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11/24/2004 Ohio Soybeans On Track For Record Yields COLUMBUS, Ohio — Harvest has been long for Ohio soybean growers, but the end result is nothing to scoff at. Candace Pollock Jim Beuerlein
09/10/2004 Pumpkins Facing Another Year of Diseases COLUMBUS, Ohio — There doesn't seem to be one year where pumpkin growers escape serious disease issues. And this year is no different. Candace Pollock Mac Riedel
10/29/2007 Make Sure Alternative Forages Contain Adequate Nutrients WOOSTER, Ohio -- For livestock producers facing hay shortages this winter, finding alternative forages is not as much of a challenge as providing feed sources with adequate protein and energy for overall ruminant health. Candace Pollock Francis Fluharty
08/11/2008 Connecting Food Buyers and Sellers with MarketMaker at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio -- Ohio MarketMaker, which launched earlier this year, is making it easier for buyers and sellers within Ohio's food supply chain to connect and build relationships. Visitors to this year's Farm Science Review can learn more about MarketMaker, how it works, and how the new tool can assist them with their business. Candace Pollock Julie Fox
03/03/2009 OSU Extension Workshop to Explore Bioenergy Opportunities in Southern Ohio Editor: Please note that this workshop has been cancelled as of March 23 due to lower than expected registrations. PIKETON, Ohio -- With nearly 70 percent of southern Ohio's land cover invested in farmland and forests, opportunities abound to convert those resources into bioenergy products. An Ohio State University workshop will be offered this month that will explore the feasibility of producing and processing bioenergy crops to meet growing energy demands while stimulating the local economy. Candace Pollock Maurus Brown
12/04/2006 Direct Marketing Conference to Highlight Trends, Profits COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio ranks in the top five nationally for direct farm sales, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and a direct marketing conference taking place in January is designed to keep Ohio farmers at the top when it comes to exploring trend opportunities, reaching new markets, and improving their bottom line. Candace Pollock Julie Fox
03/29/2005 Workshop About the Business of Hydroponics WALDO, Ohio — Creating and maintaining a hydroponic greenhouse business requires management savvy, a productive labor force and the assurance that consumers receive a safe product. Candace Pollock Mary Donnell
06/17/2010 Soybean Rust Confirmed in Southern U.S., But Little Threat to Ohio Crop WOOSTER, Ohio – Soybean rust has been reported on soybeans in the southern United States for the first time this year, but it's unlikely that Ohio soybean growers will have to worry about the disease this growing season. Candace Pollock Anne Dorrance
03/23/2006 Got Beef? Getting the Most Out of Dairy Cattle WOOSTER, Ohio -- Dairy cattle are not only raised for milk production, but they are also raised for beef. With over 260,000 milk cows present in Ohio, getting quality out of the quantity is a challenging aspect for cattle producers. Candace Pollock Diane Shoemaker
11/09/2010 Beef Cattle Competition Teaches Youth Farm to Market Management Techniques WOOSTER, Ohio – The best quality steaks that consumers demand at the grocery store start with the right beef cattle management techniques on the farm, and Ohio youth can learn what it takes to be successful in the livestock industry through a "real world" Ohio State University Extension beef cattle production competition. Candace Pollock Carrie Pickworth
01/29/2002 Insect's Sweet Tooth Troublesome for Fruit Growers WOOSTER, Ohio - It isn't enough that homeowners must battle to keep the multicolored Asian lady beetle out of their homes, now Ohio fruit growers must contend with another one of the insect's behavioral quirks: an insatiable appetite for sugar. Candace Pollock Joe Kovach
02/13/2003 Geospatial Conference Highlights Success of Technology COLUMBUS, Ohio — Learning to use a variety of geospatial technologies and successfully applying them to agriculture and natural resources land use planning and management will be the key focus of an in-depth Ohio geospatial technology conference — the first program of its nature to be held in the United States. Candace Pollock Nathan Watermeier
05/22/2002 Soggy Fields May Promote Wheat Diseases WOOSTER, Ohio - Excessive wet weather throughout Ohio the past several weeks may cause problems with disease development in the state's wheat crop. Candace Pollock Pat Lipps
06/04/2008 Cereal Leaf Beetle is Back in Ohio WOOSTER, Ohio -- The cereal leaf beetle, a wheat pest of bygone days, is becoming more numerous again in Ohio, and some cereal grain growers are seeing feeding damage to their crop this season. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
12/03/2008 Breeder Contributions Helped Shape Soybean Industry COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The last three decades of Ohio soybean production have been good ones -- marked by improved Phytophthora cultivars, a new market for tofu soybeans, and one of the most popular soybean varieties ever grown in Ohio. Candace Pollock Steve St. Martin
09/15/2009 Ag Icon Gone, But His Work Must Carry On, Says OSU Soil Scientist COLUMBUS, Ohio – The global agricultural community lost an icon on Sept. 12. Candace Pollock Rattan Lal
09/05/2006 Early Bird Economic Outlook for Early Risers at FSR LONDON, Ohio -- Early risers looking for the scoop on economic, business or policy issues will have the opportunity to check out new sessions at Ohio State University's Farm Science Review that kick off when the gates open. Candace Pollock Matt Roberts, Stan Ernst
04/27/2010 OSU Extension Helping Ohio Schools Better Manage Pests COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio State University Extension is helping Ohio school systems better manage pest problems while meeting requirements to become Integrated Pest Management (IPM) "Star Certified." Candace Pollock Barb Bloetscher
08/15/2007 Millin', Chillin', and Grillin' Returns to Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio -- Music, food, and a little rest and relaxation will be the order of each day at Utzinger Garden during at Ohio State University's Farm Science Review. Candace Pollock Pam Bennett
12/20/2005 Ohio State Students Help in Hurricane Recovery Efforts BATON ROUGE, La -- What do buckeyes and tigers have in common? Most likely nothing, but when it comes to rebuilding the lives of hurricane victims, they are indistinguishable. Candace Pollock Mark Schexnayder, Rene Schmit, Rusty Batty
11/06/2001 Corn Yields Good Despite Variable Weather, Diseases COLUMBUS, Ohio - Despite early season wet weather, late season drought and stalk lodging issues caused by diseases, Ohio's corn crop is producing better-than-expected yields. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
07/22/2002 Ohio State-Sponsored Berry Tour Held July 30 URBANA, Ohio - Thinking about diving into red and black raspberry production? Learn about the successes and failures of some berry growers through an Ohio State University-sponsored berry tour on July 30. Candace Pollock Sandy Kuhn
04/02/2008 Manure Management Focus of One-Day Summer Event LONDON, Ohio -- As fertilizer prices continue to soar, crop producers may be turning to manure for their fertility needs. Manure management will be the focus of a one-day event, being held this summer at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center in London, Ohio. Candace Pollock Tami Combs
09/08/2008 Be a Part of Ohio's Grape/Wine Industries. Learn How at Farm Science Review. LONDON, Ohio -- Over 750,000 gallons of wine were produced from Ohio's 2,200 acres of vineyards last year, and with demand outstripping supply, interested producers can learn what it takes to establish their own vineyard at this year's Farm Science Review. Candace Pollock Maurus Brown
07/21/2009 Take a Walk Through Corn's History at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio -- The evolution of corn in North America, spanning about 1,000 years, will be part of a new exhibit at Ohio State University's Farm Science Review. Candace Pollock Jonah Johnson
02/17/2010 Get Corn Production Tips from the Experts at Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference ADA, Ohio – From achieving 300 bushel-per-acre corn, to choosing the right hybrids, to managing production challenges, attendees of the Ohio State University Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference will learn what it takes to grow a successful crop. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
06/18/2007 Hot, Dry Conditions Could Invite Two-Spotted Spider Mite WOOSTER, Ohio -- Ohio's abnormally dry to moderate drought conditions could set the stage for potential problems from a pest that thrives under such an environment. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
09/19/2005 Using Optical Sensors to Improve Nitrogen Management WOOSTER, Ohio — Nitrogen management is probably the single most variable production input growers face in agriculture, and with the continued increase in fertilizer costs, application efficiency is becoming increasingly important. Candace Pollock Robert Mullen
04/24/2002 It's Gypsy Moth Time Again WOOSTER, Ohio - Gypsy moths have begun emerging throughout Ohio and forestry officials speculate the invasive insects will continue to spread throughout the southeastern half of the state. Candace Pollock Dan Herms
10/15/2002 Dry Weather Boosting Apple Quality COLUMBUS, Ohio - The growing season's dry weather may have hurt some crops, like corn and soybeans, but has done wonders for Ohio's apples. Candace Pollock Dick Funt