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11/17/2010 Free Program to Demonstrate Livestock Handling Principles ALBANY, Ohio – Animal handling is an important component of an overall animal welfare strategy, and implementing low-stress practices are not only healthy for the animal, but also make things easier for the animal handler. Candace Pollock Rory Lewandowski
04/26/2010 Avoiding Fatigue Can Prevent Injuries on the Farm COLUMBUS, Ohio – There are a number of factors that determine the length of farm workday -- weather, soil conditions, livestock, equipment – and the farmer may be working against any or all of them when timely planting is on the line. So it's not surprising that farmers will brush fatigue aside to get the job done. Candace Pollock Kent McGuire
11/14/2002 Agronomy Meetings Focus On Crop Production Issues COLUMBUS, Ohio - From new guidance system technology to farm safety practices to staying profitable in the face of diseases, insects and drought, Ohio growers can get the scoop on the latest crop production issues through upcoming Ohio Regional Agronomy Meetings. Candace Pollock Greg LaBarge
11/15/2001 Disease-Resistant Genes in Soybean Cultivars Losing Effectiveness Against Root Rot WOOSTER, Ohio - A disease responsible for severe soybean production losses is adapting to soybean cultivars planted in Ohio fields. Candace Pollock Anne Dorrance
03/04/2008 Academic Program Strengthens Ties with African Agriculture COLUMBUS, Ohio -- East African universities are looking to Ohio State University to strengthen their colleges of agriculture to help improve agricultural productivity, food security and the economy throughout the region. Candace Pollock Mark Erbaugh
06/22/2009 Using Custom Rates to Show On-Farm Savings with No-Till COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The environmental and conservation benefits of no-till production may be reason enough to adopt the practice, but for many farmers the answer to one question remains a driving factor: "Will it improve my bottom line?" Farmers now have a way of putting a dollar value on no-till production, and based on an Ohio State University project, the method demonstrates potential on-farm savings. Candace Pollock Randall Reeder
06/23/2009 Ohio State University Recruits Citizens to Count Lady Beetles WOOSTER, Ohio – The lady beetle, with its shiny, round red body and black spots, is one of the most recognizable in the insect world – celebrated as a beneficial predator. But native lady beetle populations are rapidly declining throughout the Midwest, and an Ohio State University entomologist wants to know where the insect stands in Ohio. Candace Pollock Mary Gardiner
10/05/2005 For the Most Out of Soybeans, Don't Sit on Harvest COLUMBUS, Ohio — If there's one thing soybean growers can do to get the most out of their drought-stressed crop, it's harvest as soon as the beans reach optimum moisture levels. Candace Pollock Jim Beuerlein
03/22/2007 Careful Corn Planting Can Reduce Yield Losses COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Proper planting practices are the first step to overcoming yield limitations the environment can put on a corn crop. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
02/09/2010 Growers to Get Grain Markets Outlook at Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference COLUMBUS, Ohio – With ample corn in storage and weak global demand, many corn producers may be questioning how they should handle their excess corn in 2010 while balancing input costs and still make a profit. They may find answers at Ohio State University's Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference, Feb. 25-26. Candace Pollock Matt Roberts
08/04/2004 Cover Crop Options Increase for Growers VAN WERT, Ohio — Oilseed radish, a type of mustard plant originally developed for oil production, is finding another use in Ohio as a cover crop. Candace Pollock Alan Sundermeier
04/11/2002 Fall Pansies One of the First Plants to Usher in Spring COLUMBUS, Ohio - In several garden plots on the Ohio State University agricultural campus, a splash of vibrant colors - blue, violet, white, yellow, red - stand out among the gray of bare trees and shrubs. Candace Pollock Claudio Pasian, Monica Kmetz-Gonzalez
12/19/2007 Several Nursery Short Course Sessions Offered in Spanish COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State University Extension will be offering numerous green industry sessions in Spanish during the 79th OSU Extension Nursery Short Course to cater to businesses with an Hispanic labor force. Candace Pollock Cheryl Cuthbert
04/08/2009 Ohio State University Software Tool Can Help Dairy Producers Manage Feed Costs COLUMBUS, Ohio -- With more livestock feedstuffs than corn and soybean grains available to Ohio dairy producers, finding the bargains while managing a balanced diet can be a challenge. As the industry faces a dire economic situation, an Ohio State University computer software program is available to help alleviate some unnecessary management costs. Candace Pollock Normand St-Pierre
07/14/2005 Vinegar Makes Good Organic Herbicide PIKETON, Ohio — A common food product, famous for its smorgasbord of uses in everything from the home to health to lawn care, has been found to be an effective herbicide in vegetable and high-value fruit production. Candace Pollock Rafiq Islam
11/27/2006 To Escape a Wet Harvest Plant Early Season Soybeans COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Planting early maturing soybean varieties may help guard against a late, wet harvest that Ohio growers have experienced this season. Candace Pollock Jim Beuerlein
10/30/2009 Long, Painful Recovery for U.S. Dairy Farmers COLUMBUS, Ohio – The U.S. dairy industry needs to shed an additional 200,000 head of cattle to return to what an Ohio State University Extension dairy economist refers to as a "state of normalcy" where production is more in balance with domestic demand. Candace Pollock Cameron Thraen
08/17/2010 Energy Efficiency a Focus of Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives Efforts at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio – The Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives (OREC), long-time sponsors of the Farm Science Review, are bringing the Touchstone Energy hot air balloon back to the Review this year. The 18-story balloon will make morning and evening flights (weather permitting) over the grounds each day of the event. Candace Pollock Keith Crabtree
06/11/2002 Myriad of Problems May Await Late-Planted Crops COLUMBUS, Ohio - Everything from reduced yields, to insect and disease problems, to poor growth performance may be in store for corn and soybean growers this summer as a result of late planting. Candace Pollock Anne Dorrance, Pat Lipps, Jim Beuerlein, Peter Thomison
06/27/2001 Learn Your Bugs: Beneficial Insects Can Help Control Garden Pests COLUMBUS, Ohio - Garden lovers looking for a more natural way to control ornamental pests other than using insecticides may have to look no farther than their own backyard. Candace Pollock Barb Bloetscher
10/17/2007 Are Deer Eating Your Profits? Reduce the Losses with OSU Extension Workshop PIKETON, Ohio -- Deer may be quiet, elusive creatures, but the pronounced damage they leave behind eats away millions of dollars a year in profits. Candace Pollock Brad Bergefurd
12/20/2004 Mulch Options Exist for Tomato Growers COLUMBUS, Ohio — It's easy to recognize the benefits mulches afford vegetable crops, but the challenge lies in choosing which mulch performs the best and doesn't lighten the wallet. Candace Pollock Elaine Grassbaugh
07/22/2008 Learn More about Managing Livestock Facilities at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio -- Ohio pork producers attending Ohio State University's Farm Science Review can learn more about managing the environment in their livestock facilities, while improving production efficiency and saving money. Candace Pollock Glen Arnold
02/04/2009 OSU Extension Horticulturist/State Master Gardener Coordinator Honored by ONLA COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State University Extension's statewide Master Gardener volunteer coordinator has received the Ohio Nursery Landscape Association's 2009 Teacher/Public Service Award. Candace Pollock Jim Chatfield
04/21/2005 Soybean Aphids Now Overwinter in Ohio WOOSTER, Ohio — The soybean aphid, a pest known to invade Ohio soybean fields each year from the north, has now been found to overwinter in the state. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
04/14/2006 Scout Fields Now for Alfalfa Weevil WOOSTER, Ohio -- Scouting for field crop insects is not just left to corn and soybean growers. Now is the time for alfalfa producers to begin scouting their fields for alfalfa weevil, an insect that can cause severe defoliation if left unchecked. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
08/25/2006 Ohio's Corn Heading for Record-Breaking Yields COLUMBUS, Ohio -- If the state of Ohio's corn crop stays on track with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's predictions, then farmers could be looking at a record yield. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
08/14/2007 Get Insects and Plant Diseases Analyzed at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio -- Got an insect or a disease plaguing your landscape plants or garden crops and don't know what it is? Bring a sample to Farm Science Review to be analyzed by Ohio State University specialists of the C. Wayne Ellett Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic. Candace Pollock Barb Bloetscher, Ron Hammond
06/16/2010 Keep Livestock Away from Poison Hemlock COLUMBUS, Ohio—The carrot family, which boasts a variety of familiar edibles such as parsley, celery, carrots, anise, fennel and cilantro, also contains a highly poisonous plant that many people confuse for its nontoxic counterparts. Candace Pollock Stan Smith
08/19/2002 Blame the Heat for Delayed Pumpkin Development COLUMBUS, Ohio - A Halloween without pumpkins is like Christmas without a tree. To miss the Halloween marketing seasaon is a scary thought for Ohio pumpkin growers whose plants are just now setting fruit. Candace Pollock Mac Riedel