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06/10/2005 Uncommon Wheat Disease Makes Rare Appearance in Ohio WOOSTER, Ohio — A cereal rust, most problematic on wheat in the Pacific Northwest and lower central Plains states, has made a rare appearance in Ohio this year. Candace Pollock Pat Lipps
06/13/2005 Wheat and Heat Don't Mix WOOSTER, Ohio — Wheat is a cool weather-loving plant. It doesn't respond too kindly to the heat and lately in Ohio the crop's been showing it. Candace Pollock Pat Lipps
06/13/2005 Soybean Rust Moving Slower than Predicted WOOSTER, Ohio — Soybean rust is moving northward from the southern United States much slower than predicted, but Ohio's soybean crop may not be out of the woods yet. Candace Pollock Anne Dorrance
06/13/2005 Ohio State Agriculture, Medical Researchers Test Berries as Cancer-fighters COLUMBUS, Ohio — If you have any doubts that "five a day" are good for you, here's some fruit for thought: berries could save your life. An interdisciplinary team of Ohio State University food, agricultural, and medical researchers are studying berries to determine if they can stop or slow some of the biological processes that contribute to the development or spread of certain types of cancer. Mauricio Espinoza Joe Scheerens
06/14/2005 Soybean Rust-Labeled Fungicides Not Worth It for Other Diseases WOOSTER, Ohio — In the interim of soybean rust's potential arrival to Ohio, growers may be compelled to use fungicides labeled for rust to control other soybean foliar diseases. Candace Pollock Anne Dorrance
06/20/2005 Ohio State Launches Endeavor Center PIKETON, Ohio — The future of southern Ohio is now. With just a snip of the ribbon giving way to the entrance of the new Ohio State University South Centers at Piketon Endeavor Center Business Incubator and Training Facility, seven years of planning, funding and construction have turned dreams into reality for communities throughout Appalachian Ohio. Candace Pollock Steve Shepherd
06/21/2005 Formal Hort. Training in the Works for Volunteers COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohioans who dedicate their time to volunteer at public horticulture institutions and organizations may soon receive certified educational training. Candace Pollock Jenny Pope
06/23/2005 Soybean Varieties Targeted for Soybean Rust Resistance WOOSTER, Ohio — Over 500 soybean lines planted in nearly 4,000 plots will be evaluated in Ohio this season for potential resistance to soybean rust. Candace Pollock Anne Dorrance, Steve St. Martin
06/24/2005 Ohio's Corn Crop Parched COLUMBUS, Ohio — With seedling blight diseases and replanting issues out of the way, Ohio corn growers are now faced with a new challenge: inadequate rainfall. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
06/24/2005 Online Newsletter Focuses on Entrepreneurships COLUMBUS, Ohio — An online newsletter, targeted to business management, policy-making and entrepreneurship education, is now available through Ohio State University's Farm Income Enhancement Program of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. Candace Pollock Tom Sporleder
07/01/2005 Chow Line: Whats in a cheese? Just look at label (for 7/10/05) I noticed it says “natural cheese on the label of my favorite cheese. Isnt all cheese “natural? Martha Filipic Valente Alvarez
07/01/2005 Ohio State Extension Kicks Off Summer Farm Tour Series CARROLTON, Ohio -- Ohio State University Extension's Sustainable Agriculture Team has kicked off its annual Summer Farm Tour Series -- on-farm visits and learning workshops that focus on sustainable agricultural and gardening enterprises and farming skills. Candace Pollock Mike Hogan
07/05/2005 Soybean Aphid Populations on the Rise WOOSTER, Ohio — Soybean aphid populations are on the rise in Ohio, just as entomologists and other industry specialists have predicted. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
07/05/2005 Potential Spider Mite Outbreak on Soybeans WOOSTER, Ohio — The soybean aphid is not the only insect pest Ohio growers have to keep a close eye on this growing season. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
07/11/2005 Safety First on the Farm COLUMBUS, Ohio — The summer months are the busiest time of the year in Ohio agriculture, and being so, they are also the most dangerous. Candace Pollock Dee Jepsen
07/11/2005 Moisture Stress Biggest Limiting Factor in Crop Production COLUMBUS, Ohio — The biggest element in the world of agricultural production that makes or breaks a crop is water, and potential rains from Tropical Depression Dennis may bring much needed relief from the abnormally dry conditions Ohio is currently experiencing. Candace Pollock Brian Slater
07/13/2005 Soybean Rust Infections Remain Low WOOSTER, Ohio — Depending on what the remnants of Tropical Depression Dennis has in store for Ohio, incidences of soybean rust may remain very low for the next month. Candace Pollock Anne Dorrance
07/14/2005 Vinegar Makes Good Organic Herbicide PIKETON, Ohio — A common food product, famous for its smorgasbord of uses in everything from the home to health to lawn care, has been found to be an effective herbicide in vegetable and high-value fruit production. Candace Pollock Rafiq Islam
07/15/2005 Open House to Showcase Chadwick Arboretum COLUMBUS, Ohio — On Ohio State University's College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) campus sits a hidden gem of color and beauty splashed across landscapes of horticulture design. Candace Pollock Claudio Pasian, Kathy Burkholder, Mary Maloney
07/15/2005 Berry Farm Fundraiser to Support Ohio State Cancer Research MUTUAL, Ohio — Central Ohio berry lovers have the opportunity to not only eat healthier, but also give back to the science that supports the varied health benefits of the fruit. Candace Pollock Mike Pullins, Sandy Kuhn
07/21/2005 Health of Ohio's Corn Crop in Question COLUMBUS, Ohio — One thing that can protect Ohio's corn crop from drought damage is an element that the crop is lacking — ironically, driven by inadequate moisture. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
07/29/2005 OSU Extension Event to Bring the Green Industry to NW Ohio TOLEDO, Ohio -- Ohio State University Extension, along with a fledgling garden and landscape association, are looking to raise awareness of the green industry in northwest Ohio through an afternoon-driven field day. Candace Pollock Becky McCann
07/29/2005 Ohio May See Record-Breaking Wheat Yields WOOSTER, Ohio — A cool spring and low disease levels have set the stage for potential record-breaking wheat yields in Ohio. Candace Pollock Pat Lipps
08/02/2005 Federal Funding May Further Wetlands Research COLUMBUS, Ohio – Congress has its eye on Ohio State University's Olentangy River Wetland Research Park (ORWRP) to continue its research in ecological restoration, as well as to help solve a pollution problem growing in the Gulf of Mexico. Candace Pollock Bill Mitsch
08/03/2005 Grassland/Forages Focus of OSU Extension Event BROWNSVILLE, Ohio -- An extensive aspect of forage production, from management to nutrition to profit, will be the focus of the Ohio State University Extension-sponsored Central Ohio Forage and Grassland Expo. Candace Pollock Howard Siegrist
08/08/2005 School of Natural Resources Joins University Scholars Program COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State University's School of Natural Resources will be launching — through a university-wide program — an opportunity to enhance academic, co-curricular and residential experiences for undergraduate students. Candace Pollock Linda Harlow, Susan Burks
08/11/2005 Wheat Yields Excelled in 2005 Ohio Performance Test WOOSTER, Ohio — Ohio growers are in the midst of selecting wheat varieties for the next growing season, and results from the 2005 Ohio State University Extension Ohio Wheat Performance Test may prove helpful in the decision-making. Candace Pollock Pat Lipps
08/11/2005 Food Safety Workshops Target Ohio's Hispanic Workforce BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — Ohio State University Extension is offering bilingual training of proper on-farm food handling techniques to mainly aid employers and the growing number of Hispanic workers entering Ohio's workforce. Candace Pollock Francisco Espinoza
08/12/2005 Family Fundamentals: Do Your Homework When You Invest for Retirement (August 2005) I want to learn more about investing for retirement, but where can I find trustworthy information? Martha Filipic Caezilia Loibl
08/15/2005 Equine Management Focus of OSU Extension Field Day FINDLAY, Ohio -- Establishing and managing pastures and hay fields for horses is the focus of an upcoming Ohio State University Extension field day. Candace Pollock Gary Wilson