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01/05/2000 OSU South Centers Offers Workshop on Business Ownership PIKETON, Ohio -- Being one's own boss can be a rewarding experience. But poor execution and operation can quickly hinder success. Ohio State University Extension is offering a workshop on the important components of developing and running a business. Candace Pollock Julie Strawser
01/19/2000 All-new North American Maple Syrup Producers Manual Now Available Dripping with practical techniques, clear explanations and science-based recommendations, it stands as a must-have resource and reference. Kurt Knebusch Randy Heiligmann
05/04/2000 Grad Students Honored at OARDC Annual Conference WOOSTER, Ohio -- Exemplary graduate-student research was honored at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center's (OARDC) 2004 annual conference April 29 in Wooster. Winners of an annual poster competition were announced— the posters summarizing projects and findings — as were the recipients of three associateships. Kurt Knebusch OARDC Director's Office
07/24/2000 Eating 'Green' Could be Beneficial COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Chlorophyll has long been touted as a holistic healing aid, with claims that it does everything from healing wounds to curing bad breath. But when people consume foods that contain chlorophyll, is it -- or its digestive products -- absorbed like beta carotene or other plant pigments with health-promoting effects? Researchers at Ohio State University decided to find out. Martha Filipic Mark Failla, Steven Schwartz, Mario Ferruzzi
10/16/2000 Chow Line: Phytochemicals help plants, humans (for 11/4/01) I keep hearing good things about "phytochemicals." What are they, exactly? Martha Filipic Joshua Bomser
11/14/2000 Ohio State Experts on Emerald Ash Borer (Updated February 2007) WOOSTER, Ohio — Experts with the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC) and Ohio State University Extension are available to speak with the media about emerald ash borer (EAB) — an invasive pest that is threatening to wipe out native ash trees and cause significant losses to the state's wood manufacturing, landscaping and nursery industries. Mauricio Espinoza
04/27/2001 Secrest Crabapples Reaching Peak Bloom WOOSTER, Ohio - The crabapple blossoms in the Secrest Arboretum in Wooster are now blooming and favorable weather conditions will make for ideal viewing through the middle of next week. Author FIRSTNAME not provided Author LASTNAME not provided Ken Cochran
05/01/2001 Research on Virus May Help Control Turkey Disease WOOSTER, Ohio - Research on a virus that contributes to the development of poult enteritis and mortality syndrome (PEMS) of turkeys may shed new light on how the illness spreads and what can be done to control it. Candace Pollock Mo Saif
05/01/2001 Public to Learn About Floriculture at BioHio COLUMBUS, Ohio - Growth control of plants, crop timing, crop improvement, seed banks, composting and growing plants in soil-less media are just some of the floriculture research projects being conducted at Ohio State University. Many of them will be visible for the public at BioHio 2001. Candace Pollock Claudio Pasian
05/01/2001 Gypsy Moth Larvae Now Emerging WOOSTER, Ohio - Gypsy moth larvae are beginning to emerge from egg masses throughout the state, and egg hatch will continue for the next couple of weeks, says an Ohio State University entomologist. Candace Pollock Dan Herms
05/01/2001 "Learning Garden" Teaches Landscaping Skills COLUMBUS, Ohio - Anyone seeking basic landscape garden design skills or wanting a new look to an existing layout can get hands-on experience at BioHio 2001. Candace Pollock Michael Knee
05/02/2001 Take Steps to Control Ornamental Plant Diseases WOOSTER, Ohio - Homeowners and garden professionals should be taking steps now to control several ornamental plant diseases that can be problematic during wet spring weather, recommends an Ohio State University Extension agent. Candace Pollock Jim Chatfield
05/16/2001 "Adopted" Barrels Spruce Up Communities, Fight Hunger MARYSVILLE, Ohio - Union County businesses and organizations wanting to make a difference in their communities are doing so with whiskey barrels. Over 60 barrels, planted with geraniums, swan river daisy, licorice plant and parsley, have been "adopted" for placement throughout Union County towns as part of a beautification project and a campaign to feed the hungry. Candace Pollock Laura McConnell
05/22/2001 Gypsy Moth Caterpillar Resembles Other Caterpillar Pests WOOSTER, Ohio - As the gypsy moth caterpillar feeds and matures over the next several weeks, the invasive insect shares Mother Nature's bounty with other caterpillar pests that look similar and feed on the same host trees, potentially confusing homeowners as to what exactly may be attacking their shade trees. Candace Pollock Dan Herms
05/22/2001 Berry Promotion Packets Available Piketon, Ohio -- The Ohio State University Centers at Piketon in collaboration with the Ohio State University Section of Communications and Technology are putting together press release packets for berry growers in Ohio. These packets are available to growers to help advertise their crops. Candace Pollock Sandy Kuhn
05/31/2001 Participants to Learn About Plant Health at Workshop WOOSTER, Ohio - Nursery, landscape and arboretum professionals seeking management tips to keeping plants healthy and happy may find a plant diagnostic workshop helpful. Candace Pollock Jim Chatfield
05/31/2001 Helping Hands Can Beautify Secrest Arboretum WOOSTER, Ohio - Garden lovers looking to exercise their plant care and landscape management skills can lend Secrest Arboretum that extra touch of hands-on beauty. Candace Pollock Ken Cochran
06/06/2001 New Nutrition, Food Safety Institute to be Developed at OSU COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio State University researchers are joining forces to create a one-of-a-kind research institute addressing nutrition and food safety from the farm to the plate. Candace Pollock Ahmed Yousef, Tammy Bray
06/12/2001 OSU Extension to Hold Sweet Corn Tour VANDALIA, Ohio - Vegetable growers seeking information on various field crop insects, weeds, diseases, animal control and production practices can attend the first annual Ohio State University Extension Sweet Corn Tour. Candace Pollock Jim Jasinksi
06/12/2001 Marysville Gardens Featured in OSU Extension Event MARYSVILLE, Ohio - Seven Union County gardens will be highlighted on the Ohio State University Extension Union County Master Gardeners fifth annual Union County Tour of Gardens. Candace Pollock Laura McConnell
06/12/2001 OARDC Site of Tree Climbing Event WOOSTER, Ohio - The Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center campus will be the site of a tree climbing competition on June 16. Candace Pollock Alan Klonowski, Ken Cochran
06/12/2001 Yellow Raspberries, Unique and Easy to Grow, Becoming Popular COLUMBUS, Ohio - Looking for a little variety in your red and black raspberry production? Try growing a yellow cultivar. Candace Pollock Dick Funt
06/12/2001 OSU Researcher Giving Turkeys a Stronger Leg to Stand On COLUMBUS, Ohio - A model developed to measure bone strength in poultry may help farmers choose breeds that meet market demand for meaty birds while eradicating bone deformities associated with rapid weight gain. Candace Pollock Alfred Soboyejo
06/20/2001 Water Gardening, Rediscovering an Ancient Hobby WOOSTER, Ohio - Ancient Egyptians living along the Nile were lulled by the beauty and tranquility of water gardens, areas of water specifically designed to hold plants. Times may have changed, but the importance of water in the garden remains. From fountains to reflecting pools, water is used as a focus of relaxation and as a natural element to support plants and attract wildlife. Candace Pollock Dale Bradshaw
06/22/2001 Biosecurity Fact Sheets Available on OSU Internet Site Foot-and-mouth disease may be shrinking from the media spotlight, but Ohio State University animal health specialists stress the importance of maintaining biosecurity measures that not only keep the disease in check, but also help control other animal ailments. Candace Pollock Bill Shulaw, Gary Bowman
06/27/2001 Learn Your Bugs: Beneficial Insects Can Help Control Garden Pests COLUMBUS, Ohio - Garden lovers looking for a more natural way to control ornamental pests other than using insecticides may have to look no farther than their own backyard. Candace Pollock Barb Bloetscher
06/27/2001 Herbicide-Treated Mulches May Provide Good Weed Control COLUMBUS, Ohio - Mulches pre-treated with herbicides may provide a new, better way to control weeds in nurseries. Candace Pollock Hannah Mathers
06/27/2001 Southern Ohio Farmers Harvesting Sweet Corn Early MARIETTA, Ohio - Sweet corn production in southern Ohio is early this year, about 10 days ahead of schedule and two to three weeks earlier than the rest of the state. Candace Pollock Eric Barrett
07/11/2001 Keep an Eye Out for Ticks, OSU Researcher Recommends COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio State University acarologist Glen Needham and graduate student Ken Cradock make their way through tall grass, weeds and underbrush at Alum Creek, just north of Columbus. The researchers are hunting for an arachnid that causes more health concerns than the mosquito or the common cockroach. Candace Pollock Glen Needham
07/11/2001 New Soybean Varieties Show Resistance to Root Rot WOOSTER, Ohio - Ohio State University researchers have identified new soybean varieties that exhibit both partial and complete resistance to Phytophthora sojae, a pathogen responsible for severe production losses. Candace Pollock Anne Dorrance