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08/15/2006 Have an Unused Barn? Raise Some Fish in It LONDON, Ohio -- Ohio producers unsure of what to make of their unused hog, veal or poultry barns have the option of turning the structures into a viable aquaculture facility. Candace Pollock Laura Tiu, Shawn McWhorter
08/07/2007 Soybean Aphids Reach Economic Thresholds in Ohio WOOSTER, Ohio -- Soybean aphids have arrived in Ohio, and counties along Lake Erie are taking the brunt of the impact. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
04/26/2005 Cold Snap Raises Concerns Over Corn Crop COLUMBUS, Ohio — A recent late season cold snap with accompanying freezing rain and snow has Ohio corn growers questioning the fate of their newly planted crop. But Ohio State University agronomists say the crop is tougher than most would believe it to be. Candace Pollock Pat Lipps, Peter Thomison
10/28/2010 Wheat Crop Looking Good WOOSTER, Ohio – With nearly all of Ohio's winter wheat planted, according to the Ohio Agricultural Statistics Service, farmers are on track for a potentially successful crop. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul
05/04/2009 Ohio State University Economist: Education Key to Limiting H1N1 Virus Impacts on U.S. Pork Industry COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Educating the American public that they can't contract the H1N1 (swine flu) virus by eating pork will be a big factor in how much the U.S. pork industry will be impacted by the growing pandemic, says an Ohio State University economist. Candace Pollock Luther Tweeten
04/20/2006 Properly Manage Glyphosate for Best Weed Control COLUMBUS, Ohio -- When it comes to managing weeds with herbicides, the worst thing a grower can do is encourage herbicide resistance through overuse or improper management. Candace Pollock Jeff Stachler
10/18/2007 SCN Management Begins with Fall Sampling WOOSTER, Ohio -- Fall is here and the time is near to soil sample for soybean cyst nematode (SCN). Candace Pollock Dennis Mills
07/31/2008 Farm Science Review: Sharing the Garden with Bees and Their Imitators LONDON, Ohio -- The bee is revered and feared in the gardening world. Nature's pollinator can help create beauty, but dampen the spirits of those enjoying flowers who misinterpret its intended visit. But not all bees are out to sting, and sometimes insects visiting a garden are not bees at all. Barbara Bloetscher, an Ohio State University Extension entomologist, will share the love of bees and their harmless imitators at this year's Farm Science Review. Candace Pollock Barb Bloetscher
06/01/2010 Grafting Can Help Fight Foliar Diseases, OSU Researchers Find WOOSTER, Ohio – It's not uncommon to use grafting – the process of fusing the rootstock of one plant variety to the top, or scion, of another plant variety – to strengthen resistance against soil-borne diseases. But Ohio State University researchers have discovered that the method can also fight off foliar diseases. Candace Pollock Brian McSpadden-Gardener, Matt Kleinhenz
07/24/2001 ODA Eases Import Restrictions on Bovine TB COLUMBUS, Ohio - The Ohio Department of Agriculture is easing the restrictions on bovine tuberculosis requirements for imported cattle herds. Candace Pollock Bill Shulaw, Lee McPhail
08/12/2002 Heat Stress Costs U.S. Livestock Producers Billions COLUMBUS, Ohio - The impact of heat stress on livestock costs U.S. livestock producers approximately $2.5 billion a year, as much as 50 percent of their net farm income, according to a recent Ohio State University study. Candace Pollock Normand St-Pierre
01/27/2005 Timing of Soybean Rust May Impact Soybean Aphid Control WOOSTER, Ohio — Soybean growers are bracing for a soybean aphid population explosion this growing season, and controlling the pest could become even more challenging if soybean rust is thrown into the mix of management practices. Candace Pollock Ron Hammond
05/25/2007 Proper Proline Management Needed for Effective Results WOOSTER, Ohio -- Proline may be the most effective fungicide on the market to suppress head scab on wheat, but for the product to be the most effective, careful risk assessment, timing of application, and proper application techniques are critical. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul
03/03/2009 OSU Extension Workshop to Explore Bioenergy Opportunities in Southern Ohio Editor: Please note that this workshop has been cancelled as of March 23 due to lower than expected registrations. PIKETON, Ohio -- With nearly 70 percent of southern Ohio's land cover invested in farmland and forests, opportunities abound to convert those resources into bioenergy products. An Ohio State University workshop will be offered this month that will explore the feasibility of producing and processing bioenergy crops to meet growing energy demands while stimulating the local economy. Candace Pollock Maurus Brown
01/10/2006 Growing Technology Tracks Commodities Through Marketplace COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The same type of technology that is used to track livestock from the farm to the marketplace is now being used on other commodities, such as fruit and vegetable production. And growers can learn all about the technology at the Ohio Fruit and Vegetable Growers Congress, being held Jan. 16-18 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. Candace Pollock Matt Darr
05/12/2008 Yields Inconsistent with Fungicide-Treated Corn Plots, Study Finds WOOSTER, Ohio -- The jury is still out on the effectiveness and feasibility of using fungicides on corn, in the absence of diseases, to boost yields, and plant pathologists continue to recommend their use in an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to dealing with foliar diseases. Candace Pollock Pierce Paul
04/06/2010 Want to Grow Your Own Backyard Fruits? It's Not Hard to Get Started DELAWARE, Ohio – With the downturn in the economy and the move toward healthier, locally produced foods, more Ohio homeowners are interested in growing their own backyard fruits. They'll be happy to learn that it isn't hard to get started. Candace Pollock Gary Gao
05/07/2002 Performance Trials Help Industry Choose Best Cabbage Varieties WOOSTER, Ohio - Knowing what varieties of cabbage make for good sauerkraut, coleslaw or other dishes is the first step in growing a product that meets production criteria and satisfies consumer preferences. Candace Pollock Matt Kleinhenz
11/05/2002 Humane Society Recognizes Animal Sciences Course COLUMBUS, Ohio - An Ohio State University animal sciences course has been recognized by the Humane Society of the United States for its focus on animal welfare issues. Candace Pollock Jeanne Osborne
03/06/2002 Ohio State Curriculum to Incorporate Animal Welfare Topics COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio State University educators believe stewardship of food animal production begins in the classroom, and they are taking a proactive approach to instill that responsibility in students. Candace Pollock Candace Pollock, James Kinder, Jeanne Osborne
03/01/2007 How to Control Weeds in Continuous Corn COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Planting continuous corn may promote greater weed control problems, but growers can stave off any serious issues as long as they follow the best management strategies for their situation. Candace Pollock Mark Loux
12/03/2008 Breeder Contributions Helped Shape Soybean Industry COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The last three decades of Ohio soybean production have been good ones -- marked by improved Phytophthora cultivars, a new market for tofu soybeans, and one of the most popular soybean varieties ever grown in Ohio. Candace Pollock Steve St. Martin
10/18/2005 Producers Be Aware: Some Forages Toxic to Livestock COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio producers who graze their livestock on sorghum, sudangrass or sorghum-sudangrass crosses should keep in mind toxicity issues associated with the forages. Candace Pollock Steve Boyles
09/15/2009 Ag Icon Gone, But His Work Must Carry On, Says OSU Soil Scientist COLUMBUS, Ohio – The global agricultural community lost an icon on Sept. 12. Candace Pollock Rattan Lal
03/12/2008 Media Advisory: Governor Strickland to Attend March 18 MarketMaker Event COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio farmers and other food producers who sell their agricultural products directly to consumers or other businesses will soon have access to a new Web site that will help them find potential buyers for their products. Candace Pollock Julie Fox
02/01/2010 OSU Extension Offers Farmers' Market Series This Winter OWENSVILLE, Ohio – Ohio State University Extension will offer two workshops this winter as part of its Farmers' Market series for those interested in learning about food safety and direct marketing. Candace Pollock Latham Farley
09/28/2010 Learn More About Commercial Wineries at OSU Extension Workshop PIKETON, Ohio – Commercial winemakers looking to expand their business or serious amateur winemakers interested in making the leap to a commercial winery have the opportunity to attend an Ohio State University Extension enology workshop on Nov. 18. Candace Pollock Julie Strawser-Moose
08/11/2004 Wheat Seed Quality Questionable WOOSTER, Ohio — Growers who save seed from their wheat harvest for the following season's planting should probably seek other seed sources for producing next year's crop. Candace Pollock Pat Lipps, Peter Thomison, Valente Alvarez
12/10/2001 Gypsy Moth Populations Increasing in Ohio WOOSTER, Ohio - More than 42,000 acres of Ohio's forests were defoliated by the gypsy moth in 2001, nearly twice the amount of damage that occurred in 2000, according to Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) statistics. Candace Pollock Dan Herms
11/14/2006 Value-Added Investments Highlight Heartland Agdeavor Meeting WALDO, Ohio -- With value-added investments becoming an integral part of small ag businesses, it takes the right mix of economic, legal and financial advice to ensure their success. Candace Pollock Tom Sporleder