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03/20/2002 Hybrid Trials Help Fuel Growing Interest in White Corn COLUMBUS, Ohio - White corn, a specialty crop used to make taco shells and corn chips, is receiving greater attention among Ohio growers looking for an alternative to yellow feed corn. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
04/01/2009 CFAES International Office Tackling Tough Issues COLUMBUS, Ohio -- One of the oldest international offices at Ohio State University, which was recently honored as International Organization of the Year by the Columbus Council on World Affairs, tackles some of today's most pressing global issues. Candace Pollock Mark Erbaugh
04/02/2010 Ohio Wheat Greening Up and It Looks Promising WOOSTER, Ohio – Wheat is beginning to "green up" across Ohio, and the crop – despite a late planting in some areas – looks promising. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul
06/07/2005 Timing is Right for a Slug Fest WOOSTER, Ohio — Slugs are making a buffet out of slow developing corn and soybeans, and growers need to be scouting their fields now for potential treatment. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
08/04/2004 Cover Crop Options Increase for Growers VAN WERT, Ohio — Oilseed radish, a type of mustard plant originally developed for oil production, is finding another use in Ohio as a cover crop. Candace Pollock Alan Sundermeier
06/23/2006 A Snapshot of Migration: How one Mexican village is benefiting from its impacts SAN MIGUEL ACUEXCÓMAC, Mexico -- While the debate over immigration rages in the United States, its impact is providing one Mexican village a sense of community pride, self-identity and the means to survive under waning local resources and employment opportunities. Candace Pollock Fernando Manzo-Ramos
11/23/2010 Refine Your Ag Production Techniques/Boost Yields at Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference ADA, Ohio – Corn University and Soybean School will once again headline sessions of conservation tillage topics at the 2011 Ohio State University Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference. Candace Pollock Randall Reeder
06/27/2007 Producers Facing Hay Shortage, But Forage Options Aplenty COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio producers may be facing a hay shortage this season due to dry conditions, but other forage and grazing alternatives exist to feed livestock. Candace Pollock Steve Boyles
12/20/2007 From Sports to the Workplace, Leadership Can Propel Success COLUMBUS, Ohio -- When the Ohio State University Buckeyes take to the field for the BCS National Championship on January 7, fans will be entertained to more than just a football game. They'll see teamwork, integrity, community and respect -- aspects of leadership skills that have led to success. And it's a model that anybody can follow. Candace Pollock Jeff King
01/08/2002 Shrub Rose Versatility Appealing to Flower-Lovers WOOSTER, Ohio - If you ask somebody to name their favorite flower, they will most likely tell you the rose. Candace Pollock Gary Anderson
01/15/2009 Winter Raises Cold Stress Risk WOOSTER, Ohio -- Despite cold temperatures, the activity of winter work may fuel a false sense of protection against cold weather hazards. Candace Pollock Tamela Brown
01/25/2010 Moldy Grain, Vomitoxin Contamination Putting a Damper on Record Ohio Corn Yields WOOSTER, Ohio – Ohio corn growers may have relished record corn yields in 2009 – with a state average of 174 bushels per acre – but grain quality is turning out to be a different story. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul
03/11/2005 Ohio State Soil Scientist Named 2005 Borlaug Recipient COLUMBUS, Ohio — Rattan Lal, an Ohio State University soil scientist internationally renown for his strides in carbon management and sequestration, has been awarded the 2005 Norman E. Borlaug Award. Candace Pollock Rattan Lal
09/24/2010 Farm Science Review Competes with Heat and Early Harvest, But Show Still a Success LONDON, Ohio – Early corn harvest and hot weather translated into a smaller Farm Science Review crowd compared to recent years, but show organizers are still extremely pleased with the turnout. Candace Pollock Chuck Gamble
03/03/2006 Ohio State Research Looks into Value of Cover Crops WOOSTER, Ohio -- Incorporating cover crops into a production rotation may have conservational benefits, but their short-and long-term agronomic value is still being evaluated. With new research, Ohio State University soil fertility specialists are hoping to provide more concrete results. Candace Pollock Robert Mullen
06/10/2002 Marketing Theme of 2002 Ohio Profitability Tour COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio farm families looking for economic alternatives to sustain their farming operations can attend any one of 20 tours highlighted in the 2002 Ohio Farm Profitability Tour Series. Candace Pollock Mike Hogan
04/24/2007 Alfalfa Escapes Severe Frost Damage, But First Cutting Delayed COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio's alfalfa crop that broke dormancy early has suffered some frost damage from the cold weather that hit the state in early April, but established, healthy stands are anticipated to recover and produce near normal yields. Candace Pollock Mark Sulc
10/17/2007 Master Gardeners Honored for Their Horticulture Efforts COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State University Extension Master Gardener volunteers were honored recently for their hard work and dedication in educating Ohioans about horticulture and spreading a love for gardening through activities and programs. Candace Pollock Pam Bennett
07/22/2008 Education at Farm Science Review to Include Ohio State University Regional Campuses LONDON, Ohio -- The Ohio State University regional campuses of Newark, Marion, Mansfield and Lima will have a presence for the first time at this year's Farm Science Review to attract some of the more than 5,000 high school students who visit the show. Candace Pollock Jill Tyson
10/09/2001 Variety of GMO Tests are Available to Farmers COLUMBUS, Ohio - Farmers who grow non-GMO (genetically modified organism) crops for specialty markets can utilize a variety of tests that determine whether or not their crop is truly GMO-free. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
10/09/2008 Free OSU Extension Workshop Promotes Farmers' Market Development PIKETON, Ohio -- The desire for fresh, local foods and products is driving more consumers to shop at their community farmers' markets, spending more than $1 billion a year, according to the Farmers' Market Coalition. Those in Ohio interested in launching their own farmers' market or looking to enhance an existing business have the opportunity to attend a free Ohio State University Extension workshop. Candace Pollock Melissa Hurtt
08/05/2009 Twitter Turns Idea into Fun Project for OSU Extension Educator VAN WERT, Ohio – An Ohio State University Extension educator is getting a taste of the value of social media. Candace Pollock Andy Kleinschmidt
05/07/2003 More GMO Corn Increasing Risk of Crop Contamination COLUMBUS, Ohio — With the production of genetically modified corn gradually increasing in Ohio, the risk of contaminating non-GMO corn through pollination is becoming more of a concern. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
10/09/2009 Killing Frost, Cooler Fall Temperatures Impacting Corn Harvest OLUMBUS, Ohio – A recent killing frost in some parts of Ohio may have impacted the corn crop, causing development to shut down prematurely, potentially reducing yields. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
08/05/2010 Properly Manage Invasive Plant Species at Farm Science Review LONDON, Ohio – Some invasive plants may look pretty and smell heavenly, but they can wipe out native plant species and can have a detrimental impact on the ecosystem if not properly managed. Candace Pollock Kathy Smith
11/17/2005 Research Determining Best Time to Subsoil COLUMBUS, Ohio — To capitalize on the benefits of deep tillage, also known as subsoiling, when the technique is performed may be just as important as how and where it's practiced. Candace Pollock Randall Reeder
08/12/2002 Unusual Weather Yields Variable Berry Production COLUMBUS, Ohio - An unseasonably warm winter may have contributed to what's turning out to be a record season for Ohio blackberry growers. Candace Pollock Dick Funt
12/20/2006 Swine Niche Pork Producer Conference Offered BRYAN-MONTPELIER, Ohio -- Pork producers interested in non-traditional pork markets have the opportunity to attend the Swine Niche Pork Producer Conference Jan. 23 at the Ramada Conference Center in Bryan-Montpelier, Ohio. Candace Pollock Dale Ricker
05/09/2008 Wet Soils Delaying Ohio Corn Planting COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio is already facing corn-planting delays, but growers have time to get their crop in the ground and walk away with potentially decent yields. Candace Pollock Peter Thomison
08/08/2001 New Precision Agriculture Device Provides Clues to Crop Health LONDON, Ohio -- Growers may be able to determine the overall health of their crop by measuring plant growth rate throughout the season. Candace Pollock Reza Ehsani