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10/01/2009 Freshwater Prawn Finding Niche in Ohio Aquaculture PIKETON, Ohio – On a recent cloudy morning at Ohio State University’s South Centers at Piketon, a large group of visitors watched curiously as researchers and volunteers netted an aquaculture species many would consider out of place in Ohio: the freshwater prawn. Candace Pollock Laura Tiu
09/11/2002 Corn Diseases Not Helping Drought-Stressed Plants WOOSTER, Ohio - The presence of corn leaf diseases throughout Ohio is adding additional stresses to drought-stressed plants and may predispose the crop to stalk quality problems. Candace Pollock Pat Lipps
12/15/2009 Web Site Helps Beginning Farmers BELPRE, Ohio -- When the recession forced Lynn Wiblin into unemployment from her manufacturing job earlier this year, she turned to the land to get back on her feet. Following in the footsteps of generations of family farming, she has turned 15 acres in Washington County into a vegetable farm that not only will provide for her and her family, but also help support the local economy. Candace Pollock Mike Hogan
02/07/2008 OSU Extension Holds First Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist Conference BUTLER, Ohio -- Ohio State University Extension will be offering its first Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist conference to meet recertification requirements of program members and create interest among new participants so they can become more effective volunteers. Candace Pollock J.P. Lieser
09/13/2010 OSU Extension e-Store Selling Educational Publications at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio – Farm Science Review visitors will have the opportunity to take home a little piece of Ohio State University educational sessions being offered during the show. Candace Pollock Cindy McCain
01/23/2002 Nursery Production Technique Becoming a Growing Trend COLUMBUS, Ohio - A relatively new landscape and nursery stock production technique that combines conventional field and container practices is finding a successful niche in the industry. Candace Pollock Hannah Mathers
11/19/2008 OBIC Pursuing Soy-Based Technologies COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The soybean, its use once limited to agriculture, is cementing a place in industry as a biodegradable substitute for petroleum in a variety of commercial products. Candace Pollock Kenneth Anderson
12/09/2005 New Youth Beef Cattle Show Targets Market Performance COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio youth enrolled in 4-H or FFA market beef projects will have the opportunity to participate in a program rewarding cattle for traits which determine their value beyond the feedlot and into the marketplace. Candace Pollock Amy Radunz
10/19/2006 Researchers Working to Improve Crop Production in India COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State University is joining three other U.S. academic institutions in efforts to boost crop production in India by improving existing water resources. Candace Pollock Rattan Lal
09/02/2009 Growing Produce Using Hydroponics Showcased at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio – Ohio lettuce growers looking for new, innovative ways of growing produce year-round have hydroponics as a viable alternative. The technology will be demonstrated during Farm Science Review, Sept. 22-24 at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center in London, Ohio. Candace Pollock Robert Hansen
08/22/2003 Corn Yield Projections Rosy Despite Growing Pains COLUMBUS, Ohio — Flooded fields, reduced stands, seedling blights, poor root development, leaf defoliation, hail and wind damage — you name it, the corn crop has suffered through it. But despite the shaky growing season, early yield projections are rosy. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
10/25/2004 Say Good-bye to Manually Controlled Sprayers COLUMBUS, Ohio — Spraying is one of the most stressful operations in agriculture, not only requiring concentration from the operator to avoid chemical drift or overlap, but also manual operation of boom sections that house the sprayer nozzles. A new advancement in precision agriculture technology may change that. Candace Pollock Jeff Rohlena, Reza Ehsani
11/26/2007 OSU Extension to Hold Central Ohio Agronomy Day NEWARK, Ohio -- Growing organic matter, managing foliar fungicides, enhancing soybean traits, and farming with precision technology are just some of the topics being covered during the Central Ohio Agronomy Day on Dec. 18. Candace Pollock Howard Siegrist
07/20/2010 Corn Production Techniques Showcased at SW Ohio Corn Growers Field Day WASHINGTON COURT HOUSE, Ohio – Corn production and management techniques will be the focus of the Southwest Ohio Corn Growers and Fayette County Agronomy Field Day on Aug. 18. Candace Pollock John Yost
11/27/2007 Crawford/Huron Agronomy Day Slated for December 11 WILLARD, Ohio -- Managing crop fertilizer inputs, examining corn hybrids for insect management, and evaluating the payback to corn or soybean fungicide applications will be among the featured topics at Ohio State University Extension's Crawford/Huron Agronomy Day. Candace Pollock Steve Prochaska
07/26/2010 Western Bean Cutworm Egg Masses and Larvae Found in Ohio WOOSTER, Ohio – For the first time since the trapping of Western bean cutworm moths in corn began in 2006, Ohio State University research entomologists have identified egg masses and larvae. The find reveals that populations continue to increase and that growers will need to monitor the pest in the future. Candace Pollock Andy Michel
10/30/2001 Strategies to Help Control Mastitis to be Discussed at Dairy Conference COLUMBUS, Ohio - Effectively managing the period between lactation and calving of dairy cattle is a key to controlling mastitis, a bacterial infection that affects milk quality and production. Candace Pollock Richard Meiring
09/03/2008 Bats: Dispel the Myths and Learn the Truths at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio -- Fact or fiction: Bats are flying rodents. Not true. Bats feed on human blood. Nope. Bats love to get tangled in your hair. Wrong again. Get the real facts about this unique animal at this year's Ohio State University Farm Science Review. Candace Pollock Marne Titchenell
09/13/2005 Testing the Best Fungicide Coverage for Soybean Rust WOOSTER, Ohio — Soybean rust may be a manageable disease, but getting effective fungicide coverage with the most efficient equipment and the least amount of cost may turn out to be a challenge. Candace Pollock Erdal Ozkan
07/14/2006 Ohio State Soil Scientist Receives Prestigious Award COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A world-renowned Ohio State University soil scientist has received a prestigious World Congress of Soil Science award, an honor bestowed upon recipients once every four years in conjunction with the World Congress of Soil Science conference. Candace Pollock Rattan Lal
07/16/2009 New Changes to APV Laws. Get the Details at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio – Ohioans who own all-purpose vehicles (APVs) -- such as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), mini-bikes and trail bikes – may not be aware of some new operational laws that took effect on July 1, 2009. Candace Pollock Peggy Hall
07/12/2007 Assess Corn for Rootworm Injury WOOSTER, Ohio -- Like other insects and plant pests, Western corn rootworm is making an early appearance in Ohio due to hot, dry conditions -- prompting field scouting for feeding injury. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
06/16/2004 Waterman a Model for Water Conservation COLUMBUS, Ohio — Agricultural run-off into surface waters is one of the leading causes of water pollution, especially in area watersheds. But there are ways to achieve zero nutrient run off and an upcoming field day is designed to show farmers just how to accomplish this. Candace Pollock Dale Arnold, Larry Brown
10/01/2007 Corn Stover Removal Decreases Soil Carbon, Impacts Crop COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Removing corn stover for use in ethanol production decreases the amount of carbon stored in the soil, and has an adverse impact on overall soil fertility and crop development, according to Ohio State University research. Candace Pollock Humberto Blanco
05/19/2010 Cereal Leaf Beetle Outbreak on Ohio Wheat WOOSTER, Ohio – Economic populations of cereal leaf beetle are being found on Ohio wheat. This could be the year the pest, making a comeback in Ohio, causes widespread problems, says Ohio State University Extension entomologist Ron Hammond. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
06/30/2008 $5 Million Third Frontier Grant to Advance Granule Technology COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The performance of a liquid combined with the convenience of a capsule is the focus of a $5 million three-year Third Frontier Grant exploring advanced granule technologies that address the economic, health and environmental concerns of the turfgrass, horticulture and agricultural industries. Candace Pollock Steve Slack, Denny Hall, Stephen Myers, Debra Crow
08/29/2001 Ornamental Plant Disease New to Ohio Poses Threat to Daylilies COLUMBUS, Ohio - An ornamental plant disease, first diagnosed in Ohio last month, can pose a serious threat to daylilies. Candace Pollock Steve Nameth
06/24/2005 Ohio's Corn Crop Parched COLUMBUS, Ohio — With seedling blight diseases and replanting issues out of the way, Ohio corn growers are now faced with a new challenge: inadequate rainfall. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
04/23/2009 Diagnose Woody Plant Pests and Diseases at Plant Diagnostic Academy DAYTON, Ohio -- Diagnosing pest and disease problems of woody plants isn't always a simple matter, but an Ohio State University Extension program will be held in May that is designed to make the process a bit easier. Candace Pollock Kathy Smith
05/14/2007 Worried About Fuel Prices? Grow Cover Crops for Fertilizer Needs PIKETON, Ohio -- Cover crops, if planted at the right time and used with the proper crop rotation, can be biomass workhorses. Candace Pollock Rafiq Islam