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11/12/2002 Ohio Peach Industry Peachy Keen COLUMBUS, Ohio - Peaches may very well be one of Ohio agriculture's best-kept secrets. Candace Pollock Dick Funt
05/14/2007 Worried About Fuel Prices? Grow Cover Crops for Fertilizer Needs PIKETON, Ohio -- Cover crops, if planted at the right time and used with the proper crop rotation, can be biomass workhorses. Candace Pollock Rafiq Islam
04/21/2005 Soybean Aphids Now Overwinter in Ohio WOOSTER, Ohio — The soybean aphid, a pest known to invade Ohio soybean fields each year from the north, has now been found to overwinter in the state. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
04/14/2006 Scout Fields Now for Alfalfa Weevil WOOSTER, Ohio -- Scouting for field crop insects is not just left to corn and soybean growers. Now is the time for alfalfa producers to begin scouting their fields for alfalfa weevil, an insect that can cause severe defoliation if left unchecked. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
04/27/2010 Jury Still Out in Ohio on Twin-Row Corn Yield Potential COLUMBUS, Ohio – Twin-row corn is becoming more of an attractive production practice for growers across the Midwest, but the jury is still out in Ohio on its yield potential, according to Ohio State University Extension research. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
08/29/2001 Ornamental Plant Disease New to Ohio Poses Threat to Daylilies COLUMBUS, Ohio - An ornamental plant disease, first diagnosed in Ohio last month, can pose a serious threat to daylilies. Candace Pollock Steve Nameth
04/01/2009 CFAES International Office Tackling Tough Issues COLUMBUS, Ohio -- One of the oldest international offices at Ohio State University, which was recently honored as International Organization of the Year by the Columbus Council on World Affairs, tackles some of today's most pressing global issues. Candace Pollock Mark Erbaugh
10/24/2007 Delay Fall Alfalfa Cuttings to Replenish Supplies Next Spring COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio producers planning to harvest alfalfa this fall should make their final cuttings closer to the killing frost to ensure high-energy, rigorous stands next spring. Candace Pollock Mark Sulc
08/08/2008 OSU Extension Offers Manure Workshop LIMA, Ohio -- Animal producers, regulators and agriculture business professionals interested in learning more about turning animal waste into profit can attend a manure workshop on Aug. 12 at the Ohio State University at Lima campus. Candace Pollock Jon Rausch
08/04/2004 Cover Crop Options Increase for Growers VAN WERT, Ohio — Oilseed radish, a type of mustard plant originally developed for oil production, is finding another use in Ohio as a cover crop. Candace Pollock Alan Sundermeier
11/09/2010 Make Careful Decisions When Selecting 2011 Corn Hybrids COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio corn harvest may not be quite wrapped up yet this season, yet growers are already making decisions about hybrids to plant in 2011. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
01/18/2007 Conference All About Conservation Tillage ADA, Ohio -- From organic farming to cover crops, to nitrogen management and continuous corn production, participants of the Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference will have two days worth of conservation tillage topics to indulge in for the best in research, technology and production management. Candace Pollock Randall Reeder
01/06/2006 OFVG Congress Offers Latest in Ag Technology COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Technology -- from computers to digital imagery to GPS equipment -- is becoming more integrated in agricultural production, improving field applications, streamlining businesses and opening new worlds in production management. Those hungry for the latest in innovative technologies will have their plates full at the Ohio Fruit and Vegetable Growers Congress, being held Jan. 16-18 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. Candace Pollock Nathan Watermeier
02/09/2010 Growers to Get Grain Markets Outlook at Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference COLUMBUS, Ohio – With ample corn in storage and weak global demand, many corn producers may be questioning how they should handle their excess corn in 2010 while balancing input costs and still make a profit. They may find answers at Ohio State University's Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference, Feb. 25-26. Candace Pollock Matt Roberts
06/06/2001 New Nutrition, Food Safety Institute to be Developed at OSU COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio State University researchers are joining forces to create a one-of-a-kind research institute addressing nutrition and food safety from the farm to the plate. Candace Pollock Ahmed Yousef, Tammy Bray
11/12/2004 Don't Panic. Soybean Rust is Manageable WOOSTER, Ohio — With soybean rust now officially confirmed in the United States, the more educated Ohio growers are about the fungus, the better prepared they will be to manage it if it is ever diagnosed closer to home. Candace Pollock Anne Dorrance
01/15/2009 Putnam County Extension Educator Honored for His Work COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The unique connection that a county Extension educator has with the farm family is the backbone of any state Extension organization and the driving concept behind the Ohio State University Extension Steve D. Ruhl Agriculture and Natural Resources County Extension Award. Candace Pollock Don Breece, Glen Arnold
06/02/2008 OSU Extension to Educate Youth on ATV Safety COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Over 500 Ohio youth and their parents are the focus of an Ohio State University Extension project involving education and proper operation of ATVs. Candace Pollock Dee Jepsen, Randall Reeder
06/11/2002 Myriad of Problems May Await Late-Planted Crops COLUMBUS, Ohio - Everything from reduced yields, to insect and disease problems, to poor growth performance may be in store for corn and soybean growers this summer as a result of late planting. Candace Pollock Anne Dorrance, Pat Lipps, Jim Beuerlein, Peter Thomison
10/23/2006 Plant Pathologist Honored Nationally for Soybean Rust Work WOOSTER, Ohio -- An Ohio State University plant pathologist, who is leading Ohio's research and Extension efforts on Asian soybean rust, has been recognized nationally for her contributions. Candace Pollock Larry Madden
10/05/2005 For the Most Out of Soybeans, Don't Sit on Harvest COLUMBUS, Ohio — If there's one thing soybean growers can do to get the most out of their drought-stressed crop, it's harvest as soon as the beans reach optimum moisture levels. Candace Pollock Jim Beuerlein
10/30/2009 Long, Painful Recovery for U.S. Dairy Farmers COLUMBUS, Ohio – The U.S. dairy industry needs to shed an additional 200,000 head of cattle to return to what an Ohio State University Extension dairy economist refers to as a "state of normalcy" where production is more in balance with domestic demand. Candace Pollock Cameron Thraen
08/17/2010 Energy Efficiency a Focus of Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives Efforts at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio – The Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives (OREC), long-time sponsors of the Farm Science Review, are bringing the Touchstone Energy hot air balloon back to the Review this year. The 18-story balloon will make morning and evening flights (weather permitting) over the grounds each day of the event. Candace Pollock Keith Crabtree
01/29/2002 OSU Extension Tax Management Factsheets Available FINDLAY, Ohio - Ohio State University Extension has made available several Farm Income Tax Management factsheets for producers and landowners who may need tax management tips. Candace Pollock Robert Fleming
10/09/2008 Free OSU Extension Workshop Promotes Farmers' Market Development PIKETON, Ohio -- The desire for fresh, local foods and products is driving more consumers to shop at their community farmers' markets, spending more than $1 billion a year, according to the Farmers' Market Coalition. Those in Ohio interested in launching their own farmers' market or looking to enhance an existing business have the opportunity to attend a free Ohio State University Extension workshop. Candace Pollock Melissa Hurtt
08/05/2009 Twitter Turns Idea into Fun Project for OSU Extension Educator VAN WERT, Ohio – An Ohio State University Extension educator is getting a taste of the value of social media. Candace Pollock Andy Kleinschmidt
03/31/2008 Tilling the Soil? Vertical Tillage Offers the Most Benefits COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Farmers may practice tillage to break up compacted soil, aid in seed germination and control weeds, but how the soil is tilled has the most impact on crop productivity. Candace Pollock Randall Reeder
08/12/2002 Unusual Weather Yields Variable Berry Production COLUMBUS, Ohio - An unseasonably warm winter may have contributed to what's turning out to be a record season for Ohio blackberry growers. Candace Pollock Dick Funt
07/17/2006 Ohio State, Purdue Join Forces at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio -- Ohio State University and Purdue University are once again joining forces at Farm Science Review to provide farmers with the latest in agricultural production and management research, technology, exhibits, field demonstrations and equipment. Candace Pollock Matt Sullivan
07/30/2007 Linda Martin Appointed as CFAES Associate Dean COLUMBUS, Ohio - Bobby Moser, dean of the College Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at Ohio State University has announced the appointment of Linda C. Martin to serve as the college's associate dean and director of academic affairs. Martin will replace L.H. Newcomb, who retires in December. Candace Pollock Theresa Drummond