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06/26/2007 OSU Extension and 4-H Team Up on ATV Safety COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Improper use and lack of safety gear are the two major causes of ATV (all-terrain vehicle) crashes for both youth and adults. Ohio State University Extension and the National 4-H Council are teaming up this summer and fall to educate ATV operators so that a fun time doesn't turn into a disaster. Candace Pollock Randall Reeder
09/12/2001 Ohio Corn Growers Facing Stalk Quality Issues WOOSTER, Ohio - Severe stalk rot from anthracnose, a corn residue-borne disease, is creating the potential for stalk lodging throughout Ohio cornfields. Candace Pollock Pat Lipps
08/30/2004 International Relations Bringing Agribusiness Skills to Africa PIKETON, Ohio — Ohio State University South Centers at Piketon, in conjunction with Ohio State's International Programs in Agriculture, is teaming up with a university in east Africa to bring agribusiness skills to its country's residents. Candace Pollock Tom Worley, Mark Erbaugh
11/07/2005 Extending the Life of Flowering Plants at the Molecular Level WOOSTER, Ohio — Flowering plants are most eye-catching when healthy and in full-bloom vigor. But something always happens to them in the pot at the nursery or in the vase on someone's kitchen table —leaves wilt; the blooms eventually die. And for many, this death tends to occur sooner rather than later. Candace Pollock Michelle Jones
04/23/2009 Diagnose Woody Plant Pests and Diseases at Plant Diagnostic Academy DAYTON, Ohio -- Diagnosing pest and disease problems of woody plants isn't always a simple matter, but an Ohio State University Extension program will be held in May that is designed to make the process a bit easier. Candace Pollock Kathy Smith
01/25/2010 Workshop to Aid Producers in Managing Crop Risk COLUMBUS, Ohio – Changes in farm legislation, expansion of new technologies such as biofuels, and volatile shifts in crop prices have driven many producers to change the way they manage crop production and risk. Candace Pollock Dean Baldwin
09/20/2010 First Grain Bin Rescue Tube for Public Use Donated to Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio – Rescue tubes are a necessary piece of emergency equipment when rescuing someone in an on-farm grain bin accident. The first grain rescue tube developed for public use 28 years ago will be donated to Farm Science Review during a special ceremony on Sept. 21 during the show. Candace Pollock Bernie Scott
11/07/2007 Despite Summer Drought, Corn Yields Heading for Record Books COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Despite an abnormally dry season, and in some cases a severe drought, Ohio's corn harvest is wrapping up with better-than-expected yields, much to the surprise of growers and agronomists alike. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
04/18/2007 Ohio's Wheat May Have Escaped Frost Damage WOOSTER, Ohio -- The recent bout of cold weather may have slowed the development of Ohio's wheat crop, but frost damage is anticipated to be less severe in Ohio than in more southern wheat-growing states. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul
08/19/2008 A Good Year for Ohio Wheat WOOSTER, Ohio -- Perfect timing of rain and cool temperatures kept disease levels low and crop performance at its peak for Ohio's wheat. The result: a good year for yields. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul
07/24/2001 Asian Soybean Finding New Home in Ohio's Specialty Crop Market WOOSTER, Ohio - Ohio State University researchers are hoping to turn the soybean into a vegetable crop. Candace Pollock Sally Miller, Ron Fioritto
08/08/2005 School of Natural Resources Joins University Scholars Program COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State University's School of Natural Resources will be launching — through a university-wide program — an opportunity to enhance academic, co-curricular and residential experiences for undergraduate students. Candace Pollock Linda Harlow, Susan Burks
03/02/2009 Growing Berries for Optimum Health Benefits WOOSTER, Ohio – Black raspberries contain cancer-fighting properties, but how much those compounds benefit the consumer may depend on environmental factors and cultural practices, according to Ohio State University research. Candace Pollock Joe Scheerens
01/19/2005 Winning the War Against Soybean Rust Requires a Strategy COLUMBUS, Ohio — The best weapon growers have to fighting soybean rust is fungicides, but an effective job of controlling the disease is questionable without an application strategy. Candace Pollock Erdal Ozkan
05/29/2002 Increased Farm Bill Funding Means More Conservation Results COLUMBUS, Ohio - With a 10 percent increase in funding over the 1996 Farm Bill, introduction of new programs and 21 percent of the 2002 Farm Bill's budget devoted to conservation, improvements to water quality, wildlife habitats and the environment appears to be increasing in importance. Candace Pollock Brent Sohngen
10/07/2009 More Health Care Options for Some Ohio Residents with New Cooperative PIKETON, Ohio – Some counties across Appalachia Ohio may see a boost in health care management and an increase in more affordable insurance options in early 2010 as the result of a new healthcare cooperative developed, in part, by a $200,000 rural economic development grant awarded to Ohio State University. Candace Pollock Tom Snyder
08/05/2010 Launch a Wine Grape Business. Learn How at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio – Ohio growers interested in launching a wine grape business or expanding an existing vineyard can learn more about the new Vineyard Expansion Assistance Program at Ohio State University's Farm Science Review. Candace Pollock Maurus Brown
08/31/2007 Forage Production Strategies for Horses at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio -- With alfalfa harvest falling short and much of Ohio's pastureland unsuitable for forage due to this season's drought, managing adequate, high-quality feed for horses has become a challenge for many owners. Candace Pollock Gary Wilson
10/12/2010 Now's the Time to Sample for Soybean Cyst Nematode WOOSTER, Ohio – Harvesting corn and soybeans may be the only thing on the minds of Ohio growers at the moment, but they shouldn't overlook the importance of soil testing for soybean cyst nematode. Candace Pollock Dennis Mills
12/19/2006 Don't Forget Disease Resistance When Choosing Corn Hybrids COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Disease resistance shouldn't be overlooked when choosing corn hybrids for next season, especially if growers plan to make the switch to continuous corn. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison, Pierce Paul
06/17/2008 High Tunnels May Protect Brambles from Winter Injury PIKETON, Ohio -- High tunnels, plastic-covered structures placed on small tracts of land, can lengthen the growing season of high-value vegetable crops, such as tomatoes. Now Ohio State University Extension horticulturists are using them to improve winter hardiness of brambles. Candace Pollock Shawn Wright
05/07/2002 Biotechnology Consortium Seeks to Improve Ohio's Agricultural Industries COLUMBUS, Ohio - In recent years, biotechnology has largely been associated with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), genetically engineered organisms (GEOs), or some other form of cross breeding or genetic alteration. Candace Pollock Terry Graham
05/05/2005 The Changing Face of Computers in Agriculture COLUMBUS, Ohio — More Ohio farmers are jumping on the technology bandwagon. Computer adoption is increasing, according to an Ohio State University Extension survey. But what is even more revealing is how the use of such technology is changing. Candace Pollock Marvin Batte
11/25/2008 Learn How to Maximize Yields at Ohio No-Till Conference PLAIN CITY, Ohio -- Optimum yields and maximum profits of no-till corn start at planting. Attendees to Ohio's No-Till Conference Dec. 9 will learn what is required to improve seed placement and plant stands with the proper adjustments of farm equipment. Candace Pollock Randall Reeder
03/06/2002 Nematode Species Effective Biological Control of Slugs WOOSTER, Ohio - A common European nematode has been found to be an effective parasite of grey garden slugs, and Ohio State University researchers are hoping to find the species in the United States or Canada for use as a biological control. Candace Pollock Parwinder Grewal
07/26/2002 Drought-Stressed Corn Struggling to Produce a Crop COLUMBUS, Ohio - Hit-and-miss rain showers that have been recently soaking parts of Ohio may not be enough to relieve the corn crop's drought stress, ultimately resulting in significant yield losses. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
05/18/2006 New Ohio Master Gardener Coordinator Appointed SPRINGFIELD, Ohio -- Two years after Ohio State University Extension's statewide Master Gardener coordinator position was dissolved due to lack of funds, it's now been given new life. Candace Pollock Pam Bennett
09/02/2009 International IPM Program a Success for Tomato Producers in Africa COLUMBUS, Ohio – An international collaborative Integrated Pest Management (IPM) project to improve tomato production in Uganda has met with success among small-scale farmers in the African nation. Candace Pollock Mark Erbaugh
05/27/2010 Scout Soybean Fields for Water-Borne Diseases WOOSTER, Ohio – Ohio soybean growers should be keeping an eye on their crop for water-borne diseases that may have cropped up during the recent heavy rains. Candace Pollock Anne Dorrance
09/26/2006 Another Farm Science Review, Another Success LONDON, Ohio -- With near-perfect weather, close to 600 exhibitors and a successful collaboration between Ohio State and Purdue universities, Farm Science Review saw attendance increase 8.5 percent over last year to nearly 130,000 visitors. Candace Pollock Chuck Gamble