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12/29/2005 Ohio State Offers Bioterrorism Course COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State University's Department of Plant Pathology, in collaboration with the International Studies Program, will be offering undergraduate students a new course on a much-needed aspect of global and homeland security. Candace Pollock Chuck Curtis, Tony Mughan
01/03/2006 Researchers Investigate Nursery Stock Bark Splitting COLUMBUS, Ohio — Nursery tree stock throughout Ohio is suffering from bark splitting, a common injury sustained under cold conditions. But the severity and scope of the damage is costing nursery growers millions in lost revenue, and is driving Ohio State University researchers to investigate other potential causes behind the problem. Candace Pollock Hannah Mathers
01/05/2006 Rewarding Conservation Farmers Through Carbon Trading COLUMBUS, Ohio — It's been said that money makes the world go 'round, and now it can also make it more environmentally friendly. Candace Pollock Rattan Lal
01/06/2006 Follow Guidelines When Applying Winter Manure COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Livestock producers who make winter manure applications must follow required industry guidelines to reduce any pollution risks. Candace Pollock Jon Rausch
01/06/2006 OFVG Congress Offers Latest in Ag Technology COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Technology -- from computers to digital imagery to GPS equipment -- is becoming more integrated in agricultural production, improving field applications, streamlining businesses and opening new worlds in production management. Those hungry for the latest in innovative technologies will have their plates full at the Ohio Fruit and Vegetable Growers Congress, being held Jan. 16-18 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. Candace Pollock Nathan Watermeier
01/09/2006 Training Workshop Offers Certification in Manure Handling MARYSVILLE, Ohio -- Manure application can be an asset for livestock producers, or a liability depending on how properly it is handled. A training workshop will be held in February for custom manure applicators interested in becoming certified or who want to learn more about manure management practices. Candace Pollock Jon Rausch
01/10/2006 Growing Technology Tracks Commodities Through Marketplace COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The same type of technology that is used to track livestock from the farm to the marketplace is now being used on other commodities, such as fruit and vegetable production. And growers can learn all about the technology at the Ohio Fruit and Vegetable Growers Congress, being held Jan. 16-18 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. Candace Pollock Matt Darr
01/18/2006 Renewable Energy Conference Focuses on Entrepreneurial Projects REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio -- Farmers, greenhouse businesses and economic development specialists interested in renewable energy entrepreneurial projects in Ohio have the opportunity to attend the Ohio Renewable Energy Conference. Candace Pollock Travis West
01/20/2006 Family Fundamentals: Now is Time to Give Your Relationship a Tune-Up My husband and I have been married seven years, and we think we have a pretty good marriage. But it might be time for a “tune-up.” Any suggestions? Martha Filipic Ted Futris
01/26/2006 Low Soybean Aphid Populations Predicted WOOSTER, Ohio -- If soybean aphids continue their annual alternating high and low population cycles, Ohio soybean growers could see very few of the insects this growing season. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
01/30/2006 Warm Winter Weather Could be Trouble for Wheat WOOSTER, Ohio -- Ohio's unseasonably mild winter could cause problems for the wheat crop once it breaks dormancy, especially if the season seesaws from snowy to warmer conditions during green-up. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul
01/31/2006 Ohio State University Extension to Host Garden Design Workshop BOWLING GREEN, Ohio -- Homeowners, landscape specialists, horticulturists, and garden enthusiasts seeking to sharpen their garden designing skills have the opportunity to attend a daylong interactive workshop on basic design. Candace Pollock Becky McCann
01/31/2006 Size Matters with Slug Feeding WOOSTER, Ohio -- The first signs of slug activity and feeding in crop fields is correlated with the size of the juveniles, according to Ohio State University entomology research. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
02/01/2006 Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference Boasts New Sessions ADA, Ohio -- Manure management -- from application techniques to environmental impacts to recycling manure nutrients -- will be a new feature of the Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference, being held Feb. 23-24 at Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio. Candace Pollock Randall Reeder
02/02/2006 Slice Your On-Farm Fuel Bill with These Simple Tips COLUMBUS, Ohio -- With diesel prices on the rise -- up nearly 50 cents from this time last year and a dollar higher than in 2004 -- a little bit of savings can go a long way when it comes to taking steps to conserve fuel on the farm. Candace Pollock Randall Reeder
02/09/2006 Forage Options Increasing for Frost Seeding ATHENS, Ohio -- Lespedeza, a drought-tolerant annual legume, is receiving attention throughout parts of Ohio as an alternative forage species to frost seed for pasture renovation. Candace Pollock Rory Lewandowski
02/14/2006 Extension Hosting Crop Profit Satellite Program COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Soybean rust fungicide management, insect control, weed resistance and economic recommendations for nitrogen will be the topics of discussion during an Ohio State University Extension Crop Profit satellite program, being held Feb. 21 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Candace Pollock Greg LaBarge
02/17/2006 Family Fundamentals: Tax refunds offer way to pay debt, boost savings I’m anticipating a healthy tax refund this year. What’s the best financial advice on what to do with it? Martha Filipic Caezilia Loibl
02/17/2006 Soybean Rust Sentinel Plots to Continue in 2006 WOOSTER, Ohio -- Sentinel plots, established throughout the country last year as the first line of defense against soybean rust, will again be a part of the plan to monitor the disease this growing season. Candace Pollock Anne Dorrance
02/21/2006 New Nitrogen Recommendations Now Available WOOSTER, Ohio -- The new nitrogen application recommendations -- focused on dollars and cents -- are now available online. Candace Pollock Robert Mullen
02/24/2006 One-Stop Agronomic Resource Still Going Strong After 40 Years COLUMBUS, Ohio -- For four decades, Ohio State University Extension has been providing Ohio farmers with everything they ever wanted to know about crop production and management with the Ohio Agronomy Guide. Candace Pollock Jim Beuerlein
02/24/2006 Chow Line: Vitamin guidance changes with age (for 3/5/06) What vitamins should an 84-year-old man take? I am in good health and I do take vitamins, but I wonder if I should take more or less. Martha Filipic Sharron Coplin
02/27/2006 Intensive Berry Training Program Being Offered to Midwest Growers PIKETON, Ohio -- Ohio State University Extension and Michigan State University Extension are joining forces to provide Midwest berry growers with an intensive two-day training on berry production and management, with a specific emphasis on blueberries. Candace Pollock Brad Bergefurd
02/28/2006 Ohio State Extension Hosts First Neonatal Calf Workshop WOOSTER, Ohio -- Cattle producers and others in the industry can increase their knowledge and skills for successfully rearing today's high-value calves by attending the first Ohio State University Neonatal Calf Care and Management Workshop. Candace Pollock Diane Shoemaker
03/03/2006 Ohio State Research Looks into Value of Cover Crops WOOSTER, Ohio -- Incorporating cover crops into a production rotation may have conservational benefits, but their short-and long-term agronomic value is still being evaluated. With new research, Ohio State University soil fertility specialists are hoping to provide more concrete results. Candace Pollock Robert Mullen
03/03/2006 Entomologist: No Formosan Termite-Infested Mulch in Ohio COLUMBUS, Ohio -- News spreading like wildfire that a destructive structural pest is hitching a ride in mulch beyond the Louisiana borders of hurricane-impacted areas is simply a rumor, says an Ohio State University Extension urban entomologist. Candace Pollock Susan Jones
03/08/2006 Economist: Demand, Not Supply Driving High Fuel Prices COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Strong global demand rather than a shortage of supply stateside is what is driving the high costs of gasoline, says an Ohio State University Extension economist. Candace Pollock Matthew Roberts
03/16/2006 Growers Not Limited to One Sprayer Option for Soybean Rust COLUMBUS, Ohio -- When it comes to managing soybean rust with fungicides, a number of application options that provide effective coverage are available to growers. Candace Pollock Erdal Ozkan
03/17/2006 Southern Ohio Corn at Risk for Stewart's Wilt WOOSTER, Ohio -- Southern and south central Ohio's corn crop may be facing a high risk of Stewart's wilt bacterial disease this growing season. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul
03/17/2006 Studies to Tackle Increasing NCLB Infections WOOSTER, Ohio -- Northern corn leaf blight may occur throughout parts of Ohio's cornfields this growing season, continuing the trend of high infection observed in susceptible hybrids over the past four years. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul