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08/17/2012 Chow Line: Understanding HDLs can be complex (8/17/12) I have always been proud of my high HDL level, but I heard recently that it might not be very important in terms of heart disease after all. What happened? Martha Filipic Hugo Melgar-Quinonez
04/29/2009 Chow Line: Pork and swine flu: the rest of the story (for 5/10/09) I keep hearing that even though swine flu is spreading, pork is safe to eat as long as it is cooked properly. What does that mean? Martha Filipic Julie Shertzer
05/17/2002 Chow Line: Wash those fruits and veggies (for 5/26/02) Some cantaloupe was recently recalled because of salmonella. I thought that was mostly a problem with chicken and eggs. How did it get on fruit? Martha Filipic Jaime Ackerman
01/13/2011 Study: Inexpensive Cleaners Can Effectively Sanitize Kitchen Surfaces COLUMBUS, Ohio -- New estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that 1 in 6 Americans gets sick from food-borne illness each year. Consumers can take steps to protect themselves and their families by cleaning and sanitizing kitchen surfaces regularly.   Martha Filipic Lydia Medeiros
10/04/2007 Chow Line: Try hummus as a healthful spread, dip Is hummus considered a healthful food? I think it probably is, but I wonder about the fat in it. How is it made? Martha Filipic Jaime Foster
03/01/2012 Community Nutrition Programs and Partners Help Thousands Get Their 'Plate in Shape' COLUMBUS, Ohio -- As National Nutrition Month swings into gear, dietitians and nutrition specialists hope to inspire people from all walks of life to eat more whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and make other healthy choices every day. Martha Filipic Joyce McDowell, Ana Claudia Zubieta, Maria Carmen Lambea, Diane Cummins, Karen Colonia-Abel, Kevin Brumbaugh
03/19/2010 Chow Line: Chewing the cud on grass-fed beef (for 3/28/10) We keep hearing good things about grass-fed beef. Is it really that much better for you? Martha Filipic Julie Shertzer, Jeff McCutcheon
12/14/2012 Project Cultivates Tanzanian Agricultural Expertise for Future COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Tanzania, a country of 42 million nestled on the east coast of Africa, is undergoing a sea change demographically. Currently, about one-third of Tanzanians live below the poverty line, and more than 4 of 10 Tanzanian children suffer from stunting due to malnutrition. By 2050, Tanzania's population is anticipated to double, and its urban population will exceed its rural population. Martha Filipic J. Mark Erbaugh
12/01/2006 Chow Line: Enjoy cashews, but avoid their shells (for 12/10/06) Why can't you buy cashews in the shell, like you can with walnuts, peanuts and other types of nuts? Martha Filipic Gail Kaye, Michelle Tansy
03/30/2012 Chow Line: Enjoy eggs, but keep safety in mind (3/30/12) I know that eggs can be contaminated with Salmonella if the hen that laid the egg is infected. But how common is this? Martha Filipic Linnette Goard
11/23/2010 Chow Line: Enjoy, but keep control over holidays (for 12/5/10) There's so much good food around during the holidays, I have a hard time controlling my eating. And, it's getting harder and harder to lose the extra pounds after the first of the year. Any tips? Martha Filipic Julie Kennel
04/17/2009 Chow Line: Need a wake-up call on caffeine? (for 4/26/09) When the time changed this spring, I found myself drinking a lot more coffee, and I haven't stopped. Should I be concerned about caffeine? Martha Filipic Julie Shertzer
03/05/2010 Chow Line: Choosing syrup can be sticky (for 3/14/10) Is "real" maple syrup healthier than "maple-flavored" or "pancake" syrups? Martha Filipic Julie Shertzer
06/21/2006 Family Fundamentals: Keep your finances in mind when vacation planning (for June 2006) We’re planning a summer family vacation, but money is tighter than I anticipated and I don’t want to put too much on credit. Any ideas to save money? Martha Filipic Sharon Seiling
08/29/2008 Chow Line: Carrots healthful, not 'full of sugar' (for 9/7/08) At lunchtime recently, several of my colleagues claimed that carrots are "full of sugar." Is that true? Martha Filipic Carla Miller
12/19/2001 Chow Line: Washing hands can make you feel good (for 1/6/02) How can I convince my teenager to wash his hands before he eats? Martha Filipic Lydia Medeiros
01/13/2011 Jan. 22: Score of Super Sleuths to Study Salicylates in 4-H Science Saturday Session COLUMBUS, Ohio -- "Salicylate Sleuths: Finding Drugs in Everyday Materials" is the topic of January's Ohio 4-H "Science Saturday" program for kids. Martha Filipic Sally McClaskey
10/26/2007 Chow Line: Glucose numbers depend on test used (for 11/4/07) My husband was diagnosed with diabetes with a blood sugar level of 180 milligrams per deciliter. A friend who has diabetes said 180 is really pre-diabetes -- a level of 200 is needed for diabetes. Why would the doctor say my husband has diabetes? Martha Filipic Martha Belury
05/04/2007 Chow Line: Be smart, informed when eating out (for 5/13/07) I'm trying to lose weight, but it's hard when we eat out. Any tips? Martha Filipic Lydia Medeiros
08/04/2011 Ohio State Scientists to Share in $25 Million Grant to Study Virus-Related Foodborne Illness COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Four Ohio State University scientists are part of a multi-state $25 million effort to reduce the number of foodborne illnesses caused by viruses. Martha Filipic Richard Linton, Jianrong Li, Linda Saif, Qiuhong Wang
05/19/2011 Ohio 4-H Prepares Young People for the Workforce COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio 4-H isn't billed as a workforce preparation program. But in many important ways, the youth development program helps Ohio's children and teens build the skills they'll need once they enter the working world. Martha Filipic Tom Archer, Theresa Ferrari, Nate Arnett
06/20/2008 Chow Line: Scientists examining risks of raw produce (for 6/29/08) It seems like there have been more food safety problems with fresh produce in recent years. How do fruits and vegetables become contaminated? Martha Filipic Jeffrey LeJeune
01/04/2012 Researchers Unravel Challenges of Drug-Resistant Bacteria COLUMBUS, Ohio -- For years, medical professionals and the livestock industry have made great efforts not to overuse antibiotics, but drug-resistant microorganisms continue to thrive.   Martha Filipic Hua Wang
05/14/2010 Chow Line: Shellac on apples not a concern (for 5/123/10) I've heard that most apples have wax or shellac on them that's hard to wash off. I'm especially concerned about shellac -- is it safe to eat? Martha Filipic Diane Miller
06/23/2011 Economist: Don't Blame Rising Food Prices on Fuel Costs COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Consumers continue to pay high prices at the fuel pump, and costs are also rising at the grocery store. But an Ohio State University agricultural economist says the two aren't related as much as people might think. Martha Filipic Ian Sheldon
10/10/2012 Shale Energy Community Education Workshop Planned for Nov. 10 CAMBRIDGE, Ohio -- Ohio State University Extension is hosting a community education workshop on shale energy development on Nov. 10. Martha Filipic Peggy Kirk Hall
12/14/2012 Chow Line: Watch sugar intake over holidays (12/14/12) I have a sweet tooth. I’ve been cutting back on sugar lately, but I’m worried about the holidays and all the extra sweets. Do you have any guidance? Martha Filipic Carolyn Gunther
06/29/2012 Chow Line: Estimate portion sizes with ‘handy’ tool (6/29/12) I want to make sure I’m eating the proper portion sizes, but I don’t want to weigh and measure everything I eat. Is there an easy way to estimate servings of different foods? Martha Filipic Dan Remley
12/08/2006 Chow Line: Don't grow Santa's belly during the holidays (for 12/17/06) I really do not want to gain weight over the holidays this year. Any good tips? Martha Filipic Jaime Foster
12/03/2010 Chow Line: Start with fish to increase omega-3s (for 12/12/10) The more I hear about omega-3 fatty acids, the more I want them in my diet. Which foods are highest in omega-3s? Martha Filipic Julie Kennel