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01/27/2005 Timing of Soybean Rust May Impact Soybean Aphid Control WOOSTER, Ohio — Soybean growers are bracing for a soybean aphid population explosion this growing season, and controlling the pest could become even more challenging if soybean rust is thrown into the mix of management practices. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
01/22/2007 Renewable Energy a Topic at Conservation Tillage Conference ADA, Ohio -- As renewable energy demand continues to shape the uses of field crops, such as corn, the implications of those changes on agriculture is coming to the forefront. Candace Pollock Matt Roberts
05/12/2008 Yields Inconsistent with Fungicide-Treated Corn Plots, Study Finds WOOSTER, Ohio -- The jury is still out on the effectiveness and feasibility of using fungicides on corn, in the absence of diseases, to boost yields, and plant pathologists continue to recommend their use in an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to dealing with foliar diseases. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul
10/26/2004 Tax Workshops Focus on Law Issues/Changes COLUMBUS, Ohio — Tax season is fast approaching and individuals who prepare and file tax returns for individuals, small business and farmers have the opportunity to attend several Ohio State University Extension-sponsored tax preparation workshops this winter. Candace Pollock Claudio Pasian, Warren Lee
06/09/2009 A Green Solution to Storm Water Management CINCINNATI, Ohio -- The city of Cincinnati is eyeing overhauling its antiquated storm water management system and Ohio State University Extension may have a "green" solution to reducing the 14 billion gallons of raw sewage that is discharged annually. Candace Pollock Dave Dyke
04/27/2010 OSU Extension Helping Ohio Schools Better Manage Pests COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio State University Extension is helping Ohio school systems better manage pest problems while meeting requirements to become Integrated Pest Management (IPM) "Star Certified." Candace Pollock Barb Bloetscher
05/07/2002 Performance Trials Help Industry Choose Best Cabbage Varieties WOOSTER, Ohio - Knowing what varieties of cabbage make for good sauerkraut, coleslaw or other dishes is the first step in growing a product that meets production criteria and satisfies consumer preferences. Candace Pollock Matt Kleinhenz
06/13/2005 Wheat and Heat Don't Mix WOOSTER, Ohio — Wheat is a cool weather-loving plant. It doesn't respond too kindly to the heat and lately in Ohio the crop's been showing it. Candace Pollock Pat Lipps
03/06/2002 Ohio State Curriculum to Incorporate Animal Welfare Topics COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio State University educators believe stewardship of food animal production begins in the classroom, and they are taking a proactive approach to instill that responsibility in students. Candace Pollock Candace Pollock, James Kinder, Jeanne Osborne
10/25/2006 Unharvested Corn May Be Exposed to Ear Molds WOOSTER, Ohio -- Ohio's corn crop, subjected to moist, cool conditions as it awaits harvest, is at risk from the development of ear mold -- a disease that can reduce grain quality and cause the accumulation of toxins that are harmful to livestock. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul
03/12/2008 Media Advisory: Governor Strickland to Attend March 18 MarketMaker Event COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio farmers and other food producers who sell their agricultural products directly to consumers or other businesses will soon have access to a new Web site that will help them find potential buyers for their products. Candace Pollock Julie Fox
07/15/2004 Farm Focus in 30th Year VAN WERT, Ohio — Two days of agricultural and horticultural workshops, educational sessions, wagon tours of research plots, equipment demonstrations and farm collectibles toy shows are ushering in the 30th anniversary of Ohio State University's Farm Focus — northwest Ohio's premiere farm show. Candace Pollock Gary Prill
04/03/2009 Putnam County to Celebrate 10 Years of Farm Safety Education COLUMBUS, Ohio -- With Ohio youth among the demographics with the highest number of injuries and fatalities per year for rural hazards, safety education both on and off the farm has become an annual effort for Ohio State University Extension. Candace Pollock Glen Arnold, Kathy Henwood
05/27/2004 Industry Decisions May Hold Key in Biotech Future COLUMBUS, Ohio — The recent setbacks in the global introduction of new biotech crops may be setting a precedent for how genetically modified (GM) crops will be produced and marketed in the future. Candace Pollock Ian Sheldon
04/03/2009 Extension Fact Sheets Address Issues Facing Dairy Farms and How to Manage Them WOOSTER, Ohio -- "Reducing costs to improve short-term cash flow" is the theme of a series of Ohio State University Dairy Issue Briefs launched by OSU Extension's Dairy Working Group to aid livestock producers facing critical economic issues. Candace Pollock Dianne Shoemaker
03/11/2003 Iraq/Korean Conflicts May Have Different Impacts on Agriculture COLUMBUS, Ohio — Although America’s minds are on Iraq and the potential impacts of war, the agriculture industry should be keeping a close eye on the developments with North Korea, says an Ohio State University agricultural economist. Candace Pollock Matt Roberts
02/17/2010 Get Corn Production Tips from the Experts at Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference ADA, Ohio – From achieving 300 bushel-per-acre corn, to choosing the right hybrids, to managing production challenges, attendees of the Ohio State University Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference will learn what it takes to grow a successful crop. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
03/15/2005 Ohio Weed May Be Useful Forage Product COLUMBUS, Ohio — A common weed in Ohio may be effective in forage production, especially if mixed with other pasture species. Candace Pollock David Barker
12/18/2001 OSU Extension to Hold Scrapie Eradication Programs COLUMBUS, Ohio - Producers who have questions or concerns regarding the United States Department of Agriculture's new regulations for sheep and goat identification will have the opportunity to attend one of seven Ohio State University Extension/USDA-sponsored programs in January and February. Candace Pollock Bill Shulaw
03/08/2006 Economist: Demand, Not Supply Driving High Fuel Prices COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Strong global demand rather than a shortage of supply stateside is what is driving the high costs of gasoline, says an Ohio State University Extension economist. Candace Pollock Matthew Roberts
07/18/2006 Corn Standing Tall Despite Severe Weather COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Despite severe weather that has been sweeping across Ohio bringing tornadoes and flooding, much of the state's corn crop has withstood the wrath of Mother Nature. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
07/19/2007 Fungicides Best Used for Disease Control WOOSTER, Ohio -- Applying fungicides as a plant health benefit, in the absence of disease or under low disease pressures, is not a practice recommended by Ohio State University researchers. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul
01/02/2008 Israel Rural Development Expert to Visit Ohio State University COLUMBUS, Ohio -- An Israeli rural development expert will share his views on rural development issues and agricultural training during a visit to Ohio State University Jan. 7-11. Candace Pollock Sarah Horowitz
07/03/2002 Frost Damage May Contribute to Low Wheat Yields WOOSTER, Ohio - Frost damage on Ohio wheat that occurred earlier in the growing season is becoming more evident now that harvest has begun. Candace Pollock Pat Lipps
10/14/2010 Watershed Forum to Focus on Protecting Water Quality Through Land Use Planning LEWIS CENTER, Ohio – Watershed health is essential to developing and maintaining productive communities. A watershed forum being held this month will focus on the importance of land use planning to protect water quality. Candace Pollock Kim Williams
01/26/2009 Fungicides May Aid in Quicker Turf Growth, Healthier Grass COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Those in the turfgrass industry with little time during the summer to establish turf from seed may get a boost from fungicides, according to an Ohio State University Extension study. Candace Pollock Pam Sherratt
11/18/2009 OSU Soil Scientist Lends His Expertise for Al Gore's New Book COLUMBUS, Ohio – An internationally renown Ohio State University soil scientist has offered his expertise in carbon sequestration and soil management for a new book authored by Nobel Peace Prize winner and former Vice President Al Gore. Candace Pollock Rattan Lal
08/24/2010 Biodigester That Turns Manure into Methane Demonstrated at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio – Farmers interested in alternative energy technologies for the farm can learn more about the small-scale biodigester developed by Ohio State University ecological engineers. The technology will be demonstrated at Farm Science Review, Sept. 21-23 at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center in London, Ohio. Candace Pollock Jay Martin
09/17/2001 Pumpkin Diseases Severe This Year COLUMBUS, Ohio - It may be slim pickings for customers looking for a pumpkin to carve for Halloween this year. Candace Pollock Mac Riedel
11/23/2005 Soil Sampling Only Way to Catch Silent Robber of Soybean Yields WOOSTER, Ohio -- Soybean rust may have been the talk in crop fields across Ohio this season, but now is the time for growers to turn their attention toward a more elusive pest. Candace Pollock Dennis Mills