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06/09/2009 A Green Solution to Storm Water Management CINCINNATI, Ohio -- The city of Cincinnati is eyeing overhauling its antiquated storm water management system and Ohio State University Extension may have a "green" solution to reducing the 14 billion gallons of raw sewage that is discharged annually. Candace Pollock Dave Dyke
08/30/2002 Continued Dry Weather May Spell Lodging Trouble for Corn COLUMBUS, Ohio - Though welcomed by corn growers across the state, the recent rainfall throughout Ohio will probably provide little relief for many cornfields. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
11/13/2007 Israeli Visits Promote Collaboration Between Ohio State University and Middle East Nation COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Two Israeli agricultural experts will be visiting Ohio State University this week as part of the Ohio-Israel Agricultural Initiative, which supports research collaboration and information exchange between The Negev Foundation and Ohio State University Extension and the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center. Candace Pollock Sarah Horowitz
08/25/2008 New Exhibit at Farm Science Review Showcases Corn Evolution LONDON, Ohio -- The evolution of corn in North America, spanning about 1,000 years, will be part of a new exhibit at Ohio State University's Farm Science Review. Candace Pollock Jonah Johnson
06/13/2005 Wheat and Heat Don't Mix WOOSTER, Ohio — Wheat is a cool weather-loving plant. It doesn't respond too kindly to the heat and lately in Ohio the crop's been showing it. Candace Pollock Pat Lipps
12/01/2009 Business as Usual With the Soybean Aphid? Not This Year WOOSTER, Ohio – Just when entomologists think they have the soybean aphid figured out, the minute sapsucker throws a monkey in the wrench. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
03/01/2007 How to Control Weeds in Continuous Corn COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Planting continuous corn may promote greater weed control problems, but growers can stave off any serious issues as long as they follow the best management strategies for their situation. Candace Pollock Mark Loux
09/07/2010 OSU Analysis: State's Green Energy Efforts Unlikely to Create Large Numbers of New Jobs COLUMBUS, Ohio – Like many states, Ohio is banking on green energy technology to put residents back to work. Yet, a new Ohio State University analysis examining the economic development impacts of green policies suggests that the state's current efforts are unlikely to generate large numbers of new jobs. Candace Pollock Amanda Weinstein, Mark Partridge
01/29/2002 Insect's Sweet Tooth Troublesome for Fruit Growers WOOSTER, Ohio - It isn't enough that homeowners must battle to keep the multicolored Asian lady beetle out of their homes, now Ohio fruit growers must contend with another one of the insect's behavioral quirks: an insatiable appetite for sugar. Candace Pollock Joe Kovach
04/03/2009 Putnam County to Celebrate 10 Years of Farm Safety Education COLUMBUS, Ohio -- With Ohio youth among the demographics with the highest number of injuries and fatalities per year for rural hazards, safety education both on and off the farm has become an annual effort for Ohio State University Extension. Candace Pollock Glen Arnold, Kathy Henwood
10/26/2004 Tax Workshops Focus on Law Issues/Changes COLUMBUS, Ohio — Tax season is fast approaching and individuals who prepare and file tax returns for individuals, small business and farmers have the opportunity to attend several Ohio State University Extension-sponsored tax preparation workshops this winter. Candace Pollock Claudio Pasian, Warren Lee
09/12/2007 Economist: Trade Barriers Won't Solve Chinese/U.S. Economic Woes COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Economic imbalances of two of the world's major players -- the United States and China -- could shake things up in the global market, but Congress' protectionist stance against China to right the economic problems of both countries is not the solution, says an Ohio State University international trade economist. Candace Pollock Ian Sheldon
06/17/2008 Project Focusing on Pawpaw for Preservation and Niche Crop PIKETON, Ohio -- A native Ohio tree, once farmed by American Indians on large plantations for its fruit and medicinal benefits, is being re-introduced to horticulture for preservation and as a potential niche market crop. Candace Pollock Shawn Wright
03/15/2005 Selecting the Right Corn Hybrids Important COLUMBUS, Ohio — Corn yield potential has increased as much as 2.5 percent per year over the past half-century due to genetic improvements in hybrids. But getting the most out of a crop's performance involves more than just relying on advances in agricultural research. Candace Pollock Pat Lipps, Peter Thomison
03/03/2006 Entomologist: No Formosan Termite-Infested Mulch in Ohio COLUMBUS, Ohio -- News spreading like wildfire that a destructive structural pest is hitching a ride in mulch beyond the Louisiana borders of hurricane-impacted areas is simply a rumor, says an Ohio State University Extension urban entomologist. Candace Pollock Susan Jones
11/13/2006 Continued Harvest Delays May Mean More Lodging Corn COLUMBUS, Ohio -- With over 30 percent of Ohio's corn crop still not yet harvested, some growers across the state may be facing significant lodging problems. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
07/07/2010 What's New at This Year's Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio –Throughout its 48-year history, Ohio State University's Farm Science Review has been at the forefront of showcasing the future of agriculture. Candace Pollock Chuck Gamble
11/06/2001 OSU Extension Seminar Hosts Internationally Known Economist NEWARK, Ohio - Anyone who owns a family business or is interested in starting one will have the opportunity to learn business tips from an internationally known economist at an Ohio State University Extension-sponsored seminar. Candace Pollock Howard Siegrist
01/22/2009 Renovating Pastures? Try Frost Seeding ATHENS, Ohio -- Frost seeding is viewed as a low-cost method for livestock producers looking to renovate pastures while increasing yields and improving quality with little commercial nitrogen. Candace Pollock Rory Lewandowski
07/15/2004 Farm Focus in 30th Year VAN WERT, Ohio — Two days of agricultural and horticultural workshops, educational sessions, wagon tours of research plots, equipment demonstrations and farm collectibles toy shows are ushering in the 30th anniversary of Ohio State University's Farm Focus — northwest Ohio's premiere farm show. Candace Pollock Gary Prill
04/17/2008 Newly Named Chadwick Director Sees Arboretum as Campus Unifier COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State University, with more than 400 buildings stretching across 1,700 acres in the heart of metro Columbus, prides itself in its diversity of educational experiences, public service and economic opportunities. But, amid 50,000 students and about 30,000 faculty and staff, there is one thing that all corners of the campus share: the landscape. Candace Pollock Mary Maloney, Jenny Pope
08/15/2006 Have an Unused Barn? Raise Some Fish in It LONDON, Ohio -- Ohio producers unsure of what to make of their unused hog, veal or poultry barns have the option of turning the structures into a viable aquaculture facility. Candace Pollock Laura Tiu, Shawn McWhorter
05/10/2010 Granddaughter of Norman Borlaug to Visit Scarlet and Gray Ag Day COLUMBUS, Ohio – The legacy of Norman Borlaug -- agronomist, humanitarian, and Nobel Peace Prize winner -- continues at Ohio State University's Micki Zartman Scarlet and Gray Ag Day on May 21. Candace Pollock Leslie Risch
04/25/2002 Don't Count Wheat Out Just Yet WOOSTER, Ohio - Unseasonably warm temperatures to kick off spring in Ohio have given the state's wheat crop a boost in growth, and enough of one that questionable fields may be salvaged to produce a decent crop. Candace Pollock Pat Lipps
08/07/2007 Soybean Aphids Reach Economic Thresholds in Ohio WOOSTER, Ohio -- Soybean aphids have arrived in Ohio, and counties along Lake Erie are taking the brunt of the impact. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
10/09/2008 Drip Irrigation Demo and Education Unit Grand Opening at OSU South Centers PIKETON, Ohio -- Israeli irrigation systems that reduce water consumption and improve application efficiency will be the focus of a new irrigation demonstration and training unit located at Ohio State University South Centers at Piketon. Candace Pollock Brad Bergefurd
10/08/2003 Thumbs-Up for Crops Despite Performance Challenges COLUMBUS, Ohio — With late plantings, excessive rainfall, a myriad of insects and diseases and poor plant development, it seemed Ohio corn and soybean growers would be throwing in the towel on another disappointing season. Candace Pollock Anne Dorrance
08/10/2009 Education Opportunities Abound at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio – Ohio State University's Farm Science Review is the place for agriculture – to connect with industry, to improve profits, to boost knowledge, and even to pursue a career. Candace Pollock Jill Tyson
07/03/2002 Ohio Raspberries in Short Supply This Season PIKETON, Ohio - Berry lovers who've waited all year for the sweet, juicy goodness of red and black raspberries should head out to their local farmers' markets and pick-your-own operations as early in the season as possible. Candace Pollock Sandy Kuhn
01/30/2008 Israel Trip to Further Ag Technology/Collaboration with Ohio COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A group of Ohio agriculture professionals, from farmers to Ohio State University experts, will be taking a trip to Israel in February to build relations and learn more about the country's ag industry and how it could benefit Ohio. Candace Pollock Keith Smith, Steve Slack