two-day workshops in November and December for tax practitioners on new information and changes related to preparing state and federal state returns. Candace Pollock Warren Lee
02/12/2002 Organic Mulches May Boost Transition from Plowed Land to No-Till WOOSTER, Ohio - Farmers looking to convert their plowed land to no-till may be able to control disease pressure and improve soil fertility by spreading organic mulches such as animal manures and composts. Candace Pollock Warren Dick
10/04/2005 Coal-Burning Byproduct Has Agricultural Use WOOSTER, Ohio — Synthetic gypsum, a byproduct of burning coal, may have use in agriculture as a fertilizer and soil amendment, according to Ohio State University researchers. Candace Pollock Warren Dick
01/14/2010 Farmers Can Take Steps to Decrease Manure Pathogens in Runoff WOOSTER, Ohio – By following a few simple recommendations, farmers who apply manure as a fertilizer to their no-till field can decrease the chance that pathogens end up in runoff and pose environmental and health hazards. Candace Pollock Warren Dick
03/11/2010 Ohio Company Shows 'Concrete' Support of 4-H ZANESVILLE, Ohio -- There's concrete support for Ohio State University Extension's 4-H program in southeastern Ohio -- at least that's the message when residents see a newly painted Smith Concrete truck traveling through the area. Amy Grove Vicki Schwartz
03/24/2011 Savoring Success: Entrepreneur Credits OSU Extension’s Food Industries Center for Company’s Growth HAMILTON, Ohio -- In 1999, Dan Wampler took a risk, deciding to step off his career path at a major flavorings company in Cincinnati to start his own business.  Martha Filipic Valente Alvarez, Dan Wampler
07/01/2005 Chow Line: Whats in a cheese? Just look at label (for 7/10/05) I noticed it says “natural cheese on the label of my favorite cheese. Isnt all cheese “natural? Martha Filipic Valente Alvarez
08/22/2002 Chow Line: Yogurt: It's the 'whey' to go (for 9/8/02) Sometimes when I open a container of yogurt, I find a bunch of watery stuff on top. Should I pour that off? Martha Filipic Valente Alvarez
09/22/2011 Media Advisory: Elementary, Middle School Students Get Taste of Food Science Sept. 26 COLUMBUS, Ohio -- About 100 elementary and middle school students from central Ohio schools will learn the basics about food science and technology and food safety at Ohio State University's Department of Food Science and Technology on Monday, Sept. 26, at 4 p.m. Martha Filipic V.M. "Bala" Balasubramaniam
10/26/2009 Food Scientist Uses High Pressure to Keep Food Safe -- for a Long, Long Time COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State University food science researcher V.M. "Bala" Balasubramaniam isn't feeling pressure to perform. He's using pressure. Martha Filipic V.M. "Bala" Balasubramaniam
02/07/2005 Ins and Outs of Ag Marketing Focus of Conference MASON, Ohio — Agricultural marketing opportunities are the focus of the 3rd annual Ohio River Valley Farm Marketing Conference. The event is led by Ohio State University South Centers at Piketon Ohio Cooperative Development Center, along with a host of sponsors from Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Candace Pollock Travis West
01/18/2006 Renewable Energy Conference Focuses on Entrepreneurial Projects REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio -- Farmers, greenhouse businesses and economic development specialists interested in renewable energy entrepreneurial projects in Ohio have the opportunity to attend the Ohio Renewable Energy Conference. Candace Pollock Travis West
08/03/2012 2012 Farm Science Review Media Credential Request This year's Ohio State University Farm Science Review celebrates its 50th year and includes lots of newsworthy events, exhibits and presentations.  Mark your calendars for Sept. 18-20, and be sure to join us at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center in London, Ohio. Tracy Turner Tracy Turner
02/29/2012 Selling Direct to Consumers Can Net Farmers and Producers More Money, Ohio State Expert Says WILMINGTON, Ohio – The "buy local" movement that has sparked an increased demand for locally grown and produced foods means that those farmers and producers who know how to market and sell their products directly to consumers can increase their farm income substantially by doing so, says an Ohio State University Extension educator. Tracy Turner Tony Nye, Mark Mechling
12/09/2010 Southern Ohio New and Small Farm College Explores Farm Enterprises COLUMBUS, Ohio – Farmers interested in exploring land use options, expanding an agricultural or horticultural enterprise, or diversifying their acreage have the opportunity to attend the 2011 Southern Ohio New and Small Farm College. Candace Pollock Tony Nye
06/05/2008 OSU Extension Offers Meat Goat Field Day PLEASANTVILLE, Ohio -- Diversifying and sustaining a forage base to improve health and enhance animal performance will be the focus of an Ohio State University Extension meat goat field day. Candace Pollock Tony Nye
01/27/2012 Two Ohio Small Farm Conferences Set for March WILMINGTON, Ohio -- Small farm landowners interested in improving production and marketing practices will get the information they need in March at conferences hosted by Ohio State University Extension's Small Farm Program in Wilmington and Massillon. Tony Nye
01/15/2008 Learn About Ag Enterprises at Small Farm College COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State University Extension is offering a nine-week short course for new landowners, and those individuals looking for information on launching agricultural and horticultural enterprises. Candace Pollock Tony Nye