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10/09/2008 Drip Irrigation Demo and Education Unit Grand Opening at OSU South Centers PIKETON, Ohio -- Israeli irrigation systems that reduce water consumption and improve application efficiency will be the focus of a new irrigation demonstration and training unit located at Ohio State University South Centers at Piketon. Candace Pollock Brad Bergefurd
08/15/2001 Strawberry Production Technique May Save Growers Time and Money HILLSBORO, Ohio - A strawberry production technique, new to Ohio, may prove to be an efficient, money-saving practice for growers. Candace Pollock Brad Bergefurd
05/08/2012 New Strawberry Production Method Allows Growers Earlier and Longer Fruit Harvest PIKETON, Ohio – Fresh Ohio strawberries harvested in early May? How about the locally grown, sweet fruit well into fall?  Tracy Turner Brad Bergefurd
05/24/2010 Grow Fruits and Vegetables Anywhere With a Compost Sock PIKETON, Ohio – Ohio State University Extension horticulturists at OSU South Centers at Piketon are already picking their high tunnel strawberries – about a month ahead of field-grown strawberries. But that's not the exciting news. They will be harvesting a crop grown using potentially new technology that could make fruits and vegetables accessible to anyone, anywhere. Candace Pollock Brad Bergefurd
03/07/2008 OSU Extension Specialists Exploring Greenhouse Technology in Israel COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State University Extension horticulture and green industry specialists, along with other Ohio industry professionals, will explore new technologies, ideas and opportunities with Israel through the Ohio Green Industry Technological and Trade Mission. Candace Pollock Brad Bergefurd, Denise Ellsworth
06/20/2012 Economist to Address Reducing Nutrient Runoff in Ohio Waters COLUMBUS, Ohio – Reducing nutrient runoff in Ohio waters may take more creative thinking than just instituting water conservation programs, according to an Ohio State University expert. Tracy Turner Brent Sohngen
05/29/2002 Increased Farm Bill Funding Means More Conservation Results COLUMBUS, Ohio - With a 10 percent increase in funding over the 1996 Farm Bill, introduction of new programs and 21 percent of the 2002 Farm Bill's budget devoted to conservation, improvements to water quality, wildlife habitats and the environment appears to be increasing in importance. Candace Pollock Brent Sohngen
04/18/2012 Seminar (Friday, April 20) to Discuss Environmental Regulations and Agriculture COLUMBUS, Ohio -- New Zealand's regulations on the environmental impacts of agriculture, including a unique “nutrient trading” program between sources of nonpoint pollution -- essentially, between farmers within a watershed -- is the topic of free presentation this Friday, April 20. Jill Jentes Banicki Brent Sohngen
10/05/2010 Climate Change Impacts on Forests Research Focus for Fulbright Scholar COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The impact of climate change on forests and the implications it may bring to the United States will be the research focus of Ohio State University agricultural economist Brent Sohngen when he travels to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada as a Fulbright Scholar next year. Maureen Miller Brent Sohngen
03/08/2012 High Grain Prices Could Lead to Less Conservation Land Entering USDA Program COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The U.S. Department of Agriculture's offer to pay farmers and landowners more money to stop farming their land to create additional wetlands and grasslands may not be enough incentive to get more growers to forgo planting crops that have fetched record prices in recent months, an Ohio State University expert said. Tracy Turner Brent Sohngen, Carl Robert Zulauf, Marne Titchenell
08/02/2011 MEDIA ADVISORY: Kelleys Island "Operation: Military Kids" Camp Aug. 8-12 Weeklong camp geared to help kids of Ohio's military families make friends, memories and experience a truly unique summer camp. Martha Filipic Brett zumFelde, Sue Ann Carroll
07/17/2001 Third Annual Night Insect Walk Scheduled for July 21 WOOSTER, Ohio - Children who enjoy creeping, crawling animals and insects that buzz in the night will have the opportunity to get their fill during the 3rd annual Night Insect Walk being held on the grounds of the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center on July 21. Candace Pollock Brian Kunkel
10/12/2009 Work in Plant Disease Biocontrol Earns OARDC Researcher Spot in World Class South Korean Program WOOSTER, Ohio – An Ohio State University plant pathologist with the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center is providing his expertise in biological control of plant diseases through a unique collaboration with South Korean scientists. The collaboration has awarded him participation in that nation's World Class University Program. Candace Pollock Brian McSpadden Gardener
09/16/2002 Some Soil Bacteria Protect Soybeans From Root Diseases WOOSTER, Ohio - In the struggle to protect soybean plants against root diseases, one Ohio State University researcher is taking the fight below the soil surface. Candace Pollock Brian McSpadden Gardener
05/23/2007 A Peek into the World Beneath Our Feet WOOSTER, Ohio -- There's more to soil than just dirt. Candace Pollock Brian McSpadden Gardener
06/04/2009 Plant-Associated Bacteria Can Improve Crop Health in Acidic Soils WOOSTER, Ohio -- Common plant-associated bacteria, best known to suppress soil-borne root diseases, now have been found to boost corn yields in low-pH soils. The discovery made by Ohio State University plant pathologists is the first-known documentation of a root-colonizing bacterium improving plant health in acidic soil conditions. Candace Pollock Brian McSpadden Gardener
05/03/2002 Busy Soil Microbes Provide Macro Field Benefits WOOSTER, Ohio - Adding organic amendments to agricultural fields stimulates soil microbial activity, which in turn may reduce root diseases and promote overall plant health. Candace Pollock Brian McSpadden Gardener, Fred Michel, Harry Hoitink
02/23/2012 Media Advisory: Ohio State Experts Available to Talk about New European Organic Food Partnerships’ Financial Impact on Ohio Growers WOOSTER, Ohio — The historic agreement of a new partnership between the United States and the European Union announced today by the U.S. Department of Agriculture means that organic foods certified in the U.S. can be sold in Europe for the first time, a move that could provide new market opportunities for certified organic growers in Ohio, an Ohio State University expert said. Tracy Turner Brian McSpadden Gardener, Stan Ernst
06/01/2010 Grafting Can Help Fight Foliar Diseases, OSU Researchers Find WOOSTER, Ohio – It's not uncommon to use grafting – the process of fusing the rootstock of one plant variety to the top, or scion, of another plant variety – to strengthen resistance against soil-borne diseases. But Ohio State University researchers have discovered that the method can also fight off foliar diseases. Candace Pollock Brian McSpadden-Gardener, Matt Kleinhenz
05/22/2003 Mad Cow Nervousness May Drive Consumers Away from Beef COLUMBUS, Ohio — Chicken and pork rather than beef may be the meats of grilling choice this Memorial Day holiday, if U.S. consumers express concerns over the recent case of mad cow disease identified in Canada. Candace Pollock Brian Roe
02/08/2011 Study: Consumers Value Safer Food More Than Current Analyses Suggest COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Government regulators could more realistically assess the value of improving food safety if they considered the fact that consumers typically want to avoid getting sick -- even if it means they have to pay a little extra for safer food, researchers say. Emily Caldwell Brian Roe
10/29/2002 Hog Industry Issues Addressed At Upcoming Conference COLUMBUS, Ohio - U.S. hog producers have experienced a dismal year in profits, with a massive sell-off spurred by low pork prices, high corn prices and fluxes in international markets. And the industry outlook going into 2003 doesn't look much better. Candace Pollock Brian Roe
08/19/2002 Got Water? Crop Thirst Depends on Soil Type COLUMBUS, Ohio - The biggest element in the world of agricultural production that makes or breaks a crop is water. Candace Pollock Brian Slater
07/11/2005 Moisture Stress Biggest Limiting Factor in Crop Production COLUMBUS, Ohio — The biggest element in the world of agricultural production that makes or breaks a crop is water, and potential rains from Tropical Depression Dennis may bring much needed relief from the abnormally dry conditions Ohio is currently experiencing. Candace Pollock Brian Slater
03/06/2002 Extension Program to Broaden Knowledge of Geospatial Technology COLUMBUS, Ohio - From Lake Erie in northern Ohio to Appalachia in the south and farms, wetlands, forests and cities in between, Ohio boasts unique environments that offer the opportunity to use geospatial technology to effectively manage them. Candace Pollock Brian Slater, Nathan Watermeier
09/16/2010 Pests of the Rare and Familiar Part of Diagnostic Clinic at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio -- Pests of both the rare and the familiar will be part of the C. Wayne Ellett Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic activities during Ohio State University's Farm Science Review. Candace Pollock Bridget Meiring
08/09/2012 Drought-Stressed Corn Has Increased Potential for Elevated Nitrate Levels DEFIANCE, Ohio – Drought conditions that have gripped Ohio and many parts of the Midwest could increase the potential for rising nitrate levels in forages, an Ohio State University Extension expert said. Tracy Turner Bruce Clevenger
01/08/2002 Corn Rootworm Populations Decreasing in Ohio COLUMBUS, Ohio - Populations of western corn rootworm beetles in Ohio soybean fields were lower this year than in 2000, according to a recent Ohio State University Extension survey. Candace Pollock Bruce Eisley
04/02/2002 Stewart's Bacterial Leaf Blight Predicted Severe This Year WOOSTER, Ohio - Stewart's bacterial leaf blight, a corn disease that can cause significant yield losses in susceptible hybrids, could be severe this growing season. Candace Pollock Bruce Eisley, Celeste Welty, Pat Lipps
08/14/2008 Family Fundamentals: Keep your saving plan on track by joining programs (for August 2008) We're trying to put a little money away from each paycheck, but there always seems to be another expense, the tiny amount of interest we earn isn't very much incentive. Any tips to help us stay on track? Martha Filipic Caezilia Loibl