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07/16/2002 Birdseed May Make Your Plants Sick COLUMBUS, Ohio - What homeowners feed wild birds may not be very good for their plants and vegetable garden. Candace Pollock Steve Nameth
04/06/2010 Want to Grow Your Own Backyard Fruits? It's Not Hard to Get Started DELAWARE, Ohio – With the downturn in the economy and the move toward healthier, locally produced foods, more Ohio homeowners are interested in growing their own backyard fruits. They'll be happy to learn that it isn't hard to get started. Candace Pollock Gary Gao
01/22/2007 Renewable Energy a Topic at Conservation Tillage Conference ADA, Ohio -- As renewable energy demand continues to shape the uses of field crops, such as corn, the implications of those changes on agriculture is coming to the forefront. Candace Pollock Matt Roberts
02/21/2008 Transgenics Could Pose Planting Challenges This Season COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The percentage of transgenic corn hybrids increasing in Ohio may prove to make this season's planting more of a challenge. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison, Ron Hammond
06/09/2009 A Green Solution to Storm Water Management CINCINNATI, Ohio -- The city of Cincinnati is eyeing overhauling its antiquated storm water management system and Ohio State University Extension may have a "green" solution to reducing the 14 billion gallons of raw sewage that is discharged annually. Candace Pollock Dave Dyke
09/16/2005 Ohio's Corn Benefited Little from Hurricane Katrina COLUMBUS, Ohio — Rain from the remnants of Hurricane Katrina arrived too late to benefit most of Ohio's drought-stressed corn crop. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
06/12/2001 Marysville Gardens Featured in OSU Extension Event MARYSVILLE, Ohio - Seven Union County gardens will be highlighted on the Ohio State University Extension Union County Master Gardeners fifth annual Union County Tour of Gardens. Candace Pollock Laura McConnell
10/01/2002 Rains Arrive Too Late To Help Corn Crop COLUMBUS, Ohio - Recent scattered rainfall and saturated conditions generated from the remnants of Tropical Storm Isidore have arrived too late to pull Ohio's corn out its drought-stressed state, and may even prove detrimental for farmers trying to harvest their crop. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
02/01/2010 OSU Extension Offers Farmers' Market Series This Winter OWENSVILLE, Ohio – Ohio State University Extension will offer two workshops this winter as part of its Farmers' Market series for those interested in learning about food safety and direct marketing. Candace Pollock Latham Farley
11/24/2004 Ohio Soybeans On Track For Record Yields COLUMBUS, Ohio — Harvest has been long for Ohio soybean growers, but the end result is nothing to scoff at. Candace Pollock Jim Beuerlein
10/25/2006 Unharvested Corn May Be Exposed to Ear Molds WOOSTER, Ohio -- Ohio's corn crop, subjected to moist, cool conditions as it awaits harvest, is at risk from the development of ear mold -- a disease that can reduce grain quality and cause the accumulation of toxins that are harmful to livestock. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul
09/28/2010 Learn More About Commercial Wineries at OSU Extension Workshop PIKETON, Ohio – Commercial winemakers looking to expand their business or serious amateur winemakers interested in making the leap to a commercial winery have the opportunity to attend an Ohio State University Extension enology workshop on Nov. 18. Candace Pollock Julie Strawser-Moose
11/29/2007 Learn the Value of Cover Crops at the Ohio No-Till Conference WOOSTER, Ohio -- Growers interested in cover crops can learn more about their value in crop production systems during the Ohio No-Till Conference on Dec. 4. Candace Pollock Robert Mullen
04/03/2009 Putnam County to Celebrate 10 Years of Farm Safety Education COLUMBUS, Ohio -- With Ohio youth among the demographics with the highest number of injuries and fatalities per year for rural hazards, safety education both on and off the farm has become an annual effort for Ohio State University Extension. Candace Pollock Glen Arnold, Kathy Henwood
05/27/2004 Industry Decisions May Hold Key in Biotech Future COLUMBUS, Ohio — The recent setbacks in the global introduction of new biotech crops may be setting a precedent for how genetically modified (GM) crops will be produced and marketed in the future. Candace Pollock Ian Sheldon
07/01/2005 Ohio State Extension Kicks Off Summer Farm Tour Series CARROLTON, Ohio -- Ohio State University Extension's Sustainable Agriculture Team has kicked off its annual Summer Farm Tour Series -- on-farm visits and learning workshops that focus on sustainable agricultural and gardening enterprises and farming skills. Candace Pollock Mike Hogan
10/06/2004 Shrimp Production Opportunities Continue to Expand PIKETON, Ohio — Production opportunities for growers delving into the shrimp market continue to expand with newly developed Ohio State University research on feeding options. Candace Pollock Laura Tiu
10/09/2009 Phomopsis Seed Rot Showing Up in Ohio Soybeans WOOSTER, Ohio – Phomopsis seed decay is now showing up in some soybean fields in Ohio. The disease, which causes cracked, shriveled, moldy seed, impacts yield and reduces seed quality and grade. Candace Pollock Anne Dorrance
01/29/2002 Insect's Sweet Tooth Troublesome for Fruit Growers WOOSTER, Ohio - It isn't enough that homeowners must battle to keep the multicolored Asian lady beetle out of their homes, now Ohio fruit growers must contend with another one of the insect's behavioral quirks: an insatiable appetite for sugar. Candace Pollock Joe Kovach
07/17/2006 Ag Agent Conference Showcases the Success of Extension CINCINNATI, Ohio -- The 91st annual National Association of County Agricultural Agents (NACAA) Annual Meeting and Professional Improvement Conference, being held July 23-27 in Cincinnati, Ohio, is simply more than just a conference for professional development. The event celebrates the organization that has been serving U.S. citizens for nearly a century: the Cooperative Extension System. Candace Pollock Steve Baertsche
08/09/2010 Precision Ag Technology A Focus of Agronomy Field Day, Aug. 25 MILLERSPORT, Ohio – Precision agriculture and the economics of technology will be the focus of the Ohio State University Extension East Central Ohio Agronomy Field Day on Aug. 25. Candace Pollock Howard Siegrist
07/19/2007 New Department of Plant Pathology Chair Named COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Mike Boehm's Ohio State University career in plant pathology has come full circle, and it's exactly where he wants to be. Candace Pollock Mike Boehm
10/04/2007 What Are Distillers Grains Worth? Software Tool Calculates Value COLUMBUS, Ohio -- An Ohio State University computer software program, developed to aid livestock producers in making more informed commodity feed purchases, can now be used to calculate the nutritional and economic worth of distillers grains. Candace Pollock Normand St-Pierre
07/01/2008 New Initiative to Boost Business End of Ohio Tourism PIKETON, Ohio -- Ohio State University Extension is providing leadership to create a new resource tool enabling Ohio businesses to tap into the $38 billion Ohio tourism industry. Candace Pollock Julie Fox
10/14/2010 Variable SCN Counts May Change the Way Farmers Sample Fields WOOSTER, Ohio – It's that time of year to sample fields for soybean cyst nematode, and new Ohio State University research is indicating that soybean producers may need to double up their efforts to analyze soil for eggs. Candace Pollock Anne Dorrance
01/22/2009 Renovating Pastures? Try Frost Seeding ATHENS, Ohio -- Frost seeding is viewed as a low-cost method for livestock producers looking to renovate pastures while increasing yields and improving quality with little commercial nitrogen. Candace Pollock Rory Lewandowski
03/29/2005 Workshop About the Business of Hydroponics WALDO, Ohio — Creating and maintaining a hydroponic greenhouse business requires management savvy, a productive labor force and the assurance that consumers receive a safe product. Candace Pollock Mary Donnell
03/23/2006 Got Beef? Getting the Most Out of Dairy Cattle WOOSTER, Ohio -- Dairy cattle are not only raised for milk production, but they are also raised for beef. With over 260,000 milk cows present in Ohio, getting quality out of the quantity is a challenging aspect for cattle producers. Candace Pollock Diane Shoemaker
10/02/2010 Ohio 4-H Engineering Team Places at National Contest COLUMBUS, Ohio – A team of 10 Ohio 4-H members earned individual honors at the 60th Annual National 4-H Engineering Challenge recently held in West Lafayette, Ind., for projects emphasizing engineering, science and technology. Candace Pollock Randall Reeder
11/25/2003 Record-High Corn Yields Expected for Ohio COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio corn growers are marching into a record-yielding season, all thanks to wise hybrid selections, good management practices and, most of all, some well-timed favorable weather. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison