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08/14/2007 Some Wheat Varieties Suitable for Wide-Row Production COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Some wheat varieties grown in Ohio produce as much yield in 15-inch rows as they do in traditional 7.5-inch rows, according to Ohio State University Extension research. This option enables farmers to slim their equipment usage and cut their seeding rates in half, saving them money. Candace Pollock Jim Beuerlein
08/07/2001 Ohio Experiencing Population Explosion of Red Admiral Butterflies COLUMBUS, Ohio - State lepidopterists are seeing a population explosion of red admirals, the first time in 15 years the butterflies have been so widespread. Candace Pollock Barb Bloetscher
02/07/2005 Ins and Outs of Ag Marketing Focus of Conference MASON, Ohio — Agricultural marketing opportunities are the focus of the 3rd annual Ohio River Valley Farm Marketing Conference. The event is led by Ohio State University South Centers at Piketon Ohio Cooperative Development Center, along with a host of sponsors from Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Candace Pollock Travis West
08/23/2005 Software Increases Chemical Application Accuracy COLUMBUS, Ohio — It is impossible to eliminate spray drift, but a new product developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Ohio State University may aid in keeping chemicals within their intended target. Candace Pollock Erdal Ozkan
03/31/2009 Chadwick Arboretum to Host Free Permaculture Event, April 11 COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Learn about the ecological design principles that benefit people and their environment during a free Ohio State University event on the basics of permaculture. Candace Pollock Mary Maloney
08/24/2004 Fertilizer Costs May Be on the Rise Again for Growers COLUMBUS, Ohio — U.S. growers may be in for another year of high fertilizer costs. Candace Pollock Matt Roberts
04/22/2010 Cows on the Run Entertaining, But Injuries From Livestock No Laughing Matter COLUMBUS, Ohio – Stay calm. When you've got a 1,000-pound cow running around loose in a public place, that's the best advice that Ohio State University Extension ag safety professional Kent McGuire can offer. Candace Pollock Kent McGuire
11/01/2007 Test Flood-Damaged Corn for Mold Before Feeding to Livestock WOOSTER, Ohio -- As growers wrap up corn harvest this season, they should give special attention to fields inundated by floodwaters earlier this year in parts of northwest and north central Ohio. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul
05/07/2009 OSU Extension to Offer Strawberry Production Workshop PIKETON, Ohio -- Strawberries are one of the most popular annual noncitrus fruits produced in Ohio, valued at over $7 million, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Ohio State University Extension will offer a workshop on May 21 for commercial producers and home growers interested in berry production. Candace Pollock Julie Strawser
06/11/2007 Land Values Survey Aids in Farm Financial Management COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The value of Ohio's cropland is projected to increase an average of 4.5 percent this year, according to an Ohio State University agricultural economics survey -- continuing the sharp upward trend of the state's land values over the past three to five years. Candace Pollock Barry Ward
07/25/2003 "Feed Me Seymour!" Carnivorous Plants All Bark, No Bite WOOSTER, Ohio — In the dark comedy classic “Little Shop of Horrors,” a giant Venus flytrap seeks a steady diet of humans with the help of its florist owner. Likewise, in the sci-fi movie “The Day of the Triffids,” hapless victims fall prey to walking, carnivorous plants. Candace Pollock Bob McMahon
05/01/2001 Research on Virus May Help Control Turkey Disease WOOSTER, Ohio - Research on a virus that contributes to the development of poult enteritis and mortality syndrome (PEMS) of turkeys may shed new light on how the illness spreads and what can be done to control it. Candace Pollock Mo Saif
05/01/2001 Public to Learn About Floriculture at BioHio COLUMBUS, Ohio - Growth control of plants, crop timing, crop improvement, seed banks, composting and growing plants in soil-less media are just some of the floriculture research projects being conducted at Ohio State University. Many of them will be visible for the public at BioHio 2001. Candace Pollock Claudio Pasian
03/20/2002 Tillage vs. No-Till: A Tough Choice to Make COLUMBUS, Ohio - To till or not to till? Balancing conservation with productivity makes for a weighty decision, says an Ohio State University agronomist. Candace Pollock Jim Beuerlein
06/06/2005 Soybeans Off to a Slow Start COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio's soybean crop, like corn, has gotten off to a slow start this growing season. Candace Pollock Jim Beuerlein
01/12/2009 Media Advisory: OSU Extension to Host Farm Bill/Crop Insurance Program Jan. 21 COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Media are invited to attend a 2008 Farm Bill and crop insurance program, sponsored by Ohio State University Extension and Farm Credit Services of America. Candace Pollock Teresa Funk
02/05/2010 Alternative Method to Protect Rootstock Available to Grape Growers WOOSTER, Ohio – An alternative method for protecting rootstock while controlling weeds and promoting environmental sustainability may be available to grape producers, specifically those who grow the crop in cold climates. Candace Pollock Doug Doohan
05/29/2002 Choose Fields Wisely If Switching to Soybeans WOOSTER, Ohio - Growers contemplating switching their acreage from corn to soybeans should carefully choose which fields to make the transition. Candace Pollock Anne Dorrance
08/30/2007 Save on Fuel Costs with Natural-Air Grain Drying LONDON, Ohio -- A decades-old grain-drying technique is getting a renewed push in the face of today's higher energy costs. Candace Pollock Robert Hansen
06/17/2008 Use Glyphosate Properly to Protect Woody Plants COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Glyphosate products, such as Roundup, may be a killer on weeds, but researchers are finding that the product may also damage landscape and nursery woody plants. Candace Pollock Hannah Mathers
03/19/2007 Some Ohio Cornfields May Be at Risk for Stewart's Wilt WOOSTER, Ohio -- Cornfields throughout southern Ohio might be at risk this growing season for Stewart's bacterial wilt and leaf blight -- a corn disease caused by a bacterium carried and spread by adult flea beetles. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul
01/08/2002 Corn Rootworm Populations Decreasing in Ohio COLUMBUS, Ohio - Populations of western corn rootworm beetles in Ohio soybean fields were lower this year than in 2000, according to a recent Ohio State University Extension survey. Candace Pollock Bruce Eisley
03/09/2005 Dial Away for the Latest on Soybean Rust LANCASTER, Ohio — Ohio growers can now get the latest on soybean rust — its detection, management and prevention— with the quick touch of a phone button. Candace Pollock Stan Smith
02/27/2006 Intensive Berry Training Program Being Offered to Midwest Growers PIKETON, Ohio -- Ohio State University Extension and Michigan State University Extension are joining forces to provide Midwest berry growers with an intensive two-day training on berry production and management, with a specific emphasis on blueberries. Candace Pollock Brad Bergefurd
10/09/2008 OSU South Centers Program Helps Boost Rural Development PIKETON, Ohio -- In Appalachia Ohio where low income, high unemployment, and lack of opportunities stifle economic growth, an Ohio State University program exists that works to boost rural development by pooling the resources, training and services of new and existing businesses. Candace Pollock Tom Snyder
08/04/2009 New Irrigation Methods Featured at OSU Extension Field Night PIKETON, Ohio – The irrigation demonstration and training unit of Ohio State University South Centers at Piketon will be featured at the upcoming OSU South Centers Horticulture Field Night Aug. 13. Candace Pollock Julie Strawser
10/28/2009 OSU Extension to Hold a Baitfish Culture Workshop, Nov. 12 BOWLING GREEN, Ohio – Two renowned baitfish research and Extension specialists from the University of Arkansas will be the featured speakers during an Ohio State University Extension baitfish culture workshop on November 12. Candace Pollock Geoff Wallat
07/26/2002 Media Advisory: Ohio State Cancer Researcher to Speak at Berry Tour URBANA, Ohio - An Ohio State University cancer researcher, who is receiving national attention for his work on cancer prevention through berry consumption, will be on hand at an Ohio State-sponsored berry tour to discuss his research and the important role agricultural production plays in human health. Candace Pollock Sandy Kuhn
08/17/2010 Program That Assists Farmers with Disabilities to Be Showcased at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio – The Ohio AgrAbility program will once again be showcased at Ohio State University's Farm Science Review, Sept. 21-23 at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center in London, Ohio. Candace Pollock Kent McGuire
04/08/2008 Managing Soybean Seed Supply When Quality Comes into Question WOOSTER, Ohio -- Ohio soybean growers, their sights set on increasing soybean acreage this year, may face crop production challenges due to less than optimum seed quality. Candace Pollock Anne Dorrance