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12/07/2012 Media Advisory: OARDC in Wooster to Help Launch State's 100 Gbps Broadband Network Tuesday, Dec. 11 WOOSTER, Ohio -- Reporters are invited to the inauguration of Ohio's 100-Gigabit-per-second (Gbps) statewide broadband network, which will take place Tuesday, Dec. 11, at various university sites -- including the Wooster campus of the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC). Mauricio Espinoza
07/08/2007 Smart Stuff with Twig Walkingstick: Wet, Wild Fish Sounds (for the Week of July 8, 2007) Dear Twig: Can fish talk? Make sounds? Bloop? Bleep? Kurt Knebusch
05/11/2008 Smart Stuff with Twig Walkingstick: Eating (Low-fat, High-carb) (Gag) Slugs (for the Week of May 11, 2008) Q. Dear Twig: What eats slugs? Do you eat slugs? I don't eat slugs. Kurt Knebusch
06/13/2008 Smart Stuff with Twig Walkingstick: Food Trash and Climate Change, or Don't Flump Muffin Stumps in Dumps (for the Week of June 15, 2008) Q. Dear Twig: Where do the burnt black French fries that I throw out at a restaurant go? Kurt Knebusch
03/02/2011 See Our New Website, Please see our new web news release web site at NULL
07/19/2007 Smart Stuff with Twig Walkingstick: 'Rik!' Sting! Yow! (for the Week of July 22, 2007) Q. Dear Twig: You said some fish make sounds. Well, last night my dad took me fishing. I caught a bullhead catfish. And you know what it did? ... Kurt Knebusch
04/30/2009 Resources for 2009 H1N1 Information It can be hard to sort through all the information about the 2009 H1N1 flu outbreak, also called the "swine flu." Here are some reliable resources from Ohio State University Extension, the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, and other university, state and national organizations that may help answer your questions. NULL
05/17/2009 Smart Stuff with Twig Walkingstick: Whole Lot of Nurdles Going On (for the Week of May 17, 2009) Q. Dear Twig: Why are we talking about nurdles? Kurt Knebusch
03/23/2008 Smart Stuff with Twig Walkingstick: Hypothetical Groundhog/Whistlepig Food-snarfing and/or Projectile-projecting (for the Week of March 23, 2008) Q. Dear Twig: If, in fact, a Marmota monax could ingest and/or lob the secondary xylem of trees and shrubs, how much of the secondary xylem of trees and shrubs could a Marmota monax, in fact, ingest and/or lob? Kurt Knebusch
08/27/2010 Chow Line: Recalled or not, handle eggs safely (for 9/5/10) I'm curious about how the inside of eggs could become contaminated with bacteria. Is this something new? Martha Filipic Ahmed Yousef, Jennifer Perry
08/20/2008 Food Scientist Honored with Designated Professorship COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A substantial gift to the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences has created a designated professorship to honor a faculty member for his extensive research in food safety. Martha Filipic Ahmed Yousef
06/06/2001 New Nutrition, Food Safety Institute to be Developed at OSU COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio State University researchers are joining forces to create a one-of-a-kind research institute addressing nutrition and food safety from the farm to the plate. Candace Pollock Ahmed Yousef, Tammy Bray
06/12/2001 OARDC Site of Tree Climbing Event WOOSTER, Ohio - The Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center campus will be the site of a tree climbing competition on June 16. Candace Pollock Alan Klonowski, Ken Cochran
02/23/2012 Soybean Disease ID Workshop First of Several to be Held This Year CUSTAR, Ohio -- Ohio crop growers, seed company agronomists, retailers and other agriculture professionals will spend time up close and personal with diseased soybeans during a workshop held by Ohio State University experts. Tracy Turner Alan P. Sundermeier
01/17/2007 Organic Program Focuses on Cover Crops, Fertility WOOSTER, Ohio -- Farmers interested in learning more about organic crop and livestock production have the opportunity to attend an Ohio State University Extension tri-state organic IP video program. Candace Pollock Alan Sundermeier
08/01/2011 Organic Soybean Pest Control: Tour Looks at New Research BOWLING GREEN, Ohio -- The 2011 Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series continues on Aug. 17 with a look at organic soybeans. New research on pest control is the focus, including the effects of planting date and the benefits of no-till rotations of rye and soybeans. Kurt Knebusch Alan Sundermeier
03/21/2011 Wheat Growers: Ohio State’s Wheat Production Workshop is March 31 in Custar CUSTAR, Ohio -- March 31 promises to be an information-packed day for farmers and other individuals in the agriculture industry, as Ohio State University offers its hands-on Wheat Production Workshop. Siera Marth Alan Sundermeier
05/23/2012 OSU Sustainable Ag Tour offers up-close look at alternative production systems COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State University’s Sustainable Agriculture Team will host four tours this summer on urban agriculture, agritourism, farming research and farmers markets, as part of the 2012 Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series.  Tracy Turner Alan Sundermeier
08/04/2004 Cover Crop Options Increase for Growers VAN WERT, Ohio — Oilseed radish, a type of mustard plant originally developed for oil production, is finding another use in Ohio as a cover crop. Candace Pollock Alan Sundermeier
10/12/2010 SARE Grant Applications Now Being Accepted COLUMBUS, Ohio – The North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program is now accepting grant applications from farmers and ranchers interested in promoting sustainability on their farms. Candace Pollock Alan Sundermeier, Mike Hogan
05/29/2008 Improve Soil Quality with New OSU Extension Tool COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Healthy soils means healthy plants, and a new Ohio State University Extension educational tool is now available to aid users in improving soil quality to boost crop performance. Candace Pollock Alan Sundermeier, Rafiq Islam
11/29/2007 New Trick in Measuring Carbon Shows Conservation Tillage Value CINCINNATI, Ohio -- Carbon sequestration -- storing soil carbon using conservation tillage practices -- is a slow process that can take years to show results. But there is a way to measure soil carbon value more quickly. Candace Pollock Alan Sundermeier, Rafiq Islam, Randall Reeder
12/15/2011 Ohio State Research Shows Dollar Value of Urban Trees, Benefits NE Ohio City WOOSTER, Ohio -- Urban trees provide vital environmental services that can be measured in terms of dollars, helping communities know their real value and make informed decisions. For the northeast Ohio city of Wooster, that value is $270,153 per year. Mauricio Espinoza Alejandro Chiriboga, Daryl Decker
06/07/2011 Ohio's Tornado Season Peaking Now COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio's annual tornado season might have begun in April, but if history is any guide, June is the month to be on guard. Martha Filipic Aletha Reshan
02/28/2011 Online Flood Resources Available to Ohioans Ohioans affected by flooding can find useful information at these websites. Suzanne Steel Aletha Reshan
03/17/2010 Live Grain Rescue Demo a Highlight of Ohio Safety Congress and Expo COLUMBUS, Ohio – Safety and rescue training for one of the most dangerous on-farm activities will be a highlight at the Ohio Safety Congress and Expo, March 30-April 1 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. Candace Pollock Aletha Reshan, Dee Jepsen
06/12/2001 OSU Researcher Giving Turkeys a Stronger Leg to Stand On COLUMBUS, Ohio - A model developed to measure bone strength in poultry may help farmers choose breeds that meet market demand for meaty birds while eradicating bone deformities associated with rapid weight gain. Candace Pollock Alfred Soboyejo
08/27/2007 Rain Gardens Beautify, While Protecting the Environment LONDON, Ohio -- Gardens do more than beautify an area, instill a love for plants, and provide food and shelter for wildlife. They can also be a source of environmental conservation. Candace Pollock Alicia Fager
03/09/2011 Media Advisory: Saturday's Ohio 4-H Gathering to be Biggest Ever COLUMBUS, Ohio -- More than 1,700 Ohio 4-H members and volunteers are expected to flock to Columbus on Saturday, March 12, for the Ohio 4-H Teen Conference and the Ohio 4-H Volunteer Conference. Martha Filipic Allen Auck
01/10/2011 Three Years Later, 'Green' 4-H Center Going Strong COLUMBUS, Ohio -- When the Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center opened in January 2008, it was the first building on the Ohio State University campus to be built according to LEED certification standards, designating it as a "green" building.  Martha Filipic Allen Auck, Aparna Dial, Patrick J. Smith